Flames of a Lie

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Chapter 12

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For his angry look, I knew I was in big trouble.

I lowered my eyes, not able to stand his accusing angry eyes. If I lie to him he will for sure catch me. One thing I'm very bad at is lying but disguising myself as a man is a much bigger lie than this lie. But how does he know I was the one who did it? There was no one in the car when I did the deeds.

Is he trying to test me to see if I accept my crime? Why is he even doubting me?

Because you are the one on his radar who will only think about taking revenge on him by keying his car. What should I do? Should I accept it?

I was in such a tight spot. I could feel his hard gaze on me. He was trying to calculate all my changing expressions as I had lowered my face. I was in a big dilemma when my inner voice came to my rescue.

No Sage you will make the biggest mistake by accepting it. Your life will become harder than it is already.

Sage, deny it. He has no proof.

Taking my inner voice advice I took a deep breath to calm myself. I lifted my eyelids and looked into his mad eyes. He was still holding my collar in both of his hands and pulling me slightly to him. There was not much distance in our face as he had slightly lifted me from the ground to meet his accusing eyes. I swallowed hard as I could feel his eyes were calculating my every expression. He will know the truth if I show him my fear. Act like you didn't do anything. Act like you are innocent.

"What! That expensive car was keyed!" I asked in my astonished voice and tried to act surprised at that piece of information. Listening to my surprised voice he looked at me with his calm, keened eyes.

"Don't act like you know nothing," he said in his calm but a spine-chilling voice. It sends a bad chill to my bone leading me to swallow hard but I didn't let it break my lie.

"I truly don't know anything about it," I said, trying to act innocent with furrowed eyes. I tried my best not to fumble while speaking. Listening to my words he mocked and smirked. Even looking at his smirk was passing a fear to my body. Like he knows everything and I'm throwing myself more deeply in the well of my lies that starlight leads to the door of a troubled world. He let go of my collar with the same smirk on his face. It made me look at him with furrowed eyes yet confused eyes.

Did he accept my lie or not?

It was hard to judge from his face. Before I could think more to take out the fatal conclusion. He took hold of my hand in his tight grip and lifted it in front of my eyes, making me look at it in more confusion.

"Then why are you wearing a bracelet as the person who keyed my car," he said in his same calm spine chilling voice making me look at him with wide eyes. His words made me look at my wrist where Sophia's lucky charm bracelet was resting on my wrist. I stared at it for a few seconds and then I moved my wide eyes back to his smirking face. So he was there in the car when I scraped it. But I certainly remember no one was inside. But how sure you are. The car's glass is tinted. My inner voice questioned me. I swallowed hard as I felt like a lamb caught in a lion's paw.

"Now do you remember something," he asked in his mocking tone, making a lump form in my throat. I'm doomed. Today is going to be my last day. I was just a few days away from completing my first month here and now my dream will remain my dream only. Knowing how materialistic he is he won't let me go out of his claws easily.

"Now I will ask you again, did you key my car," he asked in his dominating voice passing a quiver to my whole body. He wants me to accept my crime from my mouth. I was so close to convincing him. Only if he had not seemed my lucky charm he would have never known I was the one who did it. Wait a minute. He only saw a lucky charm on my wrist and not my face. So he is accusing me only of this evidence. Lifting my eyelids I looked at him as he was waiting for all ears for me to accept my crime.

"No," I said looking straight into his eyes. His jaw became thick as he heard my answers. From his face, I knew he was not expecting this answer. "Just because you saw this same type of lucky charm on the culprit's wrist doesn't make me one. It's such a common bracelet. Did you see my face" I asked him in my hard voice trying not to shutter and destroy my act of innocence. Listening to my words he looked at me with his cold grey eyes. From his look, I knew he just saw my wrist and not my face. Even if he knows I was the one who did it still there is no solid proof I was the one. Looking at his face my act became strong as he was not saying anything just staring at me with his calm grey eyes. They were looking as if they could see right through my fake facade.

"Just because I work for you doesn't give you rights to grab my collar to accuse me and that too without solid proof," I said in my confident voice while looking straight into his eyes while folding my hands on my chest. "Now if you are done with wrongly framing me. I would like to go, people are waiting," I said and turned to go away from him. I took a deep breath of relief as his grey eyes were not on my face anymore.

"You think you can get away from me then you are wrong," he said in his calm voice making me almost trip on invisible stone and fall straight on my face but with stiff legs, I kept moving and didn't let that happen. I behaved like I didn't hear it and kept walking with my head held up. I was able to save myself from his wrath by coming up with the idea at the last moment.

What if I had confessed my crime before that idea even crossed my mind?

Only the thought about it gave me a bad feeling. I walked straight with fast steps as I felt him following me. I entered the cafeteria which was for only employees of the Villins. It's my first time coming to this cafeteria in the three weeks I have worked here. One or second thing always led me to miss my lunchtime and so I had to grab a quick sandwich from street stalls or a few biscuits to suppress my hunger. I moved my eyes all over the place in awe. The interior of the cafeteria is the same as the restaurants. All neatly arranged seats and a counter further to get a coupon and besides it, there is a counter where you can take your meals. Food was even displayed and my stomach grumbled. Like every day, I had missed my lunch and had only a few biscuits two hours ago. I looked at the other employees eating food and my stomach rumbled loudly to feed it.

"Sage here" I heard my name being called. It made me look at the group of people seated at the large table. Chef Oliver was waving his hand towards me to get my attention. I nodded at him with a smile on my face and walked towards the table. There were three people including chef Oliver who were seated at the table. The remaining both were looking at me with little curious eyes.

"Hello everyone my name is Sage King and I'm the new intern" I introduced myself with a smile on my face.

"So you are the one whom the head chef chose to specialize as his intern," the man with blond hair asked me with the same curiosity. The other guy with brown hair who was sitting beside him was quiet and looking at my face. He didn't say anything and kept moving his eyes all over my small frame.

"Yes, he is the one. I was even shocked when he chose him because he always leaves those decisions to us" chef Oliver said with the same interest in his voice.

They are talking as if I have some special talent in me that made him select me. The real reason they don't know he chooses me is not because of my talent but to torture me. He wants to take his revenge for throwing the milkshake on him and he has been torturing me from the day I joined. Who holds such a long grudge on the person who threw just the milkshake. Did he forget he tried to kill me? I removed that thought from my head and I just smiled at them not wanting to tell the real reason behind it. I smiled to let them know that I don't even know the reason behind him selecting me. I felt a presence behind me and I immediately knew who was standing behind me.

"Head chef," the blond hair guy called his name, makes my body go a little stiff. Their conversation stopped about us in his presence. Even the guy with brown hair looked at him with an alert look. From their faces, I knew they respect him so much and it leads them to be disciplined like students are in their teacher's presence. From the corner of my eyes, I saw him nod at them as he took a seat beside chef Oliver.

"Sage, why are you still standing, come take a seat," the blond guy said to me and took a seat beside the brown hair guy.

"By the way I'm James and he is William," he said pointing to the guy beside me who was still looking at my face. He nodded his head slightly, making me smile faintly at him.

Weird, why is he looking at me like that? Do I have something on my face?

I touched my face to find if something was on my face but there was nothing. If something was on my face, chef Oliver or James would have told me. Strange then why is he looking at me.

"The only person missing from our team is Logan, don't worry you will meet him soon," he said in his cheerful voice. I smiled at him and didn't talk much as I was feeling the head chef's aka grey eye monster's gaze on me. I still did not dare to look at his face because I knew if I did that I would be over. We ordered our food as they started talking about all the kitchen work and it fascinated me, even more, to join it as soon as possible. From their talk, I came to know each chef specializes in one rare cuisine and all of them have their floor to monitor as a head chef has other restaurants to visit. So they handle his work in his absence. I want to feel the excitement of having the power to monitor the whole floor. I want to have that experience so badly. But sadly I can't even get out of being his bellboy for three straight weeks. I don't know when he will think in his eyes I have earned the place to even enter the kitchen.

At some point, our food was brought to our table by one of the waiters of the cafeteria. I said my thank you to the waiter and started eating my food. As I was eating I felt a grey-eyed monster looking at me most of the time. He was quiet only listening to the people talk and looking at me when I was answering their few questions. From his expressionless face, I didn't know what he was thinking but from his look, it was clear it was better for me not to know his thoughts. The guy sitting beside me was still looking at me and I don't know why but my question was answered as soon as I heard him mumbling something.

"I didn't know the head chef had started to hire females now. Interesting," he mumbled, making me choke on my food. I coughed a little and I drank the water to swallow the container in my mouth.

"Are you ok?" James asked me, passing me a tissue.

"Yes I'm fine," I said as I wiped the water on my lips as they went back to eating food. I turned my face and looked at Willian with wide eyes.

Was he able to see through my disguise? I need to confirm if what I heard was right.

"Sorry, what did you say?" I asked him in a low tone so no one could hear but my eyes were still wide and alert. I tried to act normal but my eyes showed my fear. Listening to my question he kept his spoon down and turned his face to look at me. His eyes again moved on my face but this time he took a hold of my chin in his fingers slightly making me look up while doing it.

"Almond-shaped eyes, small nose, full lips, soft skin without a trace of hair. What do you want me to think?" he asked in the same tone as mine. His words kicked the air out of my lungs. It just took him a few seconds for him to see right through my disguise. What if others too can see through it. I swallowed hard at the thought.

"You are kidding right," I asked as I didn't want to confirm his words.

"Nope," he said while looking straight into my eyes, making a lump form in my throat. Making my eyes almost fall out of my eye socket. He smirked looking at my change expression. My heart started beating even fast as the fear of him exposing me took over me as he denied it.

What will happen if he tells everyone my secrets?
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