Flames of a Lie

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Chapter 14

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Just what the hell he wanted to say this clearly to me.

God, why are all the people here making me go crazy? William and now this grey-eyed monster who is on a new level of making me go crazy.

Why is he so arrogant? Why can't he say clearly what his bloody problem is?

I just kept looking at his erect back. Even his back is arrogant. I kept shooting daggers at his bag. If I had superhuman powers I would have turned him into ash. Arrr why don't I have those powers? I would have used them to torture the man who cheated on us and sold our restaurant.

"If you are done daydreaming then follow me," said the hard voice making me lift my head and look at him with fire in my eyes. He had just slightly turned his head to look at me with steel-grey eyes. Looking into them made all my bravery puff off as those eyes were capable of scaring even Lucifer. I nodded my head slightly. He moved his head as if he was making note of something. I ignored it and followed him with small steps as I wanted to keep as much distance in between us. As he kept walking I kept my distance but once he turned his head again to look at me with his steel-grey eyes making me freeze in my place.

"Are we doing hare and tortoise racing? Move your small feet fast" he said in his emotionless voice as he got into the elevator gesturing to me to get in fast. I bit my lower lip in restatement and moved in fast. This time I made sure to keep my distance between us as his intimidating power was oozing off him. He again eyed the distance between us with his grey eyes making my body shiver. To avoid eye contact with him I kept looking in front as I felt his eyes on me. His gaze does something to me which I can't put my finger on. I was impatiently waiting for the elevator's door to open as he kept looking at me. I wrapped my arms around my chest and stood erect to show him I was completely calm and composed, not affected by his stares but my impatient tapping foot showed how I felt inside. As soon as I heard the ping of the elevator door getting open I stepped out not waiting for him. I just wanted to get away to breathe properly. I didn't want him to have any other ideas of how my female body was reacting to his every strange action because it looked so inappropriate as if I was disguised as a male. I was about to get out of his sight to breathe in the fresh air but his hard voice stopped me.

"In my office now" his hard voice bloomed on the floor making me stop on my path of running away. I bite my lower lip in resentment. Why don't I have long legs, or else I would have run away from him quickly even before he could stop me. Saying that he started walking towards his office and I followed him while still chewing on my lower lip.

What work he has with me now.

As I stepped into his office I saw him already sitting in his chair looking at some papers. I just walked in and stood in front of him waiting for him to speak but he just kept looking at those papers. Five minutes passed but he still didn't pay any attention to me. Still chewing on my lower lip I kept looking at him and patiently waiting for him to recognize my presence. He just kept ignoring me and piling up the stakes of files on his desk. When he was done piling up almost more than half a meter of files, he looked at me with his grey eyes.

"Arrange them properly date-wise, all these are important legal documents of our chains of restaurants and hotels," he said in his commanding voice, making me look at him with wide eyes.

"And I want it to be done today itself," he said in his same commanding voice looking straight into my eyes. Making my eyes wider if it was even possible. I moved my shocked wide eyes from his emotionless face to the stakes of the book. It will take so long to arrange them properly. I don't think I will be able to finish them in my working hours. I need to wait and keep doing it until late.

"Any problem" his hard voice boomed in the silent room making me flinch a little. I immediately moved my eyes towards him and moved my head in no. He raises his eyes and I remember he likes to hear audible answers to his questions.

"N---no sir," I said while shuttering a bit.

"Then what are you waiting for? Take your seat and start arranging it," he said while gesturing to me towards the empty chair in front of his desk. If it was even possible my eyeballs would have fallen from their eyes socket because of the shock his words have given me. He wants me to sit in front of him and arrange the files. I couldn't believe my ears until now he didn't like my presence for more than a minute and now what changed is that he made me sit in his office to arrange all the files. This question bugged me but soon but a rain of hard realization fell on me.

He may be now able to tolerate my presence but how will I be able to handle his intimidating gaze until I'm finished with my work?

This thought caused me to fumble my fingers with each other in more nervousness while biting on my lower lip harder. He raised his eyebrow in questions as he saw me still gazing at his face as if I had seen a ghost. I didn't waste time and took my seat on the chair clumsily which caused him to move his head in disapproval. I just gave him my apologetic forced smile and began to arrange the files. I tried to hide behind the stakes of files to get away from his grey eyes but I failed as I still could feel his gaze penetrating from the files and stabbing straight to my chest. I tried to ignore his presence and tried to imagine as if I was sitting in the garden to do my work. It somehow made me forget his presence and I got busy sorting everything by dates.

I got so engrossed in my work that I didn't even realize that the sun had already set. I looked at my watch to find it was past six-thirty and It was already dark outside the window as its winter days are short. I eyed the half-finished files. Still half of them were waiting to get arranged properly and I'm so tired from all the day's running errands. My body felt stiff from sitting in one position for so long. So I relaxed my shoulders and back while rolling them and sigh deeply subconsciously as I felt tension getting released from my body while averting my eye away from the window but my breath got stuck in my throat when I was shuffling a big yawn as my eyes met with a hard grey one. His eyes were fixed on me observing my every movement and it made me swallow hard. I immediately pressed my palm on my open mouth to hide my big yawning mouth. I forgot I was sitting in his office in front of him and sorting all the files.

"Sorry" I mumbled slowly as he was still looking at me and got back to work as I knew there was no way out of it without completing my work. I buried my head back again in files to complete it as soon as possible. I could feel his eyes still on me but I did my best to do my work.

Today I got paid and I was so happy when I saw a big amount in my account. I immediately transferred money to dad for paying off debt and only kept a few dollars with me to pay my rent and my eating and traveling expenses. I don't need much money for myself. When I told Sophia I got paid she was as excited as I was. She told me we should celebrate my first payday and we were going to meet after my shift is over but I'm stuck here with a grey eye monster in his office. I had already messaged her that I will be a little late and she told me she will wait but I don't know how much more time it will take. I'm hungry. I didn't even have my lunch properly. Just imagine the food my stomach rumbles loudly. I cursed under my breath. I looked at him and gave him an apologetic smile and was about to go back to work.

"You can go now," he said, making me look at him with a shocked expression. He has never told me before to go in the middle of work. I took it as my golden opportunity and stood up from my seat with the speed of a bolt.

"I will complete the remaining work first thing in the morning," I said in my hurried voice as I hurriedly arranged the files on his desk. He just kept eyeing my fast action with his emotionless eyes. I turned around without waiting for his reply and walked with fast steps. In no time I was in front of the door twisting the doorknob with a big smile on my face. I was feeling like a prisoner who had been released from jail.

"Stop" his hard voice bloomed when I was about to open the door. His hard voice made me stop dead in my path. I slowly turned to face him. I saw him still sitting in his seat. He shut his laptop still looking at me and then stood up while buttons up his blazer's buttons. He was taking his time as I stood there looking at him. When he was done he started walking in my direction with his steady big steps. The way he was moving in my direction made me move back. My back was touching the door now. He stood just a few inches away from me intimidating me with his gigantic height and cold demeanor. I had to raise my head to look at his face as he was looking at me with his intense eyes. I just waited for him to talk as he kept looking at me.

"What is your height," he asked me this question out of nowhere.

"Huh," I said as I didn't expect him to ask me this. He raised his eyebrows arrogantly as if stating to me he doesn't repeat his words.

"F--five-five," I said in my timid voice while shuttering a bit.

Why does he want to know about it?

"Tiny!" he said as if testing it on his mouth while looking at me. "I want you to come on time tomorrow and I don't want to see you slacking on your work and chit-chatting with William" he warned me in his hard voice but the first word he used to resemble me was making my heart beat fast. He had never called me anything else than his bellboy.

"Understood," he asked me in the same voice as he saw I didn't say anything back. I nodded my head slowly as his words settled in me. Now he gestured to me with head to leave and I didn't wait for a second more and ran away from his grey eyes. After some time Sophia picked me up and we went to the same restaurant as before. I told her everything.

"He called you tiny, how cute," she asked in her same enthusiastic voice.

"Yes, and it's not cute he is not my boyfriend or anything we are far from that. I'm offended as I'm so proud of my five-five frame and he called me tiny just because he is a freaking giant," I said in my exasperated but angry voice as I folded my hand around my chest.

"But one thing I don't understand is why he doesn't want you to see William," she asked while eating some fries. "I don't know what problem he has with it. All the chefs talk with each other but he doesn't want me to do it" I said while pulling my hair and resting both my elbows on the table.

"Don't take too much stress and just enjoy your payday and have some beer, you will feel good," she said, handing me her bottle. I looked at the gold-brown bottle. I'm not a great fan of alcohol but today I felt like drinking it. I let myself loose a bit and I did have some fun with us talking about all the funny things. I headed out first as we were done eating and Sophia was paying the bill. I was enjoying the cozy ambiance with cold air. That's when I saw a bulky man standing in front of me and he was looking straight towards me.

"You think you can hide this big secret from me, then you are wrong because I have discovered your truth and I have proof too," he said in his furious voice, making me look at him with shocked eyes and a wildly beating heart.

Now, who the hell is he?
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