Flames of a Lie

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Chapter 10

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Like I feel now as he scratched my self-esteem.

"Drive fast Sophia," I said in my thrilled excited voice while I looked out of the window of the car. I have keyed his car big enough for him to notice. Still hiding in the car I kept looking at the car. My heart was beating fast as I did something bad but I felt so good after doing it. With an enormous smile on my face, I averted my eyes from the big blue car of the grey eye monster. I turned and sat facing in front with the same smile playing on my lips.

"Will you now tell me what's happening? What is making you grin evilly like that?" Sophia asked in her curious voice as she glanced at me for a second and then averted her eyes back to concentrate on the road.

"Because I did something evil," I said, admitting it in my satisfied voice while looking at her. She again glanced towards me with little surprised eyes. I know why she is giving me that look. Because she is a troublemaker and I always like to stay away from trouble. I smirked at her, not telling them what I did. I was enjoying that look on her face.

"Stop increasing my curiosity and just tell me what you did," she asked in her impatient voice as I still didn't enlighten her with my evil deeds.

"Sophia concentrate on your driving. I will tell you everything once we reach the place," I said in my little worried voice as she was looking at me more than the road. Listening to me she looked back at the road. She averted her eyes back to the road and I breathed in relief. I know I did bad keying his expensive car and it will cost good money to repair it but he deserves it and after all, he has so much money to flaunt in front of people.

Even if I keyed his precious car I don't feel bad because he had done more worst things to me. It's the first time I've ever done something like that.

Should I feel bad about it?

No! Sage, stops thinking like that he deserves it.

Less than ten minutes she parked the car in front of a small cozy looking restaurant. I stepped in to get the table as it was a little crowded until Sophia was parking the car. A table was vacant at the end of the corner. I went and took a seat. I moved my eyes all over the restaurant as it was hustling with lots of people as it was the weekend. People were enjoying food with alcohol. Looking at all this, I suddenly remember how my family restaurant was on weekends.

Weekends were the busiest time as many people came to the restaurant to burn their stress. Sometimes we even hired some people especially to help on weekends. And after a full packed day we all working members had dinner together as a treat for working hard. As I moved my eyes more I felt like I was sitting in King's restaurant with mom behind the counter taking the bills dad shouting to take the order and Elijah running from table to table while balancing two plates in his hands. I breathe deeply as I know looking at all the people makes me want to go back to my hometown.

I miss my family so much.

I didn't know how they are managing without me because for me it's hard to imagine my life without my family. I can't wait to go back and live my life happy with them. I don't even call mom dad daily. Their voice makes me want to go back to my hometown. I don't want them to be my weakness but my strength and with this power, I want to focus more on my work and make more money for them so their burdens become even less.

Only six months Sage then you will be with your family no one will stop you then not even yourself.

These words eased my heart. Sophia walked through the door after five minutes. She moved her eyes all over the packed area to find me. I waved my hand to her to get her attention. A relieved expression swept on her face as she caught my signal. She walked towards me and took her seat as the waiter came and gave us the menu. I was deciding what to order when I saw her looking at me with her narrowed eyes. I raised my brows in question.

"Will you tell me now what you did before entering the car?" she asked with the same expression on her face. That's when I remembered I had promised to tell her when we reach here. She is not this patient person when it comes to telling her something interested.

"Sorry I completely forgot about it," I said with a sheepish smile on my face. She was about to whine when I said. "I keyed the grey eye monster's car," I said in my excited voice making her shut her mouth but just in a few seconds her eyes became wide in surprise and a small gasp left her mouth. I like the expression on her face.

"You did what," she asked in her stunned voice and it made the grin on my mouth even bigger.

"Yes you heard it right I keyed his car," I said in my proud voice to make her believe.

"You keyed his expensive sports car," she asked in the same voice and I nodded proudly as if I had won a gold medal.

"Sage, what if he comes to know you did that. Won't he make everything hard for then it is now," she asked in her concerned voice.

"I didn't think much about it after what he said to me today," I said in my grim voice. I just have him for what he said to me today. He tried to rupture my self-esteem. The more you try to suppress me you grey eye monster I will rise back with full power and prove you wrong. I will not quit and enter the kitchen with my skills.

"What did he say," she asked with furrowed brows. I told her everything from the starting of my nightmare to the end until I left that place.

"Oh God, he is such a dick head. You did right next time we will throw a rock on his car to dent it" she said angrily while looking at me with anger-filled eyes.

"Sounds good, let's do it," I said with a scamp smile on my face. I knew she would say that I was right. If she was in my place she would have done the same thing. She moved her head in amusement and looked at the menu as she knew I was already making a plan to do the thing she advised me to do. He is being so mean to me it has been only two days and his attitude is already pissing me off. Just because I need this job I'm letting him bully me or else I would have shown him what I do to bully.

You just say these kinds of words behind his back but once you are standing in front of him you become a frightened cat.

My inner voice mocked me.

What should I do? His grey eyes make me want to run away even when I did nothing wrong. He just has that regal power in his eyes which can make people fear him even when they are not guilty.

"Are you ready to order?" a waiter asked while taking me out of my thoughts. His question made me realize I have been only staring at the menu for the past five minutes. I looked at the menu in a hurry as I knew the waiter would be busy and I'm wasting his time. I decided soon and ordered my food. Then Sophia did hers. The waiter scribbled it on his notepad and went to deliver it to the kitchen.

"This place seems nice," I said while keeping the menu aside and looking at the place.

"Yeah, it reminds me of King's dinner and how we used to spend our time there. Whenever I missed you all I came here" she said looking at the place. The

King's dinner was important to all of us because we have so many precious memories in that place. We used to spend all our vacations doing a part-time job over there to make money for amusement parks.

We got engaged in talking about how those days were and how my mom used to put a dollar extra for us to eat ice cream or chocolate. Those days were filled with innocence and full happiness. That was the only age when we lived our life to the fullest but now we all are grown up and got busy in our work forgetting the essence of living each day with happiness. Old days we're so good. We know the value of them only when we are much far away from them remembering them in present. Soon our food came and I started devouring it as I missed my lunch today too. Sophia looked at me with suspicious eyes as she saw me eating fast.

"What," I said with a mouth full of food as she was still looking at me.

"At what time you had your lunch," she asked me as she ate a small bit of her lamb.

"I didn't have lunch. I was busy all day," I said while shrugging a bit and continuing my eating.

"Sage, don't put this job before your health. I promised your mom that I will look after your health and if she comes to know you are missing your meals she will be upset with both of us" Sophia tried to make me understand. Erick said the same things in codes. What they were saying was right mom won't like me ignoring my health. I don't want to spend the money I earn on retreating my bad health just because I ignored it because of my work.

"I will eat my meals on time from tomorrow," I said with an assuring smile on my face. But she looks with an unsure look in her eyes.

"Promises," I said and only then she gave me a small smile. We talked more about our work as we continued eating. Till the end of our dinner, I was fully exhausted now but a little delighted as I spent my little time with Sophia. We talked and laughed so much and it lifted my mind from all the bad things that happened to me at my work.

I was able to forget his taunts and insults as I spent my time with Sophia. After we were done Sophia dropped me at my place. Slumping my bag on the shoulder I walked to my apartment. As I opened the door I was greeted by none other than Mint. He jumped up and down in excitement while wiggling his small tail when he saw me opening the door and entering the house. I closed the door and looked at him with my eyes widened in distress as I saw Mint jumping.

"How did you get out," I said in my little afraid voice. The bag fell from my shoulder as I ran to him. All the horrible thoughts Erick had found him out took over me, increasing my anxiety even more. I don't want us to get homeless because I know Erick hates pates.

"Come here, cutie," I said and took him in my arms while moving my eyes all over the living room to find if Erick was here hiding waiting to see what I do next. More I moved my eyes there was no sign of him. Mint was still moving in my arms wiggling his small body and tail. Yelling me to let him go so he can jump all over.

How did he even come out of my room? Did I leave my bedroom door open?

As I was busy finding him I heard the rattling of keys and then when I realized he was standing behind the door trying to open the door. My body froze on the sport. He had to not yet discover him but he will know about him soon if I keep standing here like a statue. Holding Mint in my hand I ran to my bedroom before he could open the door and entered the house to disclose my secret. I was able to reach my room on time. I locked my door and let Mint in my bed. He wiggled and ran on my bed then tilted his head to look at me with his puppy eyes as if saying he wanted to go out while protesting in his low voice.

"I know you want to go out, don't worry I will take you out soon," I said while scratching his ear. He must have gotten bored staying in my bedroom all alone. I was smiling looking at Mints happy from now when I heard Erick calling my name in his mad voice.

"Sage'' he called my name loudly making my heartbeat in fear as the thought of him catching me running to my room with Mint crossed my mind. "Sage" he again called my name as I had still not replied to him.

"Coming just a second," I said while losing my band around my chest. I don't want him to look at me with suspicious eyes. It's the last thing I want to happen now. I only know how I'm hiding Mint from his cold blue eyes.

"You naughty boy stay here until I came back," I said and kissed him on his head. Like a good boy, he curled up in my bed while still looking at me. I smiled at him and walked out of the door not before locking it. I don't want him to follow me out.

"What happened," I asked as I saw Erick standing near the door with a pissed face.

"What is your bag doing in front of the door? Did you forget about the rule of not disposing of your things all over the place?" He asked in his pissed voice. Seems like someone had a bad day at the office.

"I remember all rules of yours. I just want to go to the bathroom so I put my bag here and rushed to empty my bladder" I lied as I didn't want him to kick me out of the house knowing what I was doing before he came back. Looking at his mad eyes I thanked God as I was in time able to take Mint back to my room. He would have certainly kicked us out if he had found out about Mint in this bad mood. He was still looking at me with his mad eyes as he looked at the bag which was still laying on the floor. I immediately picked it up with a faint apologetic smile on my face.

"I'm sorry I was about to come back to pick it up," I said in my apologetic voice as I picked it up.

"Don't repeat this mistake and break my rules," he said as he looked at me with the same cold eyes. God, he was behaving well with me yesterday and today we are back to square one.

"I won't as I have memories of all your rules and printed in my head," I said and turned to go back to my room. I am so exhausted now I need my bed very badly. As I turned I breathed in relief while closing my eyes and pressing the bag to my still afraid heart.

I was glad that he didn't catch us today. I was able to save myself from two mad man's today. This thought spread a smile on my face. Erick was still standing there looking at my back. Once I enter my room I will be away from his cold stare. I opened the door of my bedroom to enter but before I could enter my room someone existed and it was none other than Mint. He ran out of the room and towards Erick making my eyes widened in pure horror.

A gasp left my mouth as I saw Mint wiggling his tail and sniffing Erick as he was happy to see a new face. I kept looking at them as Erick was looking at happy Mint with a clenched jaw. He slowly lifted his head while averting his eyes from happy Mint to me. His cold mad eyes meet my fearful one. It kicked all the breathing air out of me making my throat go dry.

"Did you forget to memorize and imprint no pets are allowed in this house rule in your head?" he asked in his mad firm voice increasingly panicking even more. I found swallowing a lump hard which was forming at the base of my throat. From his face, I knew he won't let this slide as he let slide the bag on the floor.

Sage be ready to get homeless at midnight.

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