Flames of a Lie

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Chapter 13

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What will happen if he tells everyone my secrets?

This thought caused bubbles of the anxious surge in my stomach which were ready to burst anytime. He was still holding my face and looking at me with his steady still eyes making his conclusion more and more right. I laughed nervously and took this hand away from my face, still laughing a little loud nervously. He too imitated my laughter, making me more nervous.

What is this man?

"You are funny," I said while punching him lightly on his shoulder.

"No I'm not," he said while again Imitating my action and punching me back lightly on my shoulder.

Does he want me to make a crying face after listening to his words?

Why is he not stopping it?

I was still laughing, nervously, or crying. I don't know what my exact emotions were coming out anymore. I was not sure about it anymore. We both were still looking at each other as we heard someone clearing the throat and it made me break my gaze from Williams's face.

"Tell us what's so funny," asked the deep voice making my body go stiff then more it was. I bit my lower lips in resentment and took a deep breath as I turned my face slowly to look at him. His still grey eyes were only fixed on me and it made it harder for me to be in the same room as him.

He wanted to know what we were talking about and I subconsciously looked at William and he was waiting for me to tell him what we were laughing about with a smirk on his face. If I don't tell him we were talking about me being a girl then it will be the confirmation for William that I'm hiding it. If he still has doubted me about being a girl my answer will turn into full proof for him. I swallowed hard as I was caught in such a bad circumstance. On one side there was a dry well and on another side, there was a big deep abyss and both of them were calling me with open arms. Now everyone was looking at me to know what we're laughing for.

"Oh, it's nothing. It's not that funny to be shared" I said while still laughing nervously. I tried to brush it off but I knew they wouldn't let it go that easily. Saying that I filled my mouth with food to stop myself from talking.

"Common Sage, tell them. You said it was funny a few seconds ago," said William while again bumping his shoulder to mine to encourage me.

How the hell he became the talker now. Why can't he keep his mouth shut?

His words made bulbs of nervousness rise in my stomach. My mouth was still full of food and they all were looking at me with curious eyes except one pair of eyes that were looking at me with a slaying glare as his eyes moved from me to William. I took a deep breath and swallowed little food while trying to make myself ready to answer them. I tried to buy time while chewing my food slowly. But at one point all of their gazes started to bore in me as I was taking so much time in swallowing my food. So I tried to explain them with my mouth still full of food. From their face, I knew they didn't understand a bit about what I was talking about. Good, I don't want to explain to them anyway. a grey-eyed monster looked at me with disgust as he saw me talking with a mouth full of food. Looking at my actions I knew they would brush it off.

"First swallow your food, they don't understand a bit," Willam said to me. I looked at him with glaring eyes and he smirked at me. I swallowed hard all the food in one go while still glaring at William.

"W--we were talking about" I shuttered not wanting to tell what we were talking about. All of them were looking at me with their eyes zero.

Why are they even interested in our talk?

"We were just talking about how it will be fun once Sage joins us in our team. It will be too much fun for us to work together. I'm personally waiting to work with him" Willam said in his little happy voice while circling his hand around my shoulder and pulling me towards him. I looked at him with wide eyes as he smoothly changed the topic. I tried to get out of this hold by shrugging my shoulders but he made his hold strong on me, not letting me out of his hold. With a pinched smile, I looked at everyone before my actions looked suspicious.

"Yeah it will be," said James with a genuine smile on his face as he continued eating his food, and chef Oliver nod yes in response in the same way. At least someone will be happy if I start working in the kitchen. I returned their smiles. But as I moved my face, my eyes met with grey eyes and a smile wiped out of my face. From his face, it was clear he didn't like the idea of me working in the kitchen.

"Y--yes we were talking about it. It will be so much f--fun for me to work with you guys than doing my current work" I said in my nervous voice while shuttering a bit.

"See," William said, like confirming our talk topic. Listening to my works, grey-eyed monsters' jaws become thick. Looking at his hard face even my nervous smile vanished away.

Oh God, what did I do now?

He wiped his mouth while looking straight into my eyes and stood up signaling me to follow him. I was not even finishing my food. I looked at my half-eaten food and then at him. I was still not full. If you don't follow him he will never let me eat lunch in my life. He will even take out the lunch system from my life.

"I have to go now. I will see you guys next time," I said with a small smile. They nodded in understanding only William smirked at me as if he was seeing something like a lunatic. I ignored him and started running behind him. As I was running behind him he suddenly turned after we were out of the cafeteria making me clash with his hard chest.

"Aww" I winced in pain while rubbing my forehead.

Is he wearing metal armor inside?

"So you are not happy with your current work," he said with a malicious look in his eyes. His words made me want to bang my head on an invisible brick. From his face, I knew he didn't like what I said. But I wanted to scream that I want to work in the kitchen but he would give me an attitude and I was already facing enough of it.

"Sir--" I tried to reason but before I could give him my reason he turned while making me look at his back.

"I'm not interested in your answer. I know what I should know," he said in his emotionless voice and started walking. Leaving me dumbfounded. If he didn't want to know my answer then why the hell he asked me a question in the first place. Moving my head in irritation, I continued to follow him.

He assigned me a lot of work when we reached his office. He made me run all day without leaving a single moment to rest. He was taking his revenge for me keying his car and I knew it from the smirk plastered on his face. I was so exhausted when I reached home. I slumped on the bed and directly opened my eyes when I heard my alarm ringing in the morning.

The grey eye monster even today didn't spare me. He made me work hard even after making me work so hard yesterday. Whenever I saw Willam I ran away in another direction and he laughed every time looking at my running away state. He has discovered my secret and soon everyone will know about it then what will I do. I imagined the worst scenario in front of my eyes. The grey eye monster was boiling me in a big pot after knowing my truth.

"Please let me go" I pleaded as he was adding salt and pepper to the boiling pot.

"I told you in the beginning, I hate liars and this is your punishment for lying to me now you will become the food of other monsters. Don't worry I will cook you well so they will chew your bones too" he said in his devilish voice and increased the fire making me sweat more.

"Oh God," I moved my head furiously to remove all the heart-wrenching thoughts from my brain as a cold chill ran to my whole body.

"I will never let that happen. I will do my best to keep out of the sight of William. That guy is a danger" I whispered under my breath as I started to feel colder.

Why does my body become so cold suddenly? When I moved my eyes, that's when I realized I was standing in the cold-pantry with my notepad. I rubbed both my hands around me and walked out of the pantry. My head bumped with a not-so-hard wall and that's when I met my eyes with danger again. He smirked looking at my shocked face.

From all the people on earth, why do I have to run into him?

"Hello there," he said with the same smirk on his face.

"H--hello and bye," I said in a hurry and was about to run when he took hold of my arm and pulled me back.

"Why so in a hurry don't you have a minute to speak with your friend," he said in a mocking tone as he caged me back. What a friend he is more like a danger to me. "What! Aren't we friends now?" he said in his amused voice looking at the big frown on my forehead. I nodded my head in yes and again tried to get out but he stood in front of me not letting me go out of his cage. The same smirk he flashes me was still there very much plastered to his face.

"You are running away from me as if I'm going to relive your biggest secret," he said while talking in code. Listening to his words my heart started beating fast.

"huh--" I said, not knowing what to say. He knows that's the only reason why I'm running away from him while he is asking me this question. He is putting me more in a tight spot. He was waiting for me to answer his question and I didn't know what to say. Sage, stop being a scary cat and handle it.

"Puff you are still so funny. I was not running away. It's just gr-- I mean the head chef has assigned me so much work that I truly don't have time to chit-chat with my colleagues or friends" I said, still smiling a little nervously while stressing more on word friends. I was trying not to let him see my nervousness. The moment I admit I'm trying to hide he will feel like he had the upper hand on me. He raised his brow listening to my answer and an amused smile was on his face listening to my words.

"Sage," he took my name, making me gulp hard and then he lifted his hand to move a small strand of hair away from my forehead. I tried to move my face away from his hand but he didn't let me. The way he called my name gave me a bad feeling. I knew whatever he was going to say next would make my life hard here. Is he going to blackmail me? He is indeed going to blackmail me. I braced myself to see how he was going to blackmail me.

"William" I heard a firm voice calling him before William could blackmail me. From the side, I saw a grey-eyed monster standing behind us not far away with a clenched jaw. Looking at me, his eyes hard the way we were standing looked so inappropriate. William was standing way too close to me than I liked. He smirked looking at my face and moved his body away from mine.

"Yea head chef," he said in his serious voice all the leisure expressions were gone from his face as he was now facing him.

"What are you doing here at this time?" the grey-eyed monster asked him with a strong tone.

"I stopped to say hello to my new friend as I did now. I will take my leave," he said in his serious voice. "See you around Sage," he said while looking at me with a playful touch to his tone while bumping his shoulder to mine. It made me lose my balance a little but I composed myself before I fell to say hello to the floor. I gave him a faint smile and a small nod. Looking at Williams's actions, grey eyes monster jaw clenched. With a smirk on his face, William walked away from us. Finding myself alone with a grey eye monster and malicious gaze made my heartbeat fear.

"I'll get back to work," I said in my nervous voice and was about to walk away from him but instead he came and stood in front of me while folding his hands around his chest. I had to raise my head to look at him. I was already intimidated by his actions as he was looking at me with his emotionless grey eyes with a clenched jaw. He moved his head to my level.

"You seem eager to work in the kitchen but let me make something clear for you. You have no way out of it. You will work as my bell boy as long as I want. I don't let my things go away from my hands this easily" he said looking straight into my eyes. Saying that he stood erect and with a last glance at my confused face, he let me alone there. My heart was beating as it would run out of my rib cage. I bit my lower lip as he said those words and kept looking at his retiring back. I don't know why but his words seemed like he was talking about something different.

Just what the hell he wanted to say this clearly to me.
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