Flames of a Lie

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Chapter 17

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My days here are only getting better and better.

"You! What the hell are you doing here," he asked in his angry voice, making everyone's eyes move from him to me. I felt grey eyes boring holes in my face and it made me even more nervous.

"What are you doing here," I asked him in return as I didn't want to answer his question. We both stared at each other with a sharp look in our eyes. No one was backing down. The tension in the air was just increasing second by second.

"Guys didn't I introduce both of you just now," chef Oliver asked in a confused voice but we both didn't say a word and continued throwing daggers at each other. Looking at our demeanor he opened his mouth in defeat.

"Ok, then I will introduce both of you again. Logan this is Sage our new intern and Sage Logan is one of our chefs he was the intern before you filled his place" chef Oliver explained again with a small smile and a still confusion frown on his face as he tried to thin the tension in the air. I just nodded my head as I heard it the first time. I just don't know how to explain everything to them if they ask how we know each other. I don't want any problem here at my workplace but they just keep knocking on my door and from the look of grey eyes on me, I knew I was in trouble for sure.

"Looks like he always likes to fill my place," he said in a mocking tone, making the situation worse than it is. He smirked angrily at me. He has chosen this way to taunt me for taking his ex-girlfriend.

What a kid.

God, why can't he keep his mouth shut? Why is he increasing their curiosity? They will surely want to know what he is talking about. I glared at him for his comeback. I raised my eyebrow and looked at him with an attitude and the same tough look as yesterday.

"I think it's better because I fill those empty places better than you. I don't think I need to go into detail to explain it because you already heard about it," I scoffed with a smirk on the corner of my lips, making his smirk wipe out and set his jaw in anger. I remember how Sophia praised me in front of him and from his facial expression I could say he too clearly remembers it.

His angry eyes lingered on me and I could see murder written in them but I stood my ground because I know if I want to work here I can't let him dominate me. Even though I know he is softy from the inside, I still need to maintain my facade so he knows his limits. I can't trust him, after all, Romeo's are the more dangerous species to deal with. I maintained my demeanor making him back off. With the last death glare, he left accepting defeat in our argument he left as if I put a finger on his throbbing nerve. But I didn't miss the look he gave saying this is not over between us. War is still one. Chef Oliver gave me an awkward smile and quickly ran to follow Logan. Looking at his retiring stiff back I slumped my shoulders and breath in relief.

Thank god he went away for now.

My gratitude to God was not even over when I saw grey eyes looking at me in interest. Interesting to know what happened between us. I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing most of the time. His eyes were expressionless but today they were different and it was my cue to run away from here. I gulped the lump which had formed in the base of my throat.

Time to run Sage.

"As I'm done with food I will take my leave, sir. Thank you for dinner" I said with a forced smile on my face and stood up in a hurry to run away. I started walking away before he could say anything. I started walking faster when I heard his footsteps following me.

"Shorty, stop there" he commanded me but I didn't stop and continued walking as if I didn't hear him. My heart started to beat fast as I heard his footsteps coming near me. Reaching the elevator I pressed the elevator button many times as it was taking so long to reach the floor. I saw his reflection on the shiny closed metal door. He was almost cutting the distance between us. Instead of waiting for the elevator I took a turn and walked down the stairs until I reached the very last step.

I only took a breath of relief when I was out of his reach. I was panting when I reached down. I had no choice but to run away like that. I wanted to be a person whom no one remembers once I leave this job but things are getting complicated. After my ragged breathing became even, I remembered I ran down empty-handed. I forgot my bag up there. All my essential things are in it. My wallet, my keys, my cell phone, and even my fake ideas. In which my sex is male. I made them with the help of Sophia's friend. Without them, I can't go home.

"God, what do I do now?" I whispered to myself. I need to go back to the lion's den and fetch my things from where I just ran like an insane person not a few seconds ago. If I go up and get caught I won't be able to avoid his questions. With these thoughts, I kept pacing around while trying to get an idea of a getaway without getting caught. I don't know how much time passed like this.

"Sage, you are still here. I thought you left like twenty minutes ago," asked chef Oliver. His sudden voice made me flinch a little and turned to look in the direction of the voice. I flashed him a faint smile as my eyes moved from the person standing beside him. There he was standing with my new rival slash colleagues. I got a bit startled listening to his sudden voice.

"Oh---I--I--was about to leave just trying to get fresh air before heading out. You know today's day was so long and tiring," I said with a nervous smile on my face and moving my hand in all directions to make him understand. Should I ask him to fetch it for me? No, he will get more suspicious about my odd behavior and the top of that grey eye monster will get more suspicious about my behavior too. I discarded that idea as soon as it came.

"Why are you not feeling well or something," he asked in his concerned voice as he saw me moving my head while I thought of how to get my bag.

"No, I'm fine, only tired. You head out first" I said with the same nervous smile on my face as I didn't want to talk nervously anymore.

"Oh then see you tomorrow you should leave soon as everyone has already left," he said with a smile and continued to walk while Logan just kept glaring at me but I ignored him as something more big was bothering me at the time being. I nodded in yes and waved my hand to say bye. While passing by me Logan bumped my shoulder rudely. If I was not drowning in my worries I would have shown him but I let him go. I sigh deeply as I had no choice but to get it on my own.

Wait a minute if everyone is already left then he must be left too so I only need to wait for a bit then I go and fetch my back and run away with it. The thought put a great relief in my chest and a big smile on my face. I waited for five minutes and then went to the third floor when I was assured no one was in the building except me and the security guard. I leisurely walked in the lobby and to the adjoining office of grey eye monster where I kept my bag. As soon as I walked in I started to search my bag at its usual pace but it was nowhere to be found. I searched more but it was nowhere.

Where did it go?

Did it get legs of his own now?

"Where the hell is my bag when" I whipped under my breath in an alarm tone with both of my hands on my hips. I was now a little annoyed as I already searched every part of the office to get not a single clue of it.

"Are you searching for this shorty" was the calm yet dominating voice that spoke from behind me. Only listening to his voice goosebumps formed on my skin making all the color drained out of my face. I slowly turned around with a wildly breathing heart to find him standing at the door with a bag in his hand and a wicked smirk on his lips from his face I knew.

My night is going to be longer than I thought.
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