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The Storm Between Us

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Beau lost his friendship with his best friend and high school crush, Zeus Storm. Years later Zeus Storm comes back into Beau's life. Will they rekindle what was once lost or will The Storm Between Them destroy their friendship? This story contains mature language, gay romance, and male on male sex scenes.

Romance / Drama
Aries Angelo
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Seeing Him Again


It was a beautiful day, the birds chirp with a beautiful melody while I took a deep breath of fresh air. The sun beamed inside my room as I sat up and thought for a moment. It's been a while that I felt refreshed and alive. My parent's death took a toll on me, my mom passed away two years ago, from her second heart attack. My dad passed away a year ago, he also passed away from a heart attack. I believe he got lonely, he loved my mother very much and now they are both together. I missed them dearly every day.

My heart hurts less and less but there is still a pang of loneliness that lives deep inside me. My parents were all I had except for my good friend Jonathan, well Johnny, he hates it when I call him Jonathan.

My parents weren't my biological parents. They told me when I got old enough that I was left on their doorstep. They told me they heard a baby crying one night and they immediately fell in love with me. They took me to the police station but the police said there wasn't a report for a missing baby. I'm not sure what else happened that night but they took me under their wings. They were much older but they did what they could to give me a comfortable life.

I was close to not going to college because my parents couldn't afford it but my good grades helped me get a couple of grants. So I graduated with honors with a bachelor's in business marketing but then their death shattered me and I didn't pursue my degree. I halted everything in my life and got a job at a high-end restaurant called Diamonds.

Tonight was going to be busy because of the music awards and it usually gets busy with celebrities right after. I glanced at my fancy suit that was hanging on my closet door. I've always wanted to be someone important or at least someone that remembers my name but that hasn't happened yet.

Ok, enough of this sadness. I'm better than this but sometimes those thoughts take over. I've always been the person with a smile on my face even when half the people forget who I am. It's like that as a waiter, especially when it has entitled assholes. The tips are generous but the humiliation is sometimes not worth it.

I needed to get out of bed and do my morning workout with Johnny or else he is going to be pounding on my door. He doesn't like waiting, not if it involves working out. He's a workout enthusiast. I met him in college and he helped me build my confidence. I loved seeing my abs nicely chiseled and how my arms were so much toned. I was a skinny guy that had no meat on him, messy dark blonde hair, and bad acne.

My confidence level was low in college not until I met Johnny. He needed help in one of his classes and he offered to repay me by giving me workout tips. But we eventually became good friends. We dated for a year in college but we were two different people so we decided to stay as friends.

He has a boyfriend now and man do I envy their relationship. It's too perfect but Jaxon is also a gym enthusiast. They have their Instagram together, theJJpowerduo, for workout tips and nutrition, that's how they make their money. They also have their personal page as well. Everyone loves them, they deserve it, and more.

It didn't take long for Johnny to come pounding on my door. "Lazy ass, get out of bed before I knock this door down."

"Geez, I'm just tying my shoes, you have my shake ready?" I joked, knowing well he already had it done.

"Are you serious?" He sounded irritated but that was him when I took long, especially when it involved working out. I opened the door, his blue eyes glared at me. The veins on his neck moved while his arms were folded. "Took you long enough," he smirked. His jawline was exquisite and his lips were always a pinkish tone. I joked around with him if he used pink lipstick but that would end up in him tickling the crap out of me.

He had one of those stylish haircuts that you were short on the sides and longer on the top. I liked it. "Where did you get your haircut?" I asked.

He glared at me even more. I was cutting into his workout time but he still loved me though. "I'll give you the info on our way to the gym, come on let's go," he moved down the hallway and my eyes went to his perky butt. I shook my head and grabbed my workout bag. I chugged down the green shake he made me and off we went to the gym.

"It's arms today so no being a whiny baby," he opened the gym door for me.

"But if I don't whine then you'll know it's not working," I teased as he punched me on the shoulder. "Dude, you still punch hard even if you're joking," he laughed and walked past me.

Jaxon was here as well. Johnny pecked him on the lips while some guys did a disgusted face. Johnny and Jaxon didn't care, most people knew them at the gym. They had haters but they simply did it to mock them.

"Ready to cry," Jaxon teased. He was handsome as hell too. Emerald eyes, dark hair, kind of the same style as Johnny but shorter on the top, and leaner. "Alright, kid, you're up first."

I sat on the bench press while Johnny handed me two 45lbs weights. "I don't want to hear it, 5 reps of 15 and go," he studied how I lifted them. He would correct my posture if I was slouching. My arms were burning at 10 but Johnny lifted his brow and I went for it. The veins in my arms were bursting like fire but it felt so good and a great stress reliever that was built for a few days now.

We workout for about an hour and a half. Jaxon bought us a protein shake. "You did great man, look at your arms," he firmly gripped my arm. I was sore as hell. "Well I have to go, babe. I'll see you tonight," he pecked Johnny on the lips.

"For sure," he winked as Jaxon left the gym.

"I fucken love that man," he always had this light when he gazed at Jaxon. I've always wanted to be with someone but it has never happened. I've gone on dates but it never goes well after we have sex. I've only had one true love but that was in high school and he never knew how I felt about him. He was straight and my best friend but circumstances got in the way. Now he's a big-time music artist, Zeus Storm.

Johnny gave me the address of his stylist. I got a quick trim and my brows were groomed. I needed to be presentable tonight. I left a subtle scruff on myself, let's hope my boss, Margo, approves of it. I usually have to be completely shaved but I was liking my five o'clock shadow.

I finally got home and took a quick shower. I sprayed some cologne on myself and got into my fitted suit. I glanced at myself in the mirror and I was in awe, this was not the same kid from high school. I was much more confident and more focused. My messy blonde hair had more style, my face glowed from the moisturizer I added to my skin regime, and my body was insanely built. I turned around and checked how perky my butt looked in these dress pants.

I checked the time and I had a few minutes. I turned on the television and there he stood in a black fancy suit, Zeus Storm. He held an award in his hand while his steel-blue eyes shined on the television screen. His dark hair was perfectly combed back and dark masculine brows were perfectly shaped. His smile beamed like the sun's ray, he was Zeus, god of thunder, and that's when my heart jolted with happiness.

I thought I had long lost those feelings of love for him but they slowly awakened deep inside me. I turned off the television and tried to forget what happened. I chose to lose his friendship and now my heart slowly bled.

I went into my closet and took out my high school yearbook. I needed to look at his memory to remember why I made that harsh decision. I went to the page with his photo. Wow, he hasn't changed much, other than his mature features and how tall he had gotten. I rubbed my thumb over his pic. Why did I make such a bad choice? He didn't do anything to me, he was my best friend. He protected me from my bullies and made me feel wanted. I didn't have many friends in high school but that was the past. I'm glad he's doing well in his career.

I swallowed the harsh knot in my throat and held my tears from coming out. Deep down I was his biggest fan. I bought every single album he took out and every magazine I saw his handsome face but I knew our friendship would never be again. He was famous and I was still an outsider.

I put my yearbook back into my storage box and hide it with all his memorabilia. I took a deep breath and checked the time. Shit. I have to get to work. I grabbed my blazer and ran out of my apartment. I parked in the rear of the restaurant and went through the back.

The kitchen was already in chaos when I heard one of the chefs yell out a curse word in Italian. I ignored everyone and went to the employee room. I clocked in through the computer and the door burst open.

"Honey, I need you as soon as possible on the floor. The awards are over and some celebrities have started to arrive. You'll be attending Markus Empire and his guest. I'm trying to get details but everyone just started trickling in," she was talking so fast, her eyes were wide open, and her hands were shaking fast. Margo always got like this when celebrities showed up so I knew how to calm her down.

I grabbed her hand. "Breathe Margo, you're young and you're strong," she closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. She was young and very pretty. She opened her big green eyes while her smile revealed her perfect white teeth.

"What would I do without you?" She pulled me into a hug.

"Probably have an anxiety attack," I squeezed her nose and she giggled.

"If only you weren't gay and my employee."

We both laughed and then I realized the name she mentioned. "Markus Empire, like in founder of Empire records?" now I was going to have a meltdown.

"Yes, I believe that's him," she said.

There was a gentle knock on the door and another waiter peeked her head inside. "Margo, Mr. Empire has been seated with his guest, who's going to wait on them?"

"Go get 'em, tiger. His table is on the far right close to the bar," she smacked my butt. She fixed my tie and winked at me. "You look adorable."

I walked past the other waiter, she must be new. I have never seen her. She sweetly smiled at me and I made my way towards the front. The chandeliers hung high on the ceilings and the tables were being filled with celebrities and musicians. Expensive bottles were being brought out and that's when I saw him. My body froze at the sight of Zeus Storm. His expensive smile radiated like a million diamonds and his steel-blue eyes glowed from the candle in the middle of his table.

I closed my eyes and swallowed hard. You can do this.


A/N: Hello my wonderful readers and we are back with another love story, the story of Beau and Zeus. Get ready for another adventure filled with love and drama. I will say this, I will be going back and forth with Flashbacks so please don't get confused. You'll see. Thank you for reading and please vote, it helps me with rankings. Kisses and hugs.

Aries Angelo.
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