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The Unexpected Neighbor

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***WARNING!*** This story DOES NOT have a happy ending! This will be a PREQUEL of the next book that I am writing! In a sleepy little town where the biggest town events are the Friday night high school football game, Cahdla dreams of becoming a celebrity chef. Unlike her friends, she's not looking for romance and is content to live with her parents and little brother until she graduates from culinary school. Everything changes when a stranger buys the house across the street. She likes the appreciative glances that he throws her way. She thinks he's handsome, but why is he always with another guy? Will Cahdla ever discover this mysterious man's identity? Will it lead her to love, or will she discover that the man isn’t what he seems?

Romance / Mystery
Roma Baxter
4.6 10 reviews
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I have decided because of the way that I ended this story, that I will be writing a new story, and this will be a prequel to that story.

Please know that this story does NOT end in a HEA, but, its coming, just in the 2nd book. :)
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