Flames of a Lie

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Chapter 9.

Sage King be prepared for the worst.

With this great advice, I closed my eyes as exhaustion took over me. In my sleep, I was feeling like I was still running everywhere to get things. I covered my body and tried to relax and soon I was in my dreamland.

The next day I have to again show up at six-thirty even if he comes at seven-thirty. I did my routine and then left for work after I was done eating my breakfast. On my way, my stomach was growling even though I had eaten my breakfast.

Strange it never happened before.

The computerized voice announced that my stop had come so I got up from the seat with my bag on my shoulder. You must be thinking what do I have in my bag? Well, nothing much. As I was walking towards the restaurant it started raining and I had to run towards my workplace with a bag on my head. Rain and I have a very long and deep connection with each other. It decides to pour on me whenever I'm going to do something important.

I reached my workplace still running and this time again the security guard looked at me suspiciously even though I was here yesterday. I smiled at him standing under my bag. He came out with his umbrella and this time he opened the gates for me without any word of denial. Saying my thank you I ran inside. No one was inside as I walked through the open door.

Today I was alone in this whole building as he comes at seven-thirty. My shirt was a complete drench now and sticking to the band of my chest. I need to change it before anyone comes. I walked fast towards the men's washroom or should I say in simple words the only washroom on this floor. They have not even bothered to make a female washroom here as they hire only male employees. I breathe in relief as no one was here or else it would have been difficult for me to explain if some caught me and I'm not even ready to do it now or ever.

It felt strange as I walked inside the men's bathroom. It was my first time in the men's bathroom and it felt a little weird even though it was just a bathroom. I placed my bag near the sink and looked at my reflection in the mirror. My hair was sticking to my forehead and my shirt to my skin. Before opening the button I looked here and there to see if someone was present here. Only when I was sure that no one was here I undid my shirt buttons and put them on the hand's dryer to dry it. As it was drying I removed the band around my chest to wrap it as it had become loose because of the damping a little bit.

I slowly started unfolding it and in a few seconds I had completely removed it and at the same time I heard the door of the washroom getting open and there in the mirror, I saw a grey eye monster looking at me with his angry wide eyes. My heart started beating fast as cold sweat beads formed on my face as my body shivered. I immediately grabbed my half-dried shirt to cover my blossom and turned to face him with shaky hands. His angry eyes moved all over my face as his angry grey eyes moved from my face to my blossom which I was trying to cover with both my hands. My body shivered more in fear.

A chill of fear ran in my body when my afraid eyes met with his angry eyes. My heart was about to come out of my rib cage at any moment as he slowly with predatory steps started coming toward me. I tried to blend with the wall but I couldn't as I didn't have the ability of a chameleon. Now my whole body was shaking as he came and stood in front of me while moving his angry gaze on me and my half-naked body. I lowered my eyes while trying hard to swallow the lump formed in my throat. He harshly took hold of my upper arm pulling me towards him to face him. I looked into expressionless eyes with my fearful one.

"You are so going to regret deceiving me," he said angrily in his dominating voice with a clenched jaw making a jolt of fear run all over my body leading it to shiver more visibly. I gasped for more air and opened my eyes trying to feel my lungs with as much air as possible.

"What a horrifying nightmare it was," I said as I looked at my surroundings. I was still in my bedroom on my bed. My clothes were drench but not in rainwater but sweat. My hair was wet and sticking to my forehead because of sweat.

How much did I sweat?

I moved my hands to my face to wipe out the fret from my face but inside I was still shaking. I never want my secret to come out like this. His angry grey eyes from my nightmare even send a bad chill to my bones. What did I even have such a nightmare? I huffed in annoyance as I moved my hair behind. I took a deep breath to calm myself and looked out of the window. It was still dark outside. I looked at the clock and it was showing two in the morning. Beside me, Mint was looking at me with an alarmed look with a tilted head.

"Did I wake you up too?" I said while scratching behind his ear and he closed his eyes enjoying it. My stomach grumbled as I was giving Mint a rube. I need to eat something or else I won't be able to sleep.

"You sleep my cute boy until I go and eat something," I said and got out of the bed not before kissing him. I walked out of my room and locked it.

I don't want Mint to follow me.

I walked towards the kitchen in the dim light of the lamp. When I was almost in the living room I saw a man's silhouette in the kitchen and I immediately shifted behind the wall to hide as I thought some burglar had broken into the house. I peeked my head and tried to find something for my safety but then that man's silhouette turned and I saw Eric's face. He was now standing in front of the stove with a naked upper body and stirring something in a boiling pot. I breathe in relief looking at his face as I don't want another nightmare on the same night.

But what is he doing this late in the kitchen?

"If you are done hiding then you can come out," he said in his vague voice as I was still hiding behind the wall. I flinch a little at his sudden comment. I bite my lower lip as now I was feeling like a burglar who has been caught out by a policeman. I came out of my hide and walked towards him.

"I was not hiding," I denied it to look less stupid for thinking of him as a burglar. I moved towards him.

"Yeah sure you were not," he said in his mocking tone not believing my words as he turned off the stove. The aroma of instant noodles filled my nose and my stomach grumbled even loudly this time. He looked at me as he heard my stomach begging for food. He looked at me with his blue eyes and I smiled sheepishly at him. He put the instant noodles in two plates and taking his palate he moved towards the couch in the living room. I looked at the plate of instant noodles. It looks so tasty. I grabbed it and followed him to the couch.

"Thank you I was so hungry," I said, taking a seat beside him and starting devouring it. He didn't say anything but kept looking at me as he took his first bite. I munched on it as it tastes so good. I didn't know I was this hungry until I saw the food.

"You didn't have your dinner," he asked while looking at me as he took one more bite. I slowed my eating speed as I looked like an eating demon.

"No actually I didn't even have my lunch today," I said, now almost done with my portion but I was still hungry. Listening to my words he looked at me with his blue eyes.

"You can have this too," he said while handing me his plate.

"Are you not hungry?" I asked with furrowed eyes.

"No, I had light snacks at work," he said while sipping on his water from a glass. I shrugged and once more said thank you and happily ate the remaining noodles.

"Do you always come this late from the office?" I asked while still munching on my noodles.

"Most of the time," he said while looking at me eating.

"You should not work this late, it will affect your health," I said in my concerned voice, keeping the plate aside. He stood up and looked at me with his intimidating blue eyes.

"You should stop missing your meal so it doesn't affect your health," he said while looking into my eyes making me look back at him. Even if he said those words in a plain voice I could see little concern in it. Saying that he started walking towards his room. It was the first kind of action he did for me after being so cold towards me for the past weeks and it warmed my heart. I smiled looking at his retiring back.

"Good night" I yelled to him as he was about to shut his door. He again didn't say anything. I think now I'm starting to understand him by one percent. With that same smile playing on my lips I went back to my room and this time I prayed to God please don't let those terrifying nightmares come to me. God listened to me and the rest of my sleep was full of peace.

The next day I woke up on time and did my all morning routine. I made some breakfast for me and Eric and then poured food and water into the Mints bowl. After I was done with everything I went out taking my bag. As I stepped out of the subway it started raining and all the scenes which happened in my nightmare started repeating in front of my eyes.

"You are so going to regret deceiving me, " his words and angry grey eyes flashed in front of my eyes, passing a bad chill to all my body.

I swallowed hard and moved my head to take those memories out of my mind. Instead of running in the rain, I chose to stand aside. I don't want my nightmare to come true. I had to wait aside almost for half an hour. Only when it was drizzling a bit I ran with a bag on my head. I was already late for work and I didn't want to be more later. To my relief when I reached the near gates I was not drenched in rain. Just my clothes were a little wet and they will dry soon. Guard opened the gate without a word this time and I walked in saying my thank you.

It was good that he comes at seven-thirty so I come half an hour late won't matter as he won't know I'm late. So I casually walked in as I knew no one was present here. I took the lift to the third floor while browsing through my cell phone. I even walked out of it not looking up while still browsing through my cellphone. Suddenly I collided with something hard and my phone fell from my hand.

How did a wall come in the middle of nowhere?

I bend down to collect my cell phone without looking in front of me. As I was about to take my cell phone I saw a shining pair of black shoes and my heart dropped to my stomach. I slowly moved my eyes wishing he is not the person I'm thinking he is. But to my dismay, he was the wall with which I collided. He was looking at me with blazing eyes and with a clenched jaw. I immediately collected my cell phone and stood up.

"G--good morning sir," I said in my shuttering voice.

What is he doing here this early?

I thought he would come at seven-thirty?

"What is the time," he asked in his calm dominating voice passing a chill to my body.

"S--seven," I said in my small nervous voice while looking down at my fretting fingers.

"Say it loud I can't hear you," he said in mockery. I swallowed hard.

"Seven" this time I said a little loud but I was still looking down not wanting to meet his grey eyes.

"Look at me and answer," he said in his irritated voice and it made me look at him.

"It's seven o'clock sir," I said a little loud while looking at his expressionless grey eyes.

"What time is your reporting time," he asked in his dominating voice while moving more in my personal space if it was even possible it made me take my steps back.

"S--six-thirty" I again said in my shuttering voice, feeling small in front of his big frame. He kept moving in my direction as I kept moving back and now it was a dead-end for me as my back clashed with the wall.

"Why the hell are you late?" he asked in the same voice.

"It--it was raining and I didn't have an umbrella with me so ta--that's why," I said in my little loud voice and he kept looking at me with his grey eyes.

God, why is he even intimidating me like that?

"Stop giving me lame excuses if it's raining I don't care. I want you here at sharp six-thirty," he said in his angry loud voice making me flinch as never anyone had ever talked this loudly with me.

"But--" I tried to explain but his hard glare made me shut.

"I hate people like you who don't value time and give excuses after being late," he said looking straight into my eyes. He is indirectly saying he hates me even if I did nothing. Tears tried to form in the corner of my eyes but I sucked it up. I won't be a cry baby just because he yelled at me even after it was not my fault.

"It won't happen next time," I said while swallowing the lump.

"If you are late next time don't bother to show me your face", he said in his warning tone and I nodded my head a little. "Now go get me my coffee," he said in his commanding voice and turned to go back to his office. How badly I want to throw my precious phone at him. I bit my inner cheeks in anger. How rude he can be more to me. I clenched my hands over my cell phone stopping myself from throwing my phone at him.

Sage calms down and breathes in and breathes out.

I chimed in my head and followed my inner voice instruction. I went to the kitchen before he decided to say anything mean to me. I kept my bag aside and started making his coffee. Today I made it a bit strong so he won't say it's not strong enough and tell me to make it again. I carried the mug to his room and waited patiently for him to dismiss me. Even though inside a volcano of anger was bubbling in me. He looked at me as I did say anything and just kept his coffee on his desk. I don't feel like even looking at his face. He took the mug and smelled it like yesterday and then after a few seconds he took the first sip. As he took the sip he kept looking at my hard face.

"Go get back to your work," he said while still sipping his coffee while putting the to-do list notebook on his desk for me. His assistant updates it every day with the things he can't do because of being busy. I just nodded and left the office with big steps not before taking the book with me.

I started doing my work. Today I had to check the second-floor pantry and before that, I had to check all the essential needs of the cleaning staff and then give a report to him. I got busy with my work and I didn't know how time was passing so fast. It was like more work and less time. I was on my way back to the third floor after checking the pantry on the second floor I heard someone calling my name. I looked in the direction of the voice and I saw the same chef of the competition day was calling me while waving his hand saying me to walk towards him.

"Sage" he again called me and I smiled while moving in his direction. What was his name? Yeah, I remember the assistant chef Oliver.

"Hello nice to meet you again," I said while standing in front of him.

"Hello, same here. how is your work going," he asked with a small smile on his face.

"Good," I said with a faint smile on my lips.

"I know how it must be but don't worry once you cross the internship stage you will join us here and have more fun working here," he said with a positive smile on his face. On the day of the competition, I thought he would be a strict person but I was wrong. He is a very friendly person. Never judge a book by its cover.

"I hope it happens soon," I said with a faint smile on my face. I wanted to add if I didn't get fired before I even got a chance to work with them.

"Come in, I will introduce you to our team members of head chefs," he said while gesturing to me to follow him in the kitchen. He walked in but I didn't follow him. "What's wrong let's go in," he said with furrowed brows.

"Sir has restricted me from entering any kitchen," I said with a sad smile on my face.

"What really," he asked in his shocked voice and I nodded little. "Well, it's strange. He has never done this before to any of his interns" he said while scratching his chin in confusion.

He did this only with me because his previous interns didn't throw milkshakes on him.

"It's fine, I will allow you in absence of him I'm in charge. I will talk with him later. Let's go and meet with your other colleagues," he said with a smile on his face making my face light up in happiness. I always wanted to have a look at the kitchen. I nodded my head with a big smile on my face and took a step to follow him.

"What are you doing" came a dominating voice making me stop in my tracks. We both turned to look at him. He was standing a little away from us in his black chef clothes with both of his hands in his pocket. I swallowed hard when I found his hard eyes on me as he took a few steps in our direction.

"I was taking him in to introduce him to other chefs," chef Oliver answered, sensing the tension in the air.

"Didn't I restrict you from entering the kitchen until I allow you?" he said in his dominating voice while looking straight into my eyes.

"I was taking him in even after he informed me about the restriction. I thought it would be good for him to meet his colleagues here after all we are going to work together one-day" chef Oliver came to my rescue. He looked at chef Oliver with not that look he was giving me a few seconds ago.

"Don't waste your time Oliver on such things I don't think he will last here that long" he said with a smirk on his face as if I was not standing here and listening to his words. I gasped at his words as he looked at me.

"Let's go in, we have work to do," he said in a mocking tone to the chef Oliver while looking at me. Chef Oliver looked at me with his soft pitty eyes as I lowered my head. My throat was clogged with heaviness in it as I felt my eyes stinging. I kept my head down as they both disappeared behind the doors. I bit my lower lip trying to swallow my tires and get back to work so he won't insult me as aging.

The rest of the day went by with his words roaming into my head bubbling the volcano inside me more. Still, I continued doing my work today too without eating my lunch. The whole day I was thinking about how to make him suffer but I got no idea. I wanted to make him feel how bad I was feeling. I don't deserve this kind of treatment. He was wrong too.

At the end of the day, he only let me go when everyone left. Filling fully exhausted I came down off the building. Today Sophia was picking me as we were going for dinner. She messages me early letting me know her plan. As I was waiting with hands in my pocket foundling with my keys I saw a grey-eyed monster's car outside of the gate.

What is his car doing here? I thought he left earlier.

It looks like no one is inside it. I couldn't see clearly through the windows as they were tinted. An evil idea popped into my head. I turned my head to look at the guard and he was not there. He must be in his small office. I moved the car while fondling my keys in the pocket. As I was near the car I took the Keys and keyed his car leaving a big mark on his car. Serves him best for behaving so rudely with me. I know he loves his car every man does. And he won't like looking at the big scratch on his precious car. I looked here and there if someone was looking but no one was there and like an angel, Sophia came in there with the car on time. I ran and sat in the car telling her to drive.

I felt so good after getting back on him.

I have never done something like this but after what he did to me today I don't think I will ever regret doing it.

Now he will know how it feels when someone scratches something very valuable. Like I feel now as he scratched my self-esteem.


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