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Children are so lucky to have parents to love them, guide them, and hold them when they are sick or impatient about the life choices they are going to make. At least they are lucky enough to have parents to blame them when they do wrong or take stupid decisions in their life. And stay up till their children reach home. That is the devotion they have for you when you are a part of a family.

But when I talk about my life it’s totally different. Because when I talk about me it is always my life, my choices and my decisions. Nobody is there to judge me or blame me for whatever the decisions I make. So do you think that I like it? No I really hate it to admit that I am on my own in this dark, scary world.

There are some, specially girls of my age who like to make their own choices and live along their lives to the fullest hanging out with friends or their boyfriends by killing their time in bars, pubs or whatever the place they can have fun by mingling with scary beasts too. It seems they love that lifestyle rather than spending their time with their boring old fashioned parents and stupid relations. Actually that is what they think.

And what matters to them is the reputation that they can gain associating those high society with high class demons.

But the ones who don’t have anybody to call as theirs or the ones who try to build up relationships with others who you never knew, know the real importance of having people of your own and your kind. But it is just a nuisance to the ones who have their own. But do they know how lucky they are?

I think they are the most stupid idiots who cannot understand how important to have those old fashioned parents in their life in time of need. Because as a young woman of age 19 , still I can feel how incomplete my life is without them. To tell the truth at least I never knew whether they even existed too.

Yet I feel that emptiness whenever I try to do something new or try to take a decision even in smaller matters like buying a new dress for the graduation or trying to buy monthly groceries at the supermarket or what is the best hamburger to eat like a cheeseburger or a chicken hamburger. Someone may say I am like a child with 4 year old mentality because of the things I wanted to do if I had a family. Specially in this newly transformed world who rule the monsters not only night unlike in books but also in broad day light “VAMPIRES”.

But they were not as bad in the books I have read, but that is only if you are wearing the bracelet of Vampire protection. You might be wondering what on earth I am telling right now. Actually it is the most expensive piece of jewellery in the year of 4500 for the race of human beings. It can cost more than everything you own in this lifetime and each and every human is ready to buy this even spending their whole property as life matters the most in this period.

So this bracelet is the one who protect my life in this way so far. But that feeling is like you are hanging on a thread and waiting for your death by losing so much blood if the bracelet is not in it’s rightful place. So that thought is scary, right?

Yes, it’s like telling each and every vampire that passes you to have you as a desert or do whatever they want to do to you as soon as you misplace it, then lost balance and fall to the ground.

So this bracelet was the only thing that made my life meaningful so far. Because I knew what a hell of a turn it takes in the life of the people who didn’t have this protection of vampire bracelet. And it is so sad and scary to remind the terrible nightmare they have to face if they don’t have the bracelet.

The most terrible experience is, they were taken to the shops called “Pet Shops” to sell them for the powerful vampires who were able to afford a pet in their huge houses. The pet represents the pathetic human being who were treated as a pet in the vampire families. Each and every member in a vampire family had a pet like this at their houses if they are stable on every aspect in wealth and power.

But why do we humans have pets? Honestly you and I both know that we have pets for entertainment and avoid loneliness. So we take care of that pet till the day it dies with love and care and we don’t want any harm to come to the pets as we love them. But in this whole new world where vampires rule, that affection, love or care wasn’t with each and every monsters called vampires.

But if you are lucky there are some vampires who treat their pets as their own family. Because I have heard both positive and negative stories when it comes to them.

However the main purpose of them is to buy a pet so that they can use this pathetic human being called ‘pet’ to fulfill their sole purpose of drinking blood and as a punching bag when they are not in the right mind.

Just imagine the unfortunate situation these helpless humans who don’t have the bracelet on their wrists to face. And also the worst is I have heard about treating some humans as sex slaves and slaves too.

So that’s why I said that I am lucky enough to live this life to the fullest with the help of this bracelet. Actually it was there on my wrist since I was a small baby. That is what my care taker told me and the only expensive jewellery that I have owned so far. She told me that specific detail before I set off on my own that they found me for the first time near the main gate of our orphanage wrapped up in a pink fur blanket and a small wooden box with some money. However though they took the money, they took care of me very well without any discrimination.

Actually I grew up in an orphanage in a small city of Nashville Indiana which is considered as one of the beautiful villages in America and I really enjoyed my time been there. As a young child I never got the love or affection from my parents as I don’t know even they are dead or alive so far. May be I might be a result of a careless sex, right? But only God knows who they are and why they abandoned me completely.

However as the majority of the orphans in many orphanages who faced abuses or tortures scatter around the country, I wasn’t that much unlucky to live a life like a hell. Because I enjoyed my life in Tiny Toes Home till I became a 19 year old teenager. But now as I am no longer a kid according to the law which is set by Vampire king, I am here on my own to support myself.

I have no idea where will this life lead me as I don’t have any ounce of knowledge about the scary world around me so far except the knowledge I have gained after reading many books in every moment I get. Honestly I am too frightened to face the future as It’s uncertain without any hope or any kind of goal like others. But I am determined to live this life keeping a low profile without getting any attention from anybody specially vampires I guess.

I know that I don’t have any degrees like associate, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral. But I was given a primary, middle and secondary education as they could. So at least I should be grateful that I can read and write without any inconvenience.

However I have been living in a small apartment which I rented 2 weeks ago and still expecting a good job which pays a good salary somewhere to start a life on my own. Actually I had some money which was given to me when I came to the city New York for the first time.

Actually that was the savings they had kept for me like everyone. That was their tradition to say goodbye to the ones who have come to this certain age where they open the cage for us to fly to find our own destination. That means two week ago. But now it seems I will be running out money sooner or later as I haven’t found a proper job yet. So I have to find a job quickly if I want to survive.

When you come to New York for the first time you will feel that you are in heaven. Yes everything looks like a magic. No wonder it is considered as the city that never sleeps. Actually it is like you will feel that you are dropped in to a candy land with many colourful candy with many shapes and tastes.

But if I ever knew the hidden danger which is hidden in this city like paradise I would have avoided it. I would have run far .. far away from this city and hide somewhere where nobody could find. But when the fate brings you to the right place at the right time, will you be able to escape it? I guess not.


I hope that you enjoyed the first chapter of book. Actually I know that this is not very good. But it will build up eventually.

So guys...keep read and support with your wonderful comments and magic like votes which can brighten my days.

One more time, thanks a lot for giving a chance for my book..❤❤

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