The Unexpected Neighbor

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In a sleepy little town where the biggest town events are the Friday night high school football game, Cahdla dreams of becoming a celebrity chef. Unlike her friends, she's not looking for romance and is content to live with her parents and little brother until she graduates from culinary school. Everything changes when a stranger buys the house across the street. She likes the appreciative glances that he throws her way. She thinks he's handsome, but why is he always with another guy? Will Cahdla ever discover this mysterious man's identity? Will it lead her to love, or will she discover that the man isn’t what he seems?

Romance / Mystery
Roma Baxter
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"Who do you think bought it?" Emily said as we watched movers bringing boxes and expensive furniture into the house across the tree lined street.

"I have no idea! But I hope they have a hot gay son!" Josh said and all three of us laugh as I set my tea down on the edge of the porch. "What about you Cadhla? Maybe a hunky hottie for you? You haven't dated anyone since we dated in 8th grade." Josh reminded me.

"And we see how that turned out, didn't we?" I said as I flashed a cheeky grin over my shoulder, laughing again. "Maybe we should bring them some tea? It is rather hot out here. It would be a nice gesture." I smile as Emily and Josh stop the porch swing and stand up.

"Cadhla, you are too nice sometimes. It's a good thing we still live here in tiny little Jonesville. You'd get swallowed whole if we lived in the city." Josh said with a chuckle.

"It's not like I've never been anywhere before Josh." I glared at him. "Some day I'm going to move to Hollywood and be a celebrity chef. I'm going to be bigger than Gordon Ramsey, just you wait and see." I cross my arms and shoot Josh another glare.

Josh and Emily both laugh and start walking inside. "Are you going to make the tea or what?" Emily says as the screen door shuts.

I put the finishing touches on the tea, garnish it with lemon slices and a few sprigs of mint in the pitcher. I place it on the tray with 4 glasses and a small bucket of ice. My mom walks in from her shift at the hospital looking exhausted. She looks at the tray and smiles. "Are you taking that across the street?" she asks and I nod with a smile. "That's really sweet honey. Will you ask them when we can expect the new owners to be here? I'd like to make them a nice pie as a welcome gift."

"Sure mom. I'll ask if they know anything about the new owners too. Come on guys." walking towards the front door, motioning with my head to Emily and Josh to follow.

As we walk across the street, I notice that the truck is now mostly empty and the 4 men are sitting on the porch taking a break. There are boxes piled everywhere with room names written in black marker on the sides, noticing that there is also what appears to be German under the room names. The four men look up at us as we stop in front of them. "Can we help you?" one of them says a bit gruffly.

"Oh! I'm sorry! My name is Cadhla and I live across the street. I couldn't help but notice that you guys were moving stuff in and I thought you might like some fresh made tea." I say as I smile, moving the tray up a bit in a friendly gesture.

"It's a welcome party." one of the men lets out a half laugh, half grunt. "Sure sweet cheeks, can you just leave it so we can take our break in peace?" Another man shoves his arm.

"Don't be a dick, man. It was a nice thing to do." says another mover.

"Oh!" I look at Emily and Josh with a 'well that was rude' look. "I, um, sure! Do you by chance know anything about the new owners, and when they're moving in? My mom would like to make a pie to welcome them."

The men look at each other nervously. "We don't really know anything about him. We're just the movers."

"Him? Just one person needs the Petersons old 4 bedroom house?"Josh chimed in inquisitively. "And we were hoping it would be a family with a hot gay son." he slumps his shoulders. "Unless..." he trails off as he holds his hand up to his face like the thinking emoji and a sly grin on his face. I shake my head and laugh.

I set the tray with the tea and glasses down on the edge of the porch steps near one of the men. "Well, thanks anyways. I guess we will just have to wait until we see someone over here to welcome our new neighbor." I turn to walk back across the street and smile and wave at the movers. "I'll come over later for the tray, unless you just want to set it on the porch when you're done."

"Yeah, I'll drop it on your porch when were done. Thank you for the tea!" the friendlier looking mover says as he pushes the other guy.

"Yeah, thanks!" he says gruffly already pouring tea over ice that he'd put in a glass.


As I'm getting ready for my shift at the diner, I look out my bedroom window and notice that the movers are done and are packing a few things into the back of the smaller of the 2 trucks they brought the boxes and furniture in and close the doors and drive off. I pull my long red hair into a ballerina bun and put on a little bit of lip gloss and mascara and walk downstairs. Dad is sitting in the living room reading the newspaper with my little brother Caden who is playing on his Nintendo Switch.

"What ya playin Caden?" I say as I flop down on the couch next to him.

"Animal Crossing. I'm over on Emilys island fishing. She picked the southern hemisphere so we could have opposite seasons." he says.

I watch as his little character runs around fishing on a snow covered digital island. "Awesome!" I say as I ruffle his hair. "Dad, I might be late tonight. Emily and I are going to go out after my shift at the diner is over."

He lowers his paper a bit and looks at me. "Okay sweetheart, just be careful. Love you kiddo."

I stand up and grab my purse to walk out the door "love you too Dad!"

I bound down the steps and get into my little yellow Mini and toss my purse in the passengers seat. I notice that there are now curtains on all the windows. "Huh, I wonder if that means the mysterious 'he' has moved in already." I look around but see no cars in the driveway, so I shrug my shoulders and start the car to drive to work.

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