Flames of a Lie

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Chapter 18

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My night is going to be longer than I thought.

He was looking at me with that calm yet at the same time storming grey eyes. The way he was looking at me was enough to tell me that I was in trouble for running away from him like that. I nervously swallowed the big lump which was ready to choke me on my saliva. The strange silence was in the room making this situation even worse than it was. Stop overthinking Sage and get the damn bag and get out of here as soon as possible. I knew the moment I ran away like that I had already made him suspicious about everything. I bit my lower lip in agony only because of my stupidity. I'm now in a worse position. I started walking towards him with unsteady steps as his dark gaze of grey eyes was making me more nervous. I just prayed that I wouldn't trip and fall on my path because of his intense gaze.

Why won't he even look away?

He kept staring at me, daring me to break our gaze. It was becoming hard to stand in front of his grey eyes with each passing second. I stopped just a foot away as I didn't want to be near him. I have already faced this kind of situation with him and it never went well. Being near him always gave rise to funny feelings inside me and I didn't know what kind of emotion it was. It was enough to scare me. So every time I choose to stand at least feet away from him. He eyed the distance between us with his dark eyes and then his gaze settled on my eyes then was slowly moved to my mouth where I was biting my lower lip in anxiety.

He looked at me as If something didn't settle inside him. I was familiar with this look as he has been giving me this look lately. I gathered my courage and decided to break this silence. "Yes, it is what I was searching for. Thank you for finding it for me. I should now take my leave" I said in my nervous voice and tried to take it away from him but he didn't let it go. I looked at him with raised confused eyes. He kept looking at me with expressionless eyes but there was a hit of amusement on the corner of his lip. I huffed in annoyance while looking at him but my facial expression only made him more amused.

Why is he not letting it go?

His action gave rise to a competitor inside me. I looked at him with narrowed eyes. Not giving up I still kept pulling it and now I was tired from the tug of war but he still didn't let it go from his firm grip. I took one deep breath and still tried to get it and he suddenly let it go, making me fall back because of yanking the bag. A small yelp left my mouth as I closed my eyes making myself ready to meet my back with a hard floor but it never happened. Instead, a strong hand gripped the one side of the bag stopping me from falling.

Now I was in the air with the support of a bag one handle so I clenched on it as my life depended on it. Before I could stand erect on my own feet he pulled me. Instead of letting me go, he pushed me to the sidewall making me look at him with shocked eyes because of the sudden action. He moved his face further near me making the bag slip out of my fingers and fall with a thud. There was not much distance between our faces now. I gulped hard at our closeness. With my mouth a little ajar I kept looking at him with shock. My heart was already running wild and his intoxicating cologne was not doing any good with my brain. It was slowly making me feel intoxicated.

I have never been this close to any man and that to be disguised as a man.

"Why did you run away from me like that?" he asked, looking straight into my eyes. I felt his warm breath fanning my cheeks. Our closeness looked so inappropriate it made me break our gaze and look away. I took a deep breath to calm my palpitating heart.

"I didn't run away from you sir. It was past my working hours so I left" I said in my small voice still looking away. I closed and opened my eyes while taking a deep breath.

"How do you know Logan?" He asked the question from which I was trying to run away. It increased my anxiety as I didn't want to answer him. I didn't want to let him know about my business.

"The way you both were talking it looked like you guys know each other very well," he said in his calm but little spine-chilling voice.

"I don't know him," I said the truth while still looking away as I didn't want to give him any other ideas.

"So you know him," he said it like he was not asking me but stating the fact. I could hear a hint of angry mockery in his statement but I chose to keep quiet and ignore it.

"Look at me when I'm talking," he said in his calm but commanding voice, making breathing hard for me but I still didn't do it as he said. I don't want to because I was scared of what will happen if I do so. The situation I was in with him was already unacceptable and I didn't want anything else on my plate.

"If you are done asking your questions then let me go. I'm getting late sir," I said in my small voice while looking everywhere but him. I don't know why he was investigating me like that. It is none of his business if I know any employees. He was not behaving like his usual self. He was acting a little differently and was doing things to me. It was making me feel so wired.

Does he investigate all his male employees like this standing so close?

But my train of thoughts stopped as I heard his little loud voice in the silent room which made me flinch a little in my place.

"Fcking looks at me while I'm talking," he said while gripping my chin with his calloused fingers and making me look into his dark grey eyes. Something ticked inside me when his dark grey eyes connected with my light brown one. We kept staring at each other and I saw something crossed in his eyes. His jaw clenched and his eyes dilated as if he realized something and as soon as that thought crossed his mind he let me go immediately.

He moved far away from me letting me take a deep shaking breath which I was not able to take as his intoxicated scent lingered in the air I breathed. My chest heaved more for much-needed air. I still kept looking at him as I was caught in this moment where I was not able to take my eyes from him. I kept standing like a statue. His dark eyes moved all over my face and to my appearance. His jaw clenched even more and without saying a word he left. I slid down on the wall as my legs gave up, making me slump on the floor.

Just like that, he left me causing chaos in my naive heart.
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