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Manan - A mafia love

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Character sketch

Manik Malhotra: 30 years old mafia king . He is cruel,smart , intelligent , fearless and never leaves any one who crosses his path . He has one and only friend Cabir since childhood who can call him by his name . None has power to call him by his name in mafia .

Nandini Murthy: 22 years old shy and innocent girl , live with her parent , only child love to dance but does not do it because of father's dislike.

Cabir Dhawan: 30 years old right hand and friend of Manik . Very calm and understanding person . Love Manik like a brother and can do anything for him.Married to a girl name Navya and has baby girl name Ishqi

Navya Naveli : A sweet girl 28 years old , a doctor , wife of Cabir and mother of sweet girl Ishqi

Rajesh Murthy : Father of Nandini , does a government job and loves nandini very much.

Shikha Murthy: Mother of Nandini, a housewife loves her only child nandini very much and her husband.

Harshad Saxena : Villain of the story . A play boy and son of a businessman , fiance of Nandini who is unknown of his play boy nature.

I don't want my mafia king to be like real mafia king and I don't like him to be very cruel and abusive . So any one who doesn't like please don't read but no negative comments
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