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Meeting them

After work I went to my car and search for an near by hotel.Well I was,I heard Beep and boom!

My Dad use to work on cars with me and I learned a lot so I know that sound.

It's the sound of a cars that just busted a tire.

I got out of my car and ran to my truck to get my medicine supplies I always carry being the surgeon that I am.

After closing my truck I ran to the ran their was to males.

It looks like they hit their head on impact.

I help one by one out the car.

It might a been to much work for most by but being a doctor you get use to having to move the body some time helping the nurses.

Once they are out of the car

I sat them up right one by one to give them water that is always and my kit.

They started to be more a wake

"Hello" one of them said

Wow his voice is so sexy I thought

"Hi My name is Sage"I said

"Hi sage what happened" The other said

"I think your tire busted"I said

"Oh thanks for helping us"One said
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