The Case of the Ex

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The Olivia Baker guide to making a cheating Ex jealous. •Step one. Pick the most inappropriate outfit that definitely makes you look like the hottest girl in the bar! •Step two Lots of vodka. Screw it, throw in some tequila too. •Step three Search out a willing participant for your games •Step four Get completely knocked off your feet by said participant. •Step.... Wait, What? Olivia Baker doesn't need a man. She never has, but it doesn't mean she doesn't like having one around. Queue the cheating ex. On her quest to make Harvey jealous and realise that you don't mess with her, she accidentally meets her perfect match. Falling head over heels for a nearly one night stand is totally acceptable, right? If we just skip over Olivia's commitment issues and a past that haunts her and the major part where Mr Perfect thinks he might want his ex back. What could possibly go wrong? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Mature themes throughout, not intended for under 18's

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My eyes settled on Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome at the bar. I'd seen him arrive an hour earlier. I'd watched him bat all the girls, that made a move on him, away. If he had a girlfriend I'd leave him alone too, but for now, he was a challenge that no one had asked me to undertake. He was perfect. I stood up and waved goodbye to my table of friends without a word. They were too drunk to really notice me leaving.

Time for action.

"Want to play a game?" I'm hoping I sound clear and a little suggestive, but even in my drunk state I can hear the slight slur in my words. Disappointing.

Handsome looks up at me and gives me a little lop sided smile that takes my breath away. If I wasn't so fuzzy I'd actually be making moves on him for real.

Right now though, I am drunk. Which has been my standard behaviour for the last two weeks. Ever since...

"And what game is it you want to play?" He leans into me as he speaks. His warm breath fanning my ear and raising goosebumps across my skin.

I swallowed.

"You see that prick?" I point to my stupid ex, in his fitted suit, looking delicious with his arms wrapped around a tall brunette with tits the size of melons.

Handsome looks up following the line of my finger and gives me a short nod

"He thinks I can't do better then him. He thinks I'll be lonely and miserable while he gets away with cheating on me with his bimbo secretary." I'm rambling now.

"You want to prove you can do better?" He raises a brow for a second and then smirks "forward, but I like it."

I frown up at him "Excuse me?"

"That's your way of telling me I'm the most attractive guy in here?" He grins at me as he wraps an arm around my waist.

I can't help the jolt of butterflies that swarm my stomach. Why the hell have they just appeared?

He also wasn't wrong, but I'm not about to inflate that ego anymore.

"I didn't say your the most attractive guy in here." I pouted a little, as I stepped away from his touch.

He just laughed. A loud laugh that's warm and inviting. It lights his already handsome face up, sending shivers down my spine.

Shit this is going wrong.

"Look will you play with me or not?" I cross my arms in front of me, inadvertently pushing my own, smaller chest area up and towards his face. He doesn't waste a second in glancing down.

I dropped my arms, glaring at him.

Seriously? No matter how attractive he is, I'm drunk and angry and I'm definitely not in the mood.

"I'll play," he grins again, I want to pop my mouth open, surprised he's willing to help a complete stranger out so easily, it normally takes a little longer then this to convince them to play. "what's your plan?"

I grabbed his hand, lacing our fingers together, ignoring the spark that shocked my hand the moment our skin touched, "your going to take me out of here in the most obnoxiously over the top way possible. I want it to be a scene and if he asks, we're seeing each other." I laugh, I've barely given this a thought, I just want a reaction. I pull him up to start following me, but he gives me a gentle tug and pulls me back into him, his head low as his lips brush my ear.

The tingles spread everywhere. How is he doing that?

"While I'm game, maybe we should start off with names, girlfriend?"

The way he says girlfriend gives me flutters and I have to press my thighs together. One night stands might be for some people, but they just aren't my thing. Until now, maybe?

His green eyes pierce into my own and I lose my breath a little. I'd be lying if I said he wasn't my type. Tall, dark, ridiculously good looking and in a suit. Men in suits, don't ask me why but it does things to me. Just like men in their joggers. Yum.

I watch his plump lips tug up in the corners as I realise he's waiting for me to give him my name.

"Olivia," I almost whisper out. I quickly clear my throat "but call me Liv. Only my parents call me Olivia and that's normally when I'm in trouble."

His smile grows as he nods his head.

"Jacob. But you should just call me baby."

I roll my eyes. Even drunk I can tell this guy is full of himself.

"We good to go?" I nod my head in the prick and bimbos direction, raising my brows.

"Let's go, baby." he laughs quietly as I tug him towards the doors, which are luckily just next to their table. I'm ignoring the fact that my body is completely betraying me in liking the way Jacob calls me baby.

Just as we get close to the exit I feel another tug and I fall backwards into Jacob's firm chest. His hands tangle in my hair and he crashes his lips into mine.

Normally if someone tried to manhandle me like this. I'd slap them, A knee in the groin would also be acceptable, but as the shock wears off I find my own hands exploring, untucking his shirt and skimming up his soft skin. Feeling the ripples of his muscles. He's gentle about making sure we keep moving towards the doors, but I know we've got eyes on us.

His tongue runs across my lower lip and I smile before allowing him the access he wants. It's like a spark has ignited inside of me, something deep within that I thought I had buried. He tastes of whiskey and something sweet and it's delicious, my new favourite flavour. He's experienced, I bet this is how his weekends regularly end. The thought pulls me away from his lips for a second, panting. His green eyes are almost completely black and that is my undoing. I grab his face and pull it back to mine as his hands hold my lower back and he continues to guide us out. I don't think I could ever get enough of his lips on mine.

My mind goes blank, the only thought I have is going home with this perfect stranger. Something about him and his touch makes my insides completely melt. I feel safe with him.

"Olive?" The moment is interrupted in the worst way. I could hear the surprise and amusement in his voice. I hated when he called me that and he knew it.

I'd wanted Harvey to see me, I'd wanted him to see whatever gorgeous man I'd chosen to play my games, but now I'd changed my mind. The moment with Jacob had completely swept me off my feet and I wanted to go straight back to it.

Jacob's brow had raised up about three inches as I felt myself tense and let out a quiet growl.

"Harvey." I clenched my teeth as I spoke.

His eyes wandered over me and I saw his look of surprise.


Every inch of my outfit, my hair, my makeup had all been chosen with meticulous care to gain a reaction from him.

"You look good." he smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes.

I felt my lips curl as I raised a brow. I couldn't help myself, "and what were you expecting?"

I know I look good. Dress that's unbearably tight and inappropriately short, check. Makeup that makes my lips look extra kissable and my eyes more seductive, check. I know what I'm doing here. My hair is the glossiest it's ever been, in the bounciest curls I could manage. All the things he loves.

He shrugged and pulled his human barbie towards him, "you remember Annie?"


"How could I forget?" I kept my voice as level as possible, but inside I was seething. The image of her bouncing up and down on him was firmly engraved in my mind.

He knew what he was doing.

Jacob stepped forward, keeping his hand on the curve of my back, pulling me into his side. I'd forgotten about him for a second and now I couldn't help but lean gently against him. He was grounding.

Harvey noticed and finally turned his attention to Jacob, taking in his appearance for the first time. For a moment he looked impressed and it sparked the anger I was trying so hard to hold in.

"So you're into one night stands now?" He raised a brow as he smirked, "should have known."

"Excuse you?" I took a step forward ready to grab the first drink I could see and throw it in his smug face.

I wasn't the one that went around cheating. How dare he.

Jacob got in my way though "watch your mouth." he growled out, making my eyes widen.

He was at least a foot taller then Harvey, it gave him that intimidating edge.

Harvey just laughed, "hey man, she's my ex. I know what she's like." he nodded towards me, raking his eyes down my outfit.

Granted it was shorter then necessary and tight, hard to breathe tight, but that had been the point. To show him exactly what he was missing. Was it stupid of me? Of course. A little bit petty? Absolutely, but that's what I was going for. This is our game.

Annie was tall, stick thin, she had the thickest, glossiest brunette hair I had ever seen, all feline features that definitely belonged in magazines with giant fake boobs. I was the complete opposite. Shorter, curvy, tiny breasts, blonde. I was pretty, I knew that.

"You don't know shit," Jacob laughed out before looking towards Annie, raising a brow "you downgraded though. Fuck, that's shit for you."

I couldn't help my laugh as Annie glared at Jacob. It had to be the first time anyone had ever called her a downgrade.

"Come on baby, we've got somewhere we need to be." Jacob grinned at me, his eyes devilish.

I smiled back and held his outstretched hand as we started walking towards the door again.

"Olive, wait." Harvey called. "Please can we talk." Annie was still glaring daggers at Jacob's back, it took her a second to realise that Harvey was talking to me.

I stopped and decided to give him a second. My first mistake, but I love torturing myself.

"I'll be right back J." I leaned into Jacob and placed a kiss on the corner of his lips. He held my hand tightly for a second before reluctantly letting me go.

"What?" I gritted out at Harvey as we walked to a quieter table.

"This isn't you." he said quietly.

I scoffed crossing my arms. "what isn't me?"

"One night stands, trying to make someone jealous. You know you don't have it in you to keep this up. You're too nice, you'll get yourself hurt." his voice was gentle and a little condescending.

"Harvey, you know fuck all about me."

"I know that he doesn't make you moan the way I do, he doesn't make you feel good the way I do," he dropped his voice low as he got closer to me, his arm stroking down my forearm "he doesn't touch you the way I do."

I yanked my arm back and glared at him. "You're right, he doesn't."

The smug look that filled his face made me sick. I'd wanted a reaction from him and I'd gotten it. The problem was, I wasn't enjoying it the way I thought I would. I already knew if I asked, Harvey would come home with me. He's an idiot that thinks with his dick alone. If he thinks he can get some, he'll go with it. Annie's just as stupid, she's shallow and into money. She would take Harvey back over and over again because he'll buy her presents. It's disgusting and something I should have picked up on a lot sooner then I did.

"He makes me feel so much more. The way he touches me drives me wild," I grin biting my bottom lip as his smile dropped. "he makes me feel so good, I've never screamed before, but Christ," I fan myself with my hand, "he just knows all the right —"

He slammed his hand down hard on the table beside us making me jump.

"Stop!" He glared at me.

I grinned. "what's the matter Harv? Don't like hearing that I'm getting better sex then you ever gave me?"

His blue eyes were like a storm. I fucking loved it.

This was our relationship. We had always been fiery. We were not compatible in the slightest. I wasn't even that bothered that we weren't together, I knew we wouldn't end happily, that was never on the cards for us. I just refused to be the girl everyone felt sorry for. The wronged one. The girl that obsessed about her ex. I don't need a man and I never have, but I'll be damned if anyone looks at me with even an ounce of pity because me and Harvey didn't work out, again.

His eyes raked over me before he finally smirked again. This is where he makes me feel like shit and then I'd normally jump on him to make myself feel better, knowing that no matter what, he wanted me. Only not tonight. Tonight he was going to say something that hurt and I was going to walk away knowing that he might give it out, but he can't live with himself afterwards. He would be begging for forgiveness. He'd ask all our friends if I'd mentioned him, if I was okay. I wouldn't be the pitied one because I won't say a word. I won't give him that satisfaction and he will get in his own head until he comes begging for me back.

I know because this happens every time. If I don't give in and jump on him, we break up and get back together after a week of his begging, only for the cycle to start again.

We were toxic together. We brought out the worst in each other. We made each other angry. Said things we didn't mean, made each other feel like shit because the making up was so good. The problem was we didn't know how to stop.

"You can dress like a slag all you like, Olive. We both know all of this is for me. I bet you're wearing that black lacey thong and the bra that makes your tits look incredible," His fingers skimmed the top of my dress, running along the top of my breasts. I instantly hated myself because he was right, I was wearing all of this for him. "but you'll never be more then a play thing for him. He doesn't want you, he wants a fuck, maybe two, but he'll get bored of you the way I did and I won't be waiting for you. I'm proposing to Annie. She's wife material, your just good for fun. You'll never be anything more then that to me or any other man."

He stepped back leaving me shaking with anger, feeling like I had been slapped in the face. He gave me a pitiful look before turning away and heading back to his table.

"You okay?" Jacobs warm voice filled my ears. I nodded, not trusting my own voice. I could feel my eyes stinging. He wasn't proposing to her. That was just to hurt me, right?

He knew the right things to say to do it , all of my insecurities. Everything that's ever happened in the past. He's just saying that to hurt me, he has to be.

"Come on, Lets get out of here." he said gently as he pulled me close to him, kissing my forehead.

Little tingles ran down my spine as he brushed a stray hair from my face and tipped my chin up to make sure I was okay. A warmth spread through my stomach that I had never felt before and for just a second, it was just me and him.

I nodded again, letting him lead me outside into the cold night. I can play this game, I'm the queen of this game, so why is it all going wrong this time?

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