Flames of a Lie

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Chapter 16

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I know I won't be able to get a man of my dreams by roaming in a man's disguise twenty-four seven for sure.

That night her words still kept roaming in my head like a broken record. Even these thoughts felt so weird as I have never experienced them but on the other hand, it was making me curious to know how it would be to be in love with someone. Will, that person loves me the same as my family loves me or more.

What if he doesn't like my family then what will I do? Will I be able to stay away from my family if he restricts me?

All these unwanted and unanswered questions kept on roaming in my brain making me lose my precious sleep. I woke up late and I was rushing. I was still so sleepy. I tried my best to keep my eyes open. Half of the time I was roaming in the house with my closed eyes. Eric saw me bumping on the couch when he came back from a run. He gave me the look he always gives me. I think I have now grown immune to it so I just smiled at him and continued to get ready for work. After giving Mint his food I came out of my room in a hurry to leave for work but as I was about to go out someone caught my hand. It made me immediately open my sleepy eyes wide. I slowly turned my head to look back. Eric was standing with a mug in his hand. His deep blue eyes lingered on me as they moved all over my face at a really slow pace. It was somehow able to make breathing hard for me.

"D--do you need anything," I shuttered as soon as I opened my mouth. I wanted to slap myself for shuttering.

"Have this before going. If you continue walking with your eyes closed on the roads, the next thing you will bump into will be a car" he said in his stern voice. He could have said it nicely if he wanted to be nice to me. He had a weird way of showing his care. I just nodded at him with a smile on my lips and took the mug from him. His deep blue eyes still lingered on my face. He still had my wrist in his firm grip. My eyes fell on it as he still had not let it go from his grip even after I had taken the mug from his hand. As he saw my eye movements he let go of my hand instantly. With a last glance, he went back to his room. I blew the steaming mug of coffee and took a slip.

Today I was so late so I didn't bother to make breakfast or coffee. I drank coffee fast and in the process, I burned my tongue. I ignored it and I ran out of the apartment. Today there was extra traffic and it made me, even more, late for my work. Today the grey eye monster is going to kill me. He had already warned me last time if I get late next time he will punish me. As soon as I reach my station. I ran out of the subway and I continued until I reached the gates of my workplace. I stood for a second to catch my breath.

"You are late today," the security guard said as he saw his watch.

"I know," I said, still breathing heavily.

"Did he come?" I asked, looking at him. He understood whom I was talking to and I was hoping he would say no.

"Like always on time," he said with a sympathetic look on his face. I cursed at my bad luck and with the next deep breath, I ran inside. Today everything was extra slow. First, the subway felt like it was stuck on each stop it stopped, and now this elevator was taking too long to come down. And when it arrived it was feeling like it had become slower. I just wanted to bang my head as today's day felt like hell as soon as I opened my eyes.

"Sage, take a deep breath. You have been to hell for the past month today is just a little extra. Don't lose your calm and keep cool. Remember you need this job" I whispered under my breath to brace myself for whatever punishment he was going to give me. The door opened after what felt like ages.

As soon as it stopped I rode out of it without wasting any time. In the way, I was wishing he would not be in his office so I will take my daily task book and sneak away without him knowing. Still breathing heavily I opened the door and to my surprise, he was not there. I couldn't believe my luck.

Strange! At this time he is in his office.

Stop overthinking and grab that damn book and get the hell out of here.

My inner voice screamed.

Taking it as my opportunity I sneaked in on my toes while trying to not make any noise. I moved my eyes to look here and there to see if he was inside but he was not so I breathed in relief for a second as I was now sure that I was the only one in the office. I wiped away the sweat from my forehead with the back of my hand and moved my little unsteady hand to grab the book. My shaky hands were not helping me with and on the other hand, my heart was still beating wildly. It felt like I was doing a bank robbery. Well, it was not less than that. My hands only stopped shaking when I took a hold of the book. I pressed it to my chest where my heart was wildly beating inside my rib cage. Now I just need to get the hell out of here before he comes back.

Thank God at least I won't have to face him before he summons me and I know today his schedule is tied as he has to visit other restaurants too.

A smile spread on my lips as I knew he wouldn't be able to punish me today. I tried to get out of the office at the same speed I came in. But as soon as I turned my smile slip award from my face I saw a grey-eyed monster standing in front of me with both hands in his pocket and his hard grey eyes fixed on me. I gasped loudly as the book fell from my hand on the floor.

"Going somewhere, shorty," he asked in his stern voice, making me gulp hard. It felt like my plan of stealing the lion's favorite bone and then escaping from under his nose failed miserably as he caught me red-handed. I gulped hard again as I saw how his grey eyes lingered on the fallen book on the floor. He looked at me with still the same question in his eyes but I didn't say anything as suddenly I felt my voice get lost as I saw him walking towards me with his steady steps. I tried to move back to make more distance between us as he was cutting it very fast with his heavy steps. But I couldn't move back as my bottom hit his work desk. He stopped moving in my direction only when there was one hand distance between us.

"You were trying to escape with the book in my absence to get away from your punishment for coming late" he accused me in his dark voice. It made me move my head in denial as I didn't want to accept it even though that's exactly what I was trying to do before he caught me.

"Then," he asked me the reason as he lifted his one eyebrow in question. I still didn't say anything because I had still not come up with one. Gathering my little courage I opened my mouth to speak a lie to him but it again got stuck in my throat as he cut more distance between us.

"You do remember I hate liars right," he said even before hearing my made-up story. I swallowed hard as he said those words while standing so near me. His strong manly cologne lingered around my nose making me feel more intimate than a second before. He knew that's exactly what I was going to do but he wanted me to accept it. That's why he questioned me like this.

There is something in this man that makes you think twice before opening your mouth to telling him a lie. He somehow knows everything. What if he even knows that I'm a girl and that's why he always tells me he hates liars to make me confess to him about my disguise. Even this thought passes a bad chill to my whole body.

Stop thinking absurd things, Sage. It can't be true. If he even had the slightest idea of you being the woman he would have kicked you out till now. My inner voice said in her firm voice making me stop fear about unwanted things.

"Spek! you know I don't have the whole day to waste," he said in his commanding voice, making me flinch a bit. Even though his voice was low it still made a chill pass all over my body.

"I--I thought you must be b--busy sir as you have to visit all the restaurants today so I thought I would take the book and start my work," I said In my timid voice while stuttering.

God, why do I become a scary cat in front of him? God Sage man up he won't eat you up.

My inner voice screamed. Whatever she said, I was still a little bit afraid of this man. One glance of his emotionless grey eyes was enough to make you pull your hair in frustration and scream bloody Mary while running far away from him for your dear life. They were so very well capable of making you confused to the level of insanity. You can't even judge what is going on behind his stormy grey eyes. Listening to my answer, his facial expression didn't even change a bit.

"So you thought today I will be so busy that I won't even have time to teach some discipline to my bellboy," he asked in his hard voice as he looked straight into my eyes while making a lump form in my throat.

Well, that's what I thought.

I wanted to say it but I kept my mouth shut as I didn't want to dig my own grave deeper but I didn't even realize that I did dig my grave extra deeper as I unknowingly nodded my head in yes as soon as I heard his question. My actions made him look at me with raised eyebrows.

As soon as I realized what my actions were stating I immediately moved my head in denial. But the next thing I saw my eyes refuse to believe it. At that moment I saw his expression change for a split second. The corner of his lip curved in amusement but it was soon gone even before I could take a picture of it with my eyes so In the future I will have a memory pitcher of it. So in the future, if I think of this incident I won't think I was insane to see an amused smile on his face.

"Well, your answer is very clear. As you were so concerned about my busy schedule, it will be good that you accompany me through my visit to make my busy day easy" he said in his mocking tone, making me gasp loudly. And again I saw how amusement glimpsed in his grey eyes making me swallow hard. He was enjoying my misery. He liked to play with me and it was very clear in his eyes. You heartless grey eye monster. I wanted to scream no on top of my lungs but I could do anything as I was tongue-tied. How I wanted to get away from this grey eye monster and now I was stuck with him for the whole day. We heard a knock on the door and his assistant looked in.

"Sir we are ready to go," he said in his reserved voice. a grey eye monster nodes at him and then looked back at me. Without saying anything he starts walking. There was no choice left for me but to follow him. All-day we visited all his restaurants. He made me coordinate with heads and bring him reports.

God, why does he have so many restaurants?

The whole day I kept running to get all the reports and he, like a king, sat in his air-conditioned office doing all the easy work that was waiting. At the end of the day, I was so exhausted my stomach was screaming for food as I didn't have any. On the ride back to the main restaurant I didn't even realize when my eyes closed. His assistant woke me up when we reached as I was sitting beside the driver's seat. He had already got out of the car. Rubbing my eyes I got out to follow him in. I followed him with my sleepy eyes feeling fully exhausted. After getting out of the elevator I again followed him but he stopped suddenly on his path making me collide with his hardback.

"Ouch," I said while rubbing my forehead. That's when I opened my sleepy eyes to see we were in the dining area.

What are we doing here? I thought we got out on the top floor where his office is.

As I was busy looking at my surroundings he had already gone and took his seat at the vacant table which was at the corner and near the kitchen. So he wants to have dinner. I should head back to the top floor. Standing here is making my stomach grumble even more. My mouth watered as the delicious aroma of food entered my nose. I gulped it and turned back to get in the elevator with my head held low. That's when his commanding voice stopped me.

"Where are you going?" He asked in his demanding voice.

"Back to the office," I said in my tired, sleepy, and hungry voice.

"Did I tell you to?" he asked in the same voice. I didn't have any energy left in me to talk. So I just moved my head in no.

"Come here," he said in the same voice. Now he wants me to see him eating all the delicious food.

God, please have some mercy on me.

With slump shoulders, I walked near his tables. With his grey eyes, he gestured to me to take a seat in front of him. With a shocked face, I looked around me but I didn't find anyone besides me.

Did he ask me to sit in front of him?

Still, with a shocked face, I pointed my finger towards me to confirm and he nodded without any expressions on his face. In a few seconds, one of the waiters brought me plates of delicious-looking food, making me shocked again. Without saying anything he started eating.

Did he order food for me too?

My mouth watered more after taking the spoon. I started eating without saying much. The food was so tasty it melted into my mouth making me moan as my taste buds were blessed. I repeated the process until the last bit of my food. As I put the last bit in my mouth I looked up to find grey eyes looking at me with this unknown look in his eyes. It kicked air out of me. My body froze as the spoon hovered over my lips. I swallowed the food as he still kept looking at me. That's when I realized I was moaning all the time. I looked at his plate and it looked like he had eaten only a few bits. My stomach grumbled more as it was still not full, my face flushed red as he too heard it. I have quite a large appetite but I have been controlling it from the day I came here.

"You can have this too. I'm not hungry," he said, passing his plate to me.

Is he kidding me? How can't he be hungry if he didn't eat anything throughout the day? I didn't say no to food as I didn't say no to him as I didn't want him to waste the food. The important lesson taught by my parents. I was feeling his eyes on me but I didn't give any head to it as I concentrated on my food. At that time I felt someone coming near our table. From my peripheral vision, I felt two people standing.

"What happened to your face?" I heard a grey eye monster asking the person. Even though my day started a bit rough it ended a bit nicer. As I thought my end of the day couldn't get any better I heard a familiar voice.

"Nothing," he said. I immediately looked up and with the same speed ducked my head low.

"Sage, meet with Logan, he is one of us," Said, chief Oliver as I kept hiding my face.

"Hey," I said still with my face low.

"What's wrong," chef Oliver asked.

"Nothing, just my neck is in pain," I said, still keeping my head low.

"Wait a minute, I have heard this voice before. Look up," Logan said in his suspicious voice, making me raise my head slowly as I knew I won't be able to hide anymore.

"You," he said in his angry voice.

"Hello, nice to meet you again," I said with a forced smile on my face.

My days here are only getting better and better.

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