Flames of a Lie

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Chapter 15

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Now, who the hell is he?

I just kept looking at him with my confused eyes as he kept looking back at me with his angry eyes. I was just trying to figure out if I knew him somewhere. I reached my memory and tried to find if his face was familiar but it was a blind spot as his face didn't match with the single faces of my memory. With narrowed eyes, he started walking in my direction with the same angry look on his face.

"You thought you could fool me" he repeated his words as he walked in my direction. My heart started playing fast as he was moving with heavy steps. He was not an average body type guy but a bulky one who could easily break me into two pieces. I gulped as the image of him breaking me into two pieces played in front of me and that too I saw it in slow motion.

Oh God, it looked painful.

I gulped hard and started bracing myself. If he wants to fight then I need to be ready. I fisted my fingers tightly, ready to fight even though I didn't know if I could even last to his single punch. Taking a few deep breaths my body became ready and now it was in fight mode. Who could have sent him? No one knows my secret except Sophia. Then who wants me to threaten like this. Only one name rang in my brain.


Oh God, how the hell I forget he was the snitch. Did he send him to threaten me? That evil man, why can't he let me live. Why the hell is he choosing this way to threaten me? I couldn't find the motive behind his actions but I won't let him win. If he thinks I will be scared like this then I will show him it's not easy to scare Sage King. Because Kings never get Scared they fight with all their might. With this new power in me, I pushed my body into fighting mode. I stood with my chest out and ready to pounce on him if he attacked me. From his face, I knew he wouldn't go back without a good fight. The look on his face made me curl my fingers in a tight fist almost digging my nails in my palm.

"Today I won't let you go without getting a proper answer from you," he said as he was only a few steps away from me.

"You will not get a word out of my mouth," I said in my heavy voice as he was almost near me. I lifted my hands in a boxing position ready to fight with this bodybuilder. But instead of stopping in front of me, he passed by me like air, not before giving me a side look as if I was some idiot. He looked at me like that probably because of what I said. He passed by me and went to talk with someone else who was standing behind me. Even though I was feeling like a big idiot I took a big deep breath of relief while slumping my shoulders as if a big burden from them was lifted. How stupid to think he was here for me. The good thing is he is not here for me. I didn't want to go home with a bruised body.

"What are you doing here," I heard the very familiar angry female voice and it made me look back with my slumping shoulders. That bulky man was standing in front of none other than my best friend Sophia. He was looking at her with the same expression on his face but somehow his rough face now had a soft look to it as they were on my best friend's face.

"Who told you I was here," Sophia asked him with a bitter look on her face as she folded her hands around her chest in a defensive manner. I could see his presence affected her. "I saw your Facebook update saying you were on a date and I wanted to see whom you choose over me but I see no one here. So you were lying to me that you are seeing someone else," he said in his hurt voice causing her to unfold her hands from her chest. Sophia looked at him with narrowed eyes but there was a glint of guilt in it. She was trying to show she doesn't care but she was failing at it. Even I could see it.

"Why would I lie? Of course, I'm seeing someone" Sophia scoffed as she folded her hands back around her chest to mock him.

"No, you are not. You are just lying to me" he said, not accepting what Sophia said.

"Why would I? You think I have a problem finding another boyfriend? " she again mocked him with a smirk on her face.

"No you don't," he said, accepting it without any doubts it caused Sophia to grin but she soon covered it. "You know it then why are you here" she taunted him.

"it's just I know you can't be over me," he said in his soft voice like he was stating a fact. Something changed in Sophia's eyes as he said and at that moment I knew he was right. It was the first time I ever saw this kind of expression on Sophia's face. I was just standing there with my shoulders still slumped and watching them and listening to their breakup quarrel.

"Y--you are in delusion. I'm over you and moved on and that's why I came on a date with another guy in the first place" she shuttered a bit but she composed herself and was back on denying whatever her heart and the man standing in front of him were saying. Please someone hand me a tub of popcorn and a comfortable chair. I'm watching a romantic drama like After ages. The only thing I just wanted was to sit back and enjoy the drama. I wanted to see how he will prove our stubborn heroine Sophia is wrong and conquer her again.

"But I don't see any guy here, did you come here with your invisible date," he asked in his amused voice as he looked side to side to find someone. I could see Sophia getting mad at his comments as he was coming back with all good blows on her face making her shut. The Sophia I know always had answers but now the scenario was different. This instant I knew they were made for each other.

"First I didn't want to make you feel bad but you are asking for it. You want to meet my boyfriend then let's go meet him. See him with your own eyes how better he is than you" she said in her hard tone as soon as she came back to her senses. It was like a climax and I anticipated knowing whom Sophia is going to bring as her boyfriend. And like the answer to my question Sophia looked at me with an evil smile on her face.

"Sage baby" she called out my name and came running to me and embraced me as if I was her long-lost lover. The man turned and looked at me with a malicious look in his eyes. Making me gulp hard. At that instant, I knew it was the wrong decision to be on this person's bad side. It tried to make her hands go away from me but her grip was too tight on me.

"Sophia, what are you doing? You know I'm a girl" I whisper to her while looking at him with a faint smile on my face. His eyes narrowed in slit as he saw Sophia's hands on me. "I don't want to be on his bad side. It looks like he will punch me any time soon," I said in my whispering tone, still trying to get her away from me but somehow she has turned into an octopus.

"I know you are a girl but he doesn't and stop being a pussy he won't do anything to you. Just play along for me please" she said in a whisper as she broke our hug with a big smile on her face.

"So this is the guy you choose over me. I could easily show him how the dirty floor looks" he mocked looking at me. Making me gulp hard involuntarily as I saw his large bulky frame standing in front of my short one.

"Stop being rude to him, at least he is more good-looking than you and sweet too. He doesn't stop me when I eat two tubs of ice cream like you do always" she said as she hugged me from the side. "I do it because you get sick the next day and I don't like seeing you sick," he said in his soft voice. I just stood there awkwardly hearing their quarrel.

"Whatever, I don't care anymore. Now leave me alone as you have seen my boyfriend. Come let's go baby" she said while looking at me with a sweet smile on her face. I saw how that man's jaw clench I wanted nothing else but to get hell out of here. But before we could leave he grabbed my arm in a tight grip.

"I won't let you take my girl without a proper fight," he said in his angry voice as he peeled me away from her.

"Stop it and I'm not your girl anymore," Sophia said in her mad voice.

"Did you not hear her, now let us go?" I said in my heavy intimidating voice finally opening my mouth to get away from this hell.

"Common be a man if you are one and fight with me," he said as he snapped his fingers to get ready to fight. I was so tempted to say I'm not the man but I have to fight with him for Sophia. I don't know why this idiot doesn't want to be with him but I have to support her here even if I get a black eye in return.

"Ok," I said and I saw how he smiled evil at me. Sophia was not letting my hand go. I looked at her with narrowed eyes as she was looking at me with sorry eyes. "Don't worry baby I will come back in a minute then I will take you to eat three ice cream tubs" I said in my same heavy voice. I saw how his jaw clenched as Sophia nodded to me with still sorry eyes.

Things we do for our best friend.

"Stop talking and let's fight," he said in his mad voice and came towards me. I immediately switched to fighting mode as he came towards me with his big fist. I dodged his few blows and he became more furious to hit me. I was good at fighting too but I was scared of his size and big biceps. He again missed me as I was fast on dodging his big fist he got more furious and that's what I was waiting for, taking it as my chance I punched him hard on his nose thrice making him knock out almost as he fell on the dirty floor while clenching his bleeding nose.

"I hope now you can see how dirty the floor looks" I mocked him as I dusted invisible dust from my clothes. My knuckles were paining like hell but I covered it under my smirk. Sophia came running to me with a pinched smile on her face as she had a concerned look in her eyes as saw her ex-boyfriend's nose bleeding. Her eyes were not ready to leave his face as he was gazing back at her. After fighting with him I knew his body was only a delusion from inside he was a softy.

"Now stay away from my girl," I said as I pulled her towards me with my hand around her waist. His eyes became hard but he didn't say anything. "Let's go, I'm going to buy you your favorite ice cream to celebrate my victory and you can eat as much as you want," I said with a tight smile on my face as we turned to leave.

"Please princes don't eat more than one ice cream you will fall sick," he said in his hurt voice. I saw how Sophia curled her fingers around my waist stopping herself from running back to him. I don't know what this girl was trying to prove herself. Now we were near the ice cream truck. Sophia was quite all the time lost in her thoughts. Love does this thing to people. I moved my head in denial and went to get ice cream for us.

"Take it," I said while handing her the ice cream cone to bring her back to the human realm while taking a seat beside her.

"Why did you break up with him," I asked her. She looked at me and was about to give me a reason but I stopped her in the middle.

"And don't tell me you don't like him because earlier your face said everything," I said in my calm voice while licking my ice cream.

"How should I tell you," she said as she stopped eating.

"Why is it so difficult to give me a reason," I asked as I savored the chocolate taste.

"No, it's difficult to explain when you know he is the one and it scares you to the dead knowing this is the person you spend your rest of life with," she said while looking in space as she was speaking her thoughts for the first time loudly subconsciously

"Oh my God so you are in love with him," I asked looking at her as she had a whipped expression on her face.

"I didn't say that" she denied immediately as she realized what she said. But I knew what was in her heart because even if she tried to hide it was still very clearly visible in her eyes. I grin looking at her face.

"Stop grinning and I want one more ice cream," she said with a burning face to hide her feelings from coming more on her face.

"You won't get one more memory of what your loverboy said. Princess, please eat one ice cream cone" I tried to mimic his voice. A genuine smile spread on her face as she nodded lightly. After that, she dropped me at home.

As I was laying in my bed with Mint snuggling with me I started to remember today's incidents. Sophia's words echoed in my head in repeat. As she was saying those things she looked like it was truly scaring her. Knowing you love someone and they are the one for you. Does this realization scare people? I thought people get happy knowing they have found their life partner but it seems it has a different effect on Sophia.


This word seems so strange to me. I have never experienced the form of love we feel with a partner and it makes me wonder if I will too run away like Sophia did or embrace it with open arms. Well, I don't see myself getting into this kind of situation anytime soon as I don't have time for it. First I have to help dad build our restaurant maybe after that but not now. I can't let myself be distracted.

I know I won't be able to get a man of my dreams by roaming in a man's disguise twenty-four seven for sure.
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