Flames of a Lie

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Chapter 11

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Sage be ready to get homeless at midnight.

I looked at him with fearful eyes as he was glaring at me. I had no answer to his question. I knew he wouldn't listen to my pleas and kick me out of the house with Mint. I was getting buried in my worries and Mint on the other hand was still wiggling his tail in happiness as he was happy after meeting Erick. He kept sniffing him and dancing in excitement.

I feel bad for him. He is so innocent that he can't even see what is waiting for us in the next few minutes. Erick's anger didn't faze him a bit. He barked him in happiness as he barked at me when I came back from work. He was asking Eric to lift him in his hands but Eric ignored him and kept looking at me with the same mad look in his eyes. I smiled faintly looking at the happy Mint.

He is such a happy soul why can't I be like that.

"I asked you something. From when are you hiding him here and fooling me," he asked in his mad voice, making me look at him while wiping all the traces of a smile on my face.

"I--I" tried to say something and explain to him but nothing came out of my mouth. I was unable to swallow the thick lump formed in the base of my throat. He kept looking at me with the same angry eyes waiting for my reply.

"Didn't I clear to you on your first day that you have to follow my rules to stay in my place? But it seems like you don't care about them" he said in his angry voice as he started walking in my direction.

Why God why from all days you have to choose this day to get my secret out. He already seemed pissed today and now he is mad beyond the limit. I know he doesn't like it when someone doesn't follow his rules and it was the main reason why Sophia left this place. He came and stood in front of me making me take a step back. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Mints' small frame running all over the place he was jumping and exploring the place like a kid who was in an amusement park for the first time in his life.

"I'm sorry. He didn't have any place and it was raining so bad he could have died if I had left him in the park," I said in a small voice, not meeting his cold blue eyes.

"And when were you going to tell me you have a dog in the house or do you have any other animal hiding in your bedroom zoo," he asked in his firm mocking voice while looking straight into my eyes.

"No--no I don't have any animals in my bedroom you can check it yourself," I said trying to convince him while moving my hands in no gesture, listening to my words he looked at me with narrowed eyes.

"I--I wanted to tell you about him but I was waiting for the right time. Please don't kick us out of the house" I said in my pleading voice while this time I looked in his eyes to show him I was talking the truth. I was going to tell him the truth but I was afraid of this kind of reaction from him so I kept delaying it. Listening to my voice he pinched his nose bridge for a few seconds while mumbling something under his breath. I just kept looking at him with pleading eyes.

"I give you two choices. First, go and leave him out. Second, get out with him," he said in his firm voice while looking straight into my eyes. His words made me gasp in horror.

"I can't leave him out, he's too small to survive on his own," I said in my disbelief voice.

How can he even give me such a choice?

"So it's decided you made it simple. Get out with him," he said with a clenched jaw harshly and it made me gasp again at his decision. How can he kick us out in the middle of the night? But If Mint can't stay here then I will get out with him. I don't know why I felt hurt as he said those words. I took a deep breath to compose myself.

"Ok I will take my things and leave your house thank you for letting us stay here," I said in my small voice while biting my lower lips as some warm tears were about to form at the corner of my eyes. I looked at Mint with hurt eyes.

Don't worry we will find a place to stay until then no one can separate us.

I passed my message to him with my little watery eyes and like a good boy, he moved near me like he understood what I was trying to convey to him. I moved and took Mint in my hands and turned to go to my room to pack my bags. I should have prepared myself for this day if not today he would have found Mint then he would have found him out some other day still he would have made me leave the house. He kept looking at my sad face. Passing beside him I was about to go back to my room when he took hold of my upper hand making me stop. I looked at him with confused eyes. Sadness was still glinting in my eyes. He looked at me with his cold eyes and then at Mint who was looking back at him with his puppy eyes.

"I'm going to regret it so much," he mumbled to himself as he closed his eyes for mere seconds like imagining things he is going to face. Opening his eyes he looked at me with something changed in his eyes. This time his eyes are not as mad as before or not even cold like ice. Like they were a few seconds ago. He clenched and uncleaned his jaw like deciding to say it or not. I just stood there looking at him with furrowed brows.

"You can stay here, don't let him come out of your room," he said in his not so angry voice, which didn't sound that mad anymore. I looked at him with wide shocked eyes. I didn't expect him to say those words to me. I let Mint go out of my hands in shock. "Stop looking at me like that before I change my mind," he said while letting go of my hand. I smiled listening to his words.

"Thank you so much for letting us stay. You are the best," I said while jumping and wrapping my hands around him in happiness. His body went stiff as my actions caught him off guard. Now he was the one who was looking at me with wide eyes. I smile looking at his face. For the last time, I said my thanks to him and took Mint back to my room. At night I slept with a relieved smile on my face as I didn't have to stay with fear of Erick discovering Mint and kicking us out.

The next day I made sure to make him a good breakfast with a thank you note but we had breakfast together before he left for work. I kept smiling at him but he didn't smile a bit. Before going he patted awkwardly on the Mints' head as Mint was roaming around him as if he was his new favorite person. From the look on Erick's face, I knew he didn't like an animal much but he made a small effort to like him and it warms my heart.

It's confirmed now he is just rude from outside. I didn't know what made him put this rude expression all the time on his face. It makes me curious to know what is making him keep his guard up all the time. What is the reason behind this nature of him? Mint was wiggling his tail beside Erick until he left for work. He didn't say a word about the thank you note though and just left like always without saying anything.

He even works on the weekend so he must have a tough job. Maybe that is the reason he is rude or mad all the time. For the rest of my day, I was sprawling all over the house as it was my holiday. I watched the movie and then in the evening took Mint for a walk and he was so happy. I knew he missed nature as he always kept looking out of the window whenever we were alone in a room. I enjoyed my weekend fully as they were grey eye monster-free.

But every good thing has to end as Monday comes soon. I made sure to reach my work on time. I didn't want to hear his taunt again for my late coming. I kept working hard like always following all the unwanted demands of him. All the time I worked I would find him looking at me with his calm but yet stormy grey eyes. It always passed a chill to my spine but I ignored him and kept working hard as I didn't want his words of me quitting to come true. I made sure to eat my food on time and stopped skipping it.

I don't know how three weeks have passed while I work hard. I should celebrate that I was able to last for three weeks. I will message Sophia so we can celebrate as I was getting off early today as all my work will be completed before the time. I smiled thinking about the time we will spend today watching movies and pizza while I was preparing the new pantry list when a thick book landed on my small desk. I looked up and my eyes met with expressionless grey eyes.

"I want you to get all the things before this day ends. They are special herbs and are only available in the old spice market" he said in his commanding voice making all plans of me getting off early run away.

"But" I was about to complain but he didn't let me.

"Do you have a problem with it?" he asked with a raised eyebrow, challenging me to oppose him. I curled my fingers around the pen I was holding. I don't want him to disparage me again.

"No Sir. I will get them as soon as possible," I said in my dry voice which made him look at me for the last time, and then he left. After I was done making the list I collected the book from the desk and took a left down to leave for the old spice market.

On my way, I saw his blue color, Maserati. The key mark was nowhere to be found as he must have already colored it after all he has so much money. It must have not even affected him a bit. I moved my head in denial as me keying to his car would have not even made him worried a bit. I got out of the building to get the herbs.

I took a taxi to the old market as now I have a company card with me. I asked his assistant about all the expenses I am going through because of collecting all the things and he handed me a card and told me to use it wisely as they checked it. He even told me to submit bills of money which I spend from my pocket. They will compensate it back to me.

As soon as I stepped into the market a strong fragrance of the spice entered my nose. It reeked of strong spice all around leading me to cough as it smells when in my nose more. Most of the time I searched for the herbs while covering my mouth and nose. Even after taking precautions, my state was not any better. After two hours I was able to collect all the herbs. I only breathed in relaxation when I was sitting in the taxi back to the restaurant. In the taxi's front mirror, I saw my reflection.

My nose was red due to sneezing and my cheeks were red because of coughing. I think he purposely sends me here to make me suffer. He could have ordered all the herbs he wanted but he made me visit this mark personally to collect all the herbs. I was still coughing and sneezing when I reached the restaurant. I went to the third-floor kitchen where most of the personal team chefs are present thinking he must be there too. I will hand him the herbs and eat some late lunch as I'm already late for it. I stood out of the main kitchen door and peered in to find him.

Strange he is not here at this time.

"Are you trying to find someone?" I heard a sudden cold voice and it made me flinch at my place and turned on my shoe heels to look at the person but my legs fumbled and I was about to fall on the floor but he wrapped his hands around my waist pulling me towards him not letting me fall. I had my eyes closed shut as my hands were clenched tightly to the bag of herbs which was now pressed in front of my chest. His strong hands were wrapped around me not letting me fall.

I opened my one eye to look at him and I found him looking at me with his expressionless grey eyes. His grey eyes roamed all over my face. They moved at a very slow pace from my now wide eyes to my red nose and then it moved to my red cheeks. They moved further down and they lingered on my lips which were pressed in a thin line. My heart started to beat fast as his calm grey eyes lingered on my lips. It made me feel weird inside. I felt the feeling I have never experienced before in my life as I started back in his eyes. We heard a throat clearing sound which made us break our eye contact. The throat-clearing sound made us look in the direction of the person. Chef Oliver was staring at the door looking at us with a faint smile on his lips. It made him take his hands away from my waist immediately.

"Ouch," I said as my butt met with the cold floor and the bag of herbs slid from my hand.

"Are you ok?" chef Oliver asked me as he heard my cry.

"Yes I'm fine," I said with a faint smile on my face even though my butt was in pain now.

"Come let me help you," he said while offering me his hand and I accepted him as I shot a glare at the grey eye monster.

If he wanted to make me fall from starting then why did he help me first?

"Thank you," I said the chef Oliver as he helped me. He didn't even say sorry for making me fall but he kept looking at me. I don't know why I'm even expecting an apology from him. I saw the bag was lying on the floor beside me. Still glaring at him I lifted the bag and handed him.

"Your herbs," I said in my angry voice as I showed the bag in his chest. He looked at my face with a raised eyebrow I didn't hold back to show him my anger. We kept looking at each other with glaring eyes.

"Sage, did you have your lunch?" chef Oliver asked as he sensed the tension in the air.

"No, I was about to," I said while turning my face and looking at him with a soft face.

"So you can join me as we all chefs were about to go for lunch," he said with a smile on his face. His offer made my face lit up but I looked at him as I knew he would assign me some other work so I won't be able to join them. "Don't worry we are going to have lunch in the canteen so it won't be a problem you can join us, right head chef?" chef Oliver asked and it made me look at him with eager eyes. He just nodded his head lightly after a few seconds making me smile.

"Let's go," I said in my excited voice as today I will be able to meet all the chef's team. I was still holding the bag so I gestured to him to take it. He moved his eyes from my smiling face to my hand and suddenly his eyes furrowed as he looked at my hand. He took the bag from my hand still looking at my hand. I didn't give much thought to it and started to follow the chef Oliver to the lift. He too followed us.

Finally, after three weeks, I'm going to meet the chef's team and if I continue to work hard one day I will be able to join their team before my term is over.

Still, with a big smile playing on my lips and this happy thought lingering in my mind, I entered the lift. They both walked in too but the grey-eyed monster was still looking at something. My eyes suddenly fell on the grey-eyed monster's eye direction. Why is he staring at my hands? I brushed off that thought as I didn't want to ruin my mood. We soon reached the floor on which the canteen was present. We walked together towards the canteen. Chef Oliver walked in front of us so he entered the canteen first. I looked at all the chefs sitting at the table with excited eyes. I was about to go in when my wrist was held in a tight grip and I was dragged away from the door to the corner where no one was present. I was pushed against the wall with him holding my collar in his tight grip as he stood in front of me with a hard face while blocking my path. I looked at him with wide eyes and his hands on my collar.

"What are you doing," I asked in my angry voice as his sudden change of behavior and tried to take his hands away from my collar. He looked at me with narrowed eyes and clenched jaws. I was about to protest against his behavior when he opened his mouth.

"You were the one who keyed my car," he said in his angry voice, making my eyes wide in horror while making my hands slide down from his collar gripping hands. Looking at my reaction his jaw became thick.

How the hell he knows. He was not even inside the car. I gulped hard listening to his accusation.

From his angry look, I knew I was in big trouble.
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