Flames of a Lie

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Chapter 7

Here goes my first day.

I kept looking at the security guard in disbelief. I certainly remember he told me to report in front of his office at a sharp six-thirty. I looked at my wristwatch and It was showing six-thirty-five now.

I can't go back now, it will be only a waste of time. I should go and wait in front of his office as he asks for me. From today onwards I don't want any problems with him. Even if we had clashed in the past I don't want it to affect my future here and on top of that, he is my employer from today onwards. And disputes with him will only let into making my job hard. I can't let my ego ruin my main goal. I need to stay as low as possible. I don't want to get anyone's attention and especially not his. I took a deep breath and smiled at the guard.

"Can you open the gate?" I requested him in my polite voice. I should go and wait in front of his office before he comes and makes a fuss about it.

"Sorry I can't let you in without any proper identification. I have never seen you here before" he refused my request without thinking twice.

"But I was here yesterday and I even won the competition and now I'm a new intern joining Mr. Villin's team" I explained to him in the same voice.

"I work at night shift so I didn't see you. Even if you won the competition I can't let you in without any id related to Villin's employment. Mr. Xanthus especially ordered us yesterday not to let anyone inside without any id. You have to wait until the restaurant gets open then only I can let you in" he said in his firm voice making me look at him in disbelief.

So he orders him to not let anyone inside even after he told me to report him at sharp six-thirty at his office even after knowing I don't have any id related to the Villin's. That's when it clicked to me. He was purposely doing it to make things hard for me on my very first day. This realization made my temper rise. Sage breath in and out don't let your temper have control over you. I gave a tight smile to the guard.

"Can you check with him? I speak the truth, he asked me yesterday to report in front of his office at six-thirty. Why would I come so early if he didn't ask me to?" I asked in my polite voice. He must have to forget to inform him. I was trying to put this assumption in my mind even after I knew he purposely told him not to let me in.

"Just because you asked me I can't disturb him in the morning, it will cost me my job if you are a fraud. Sorry, I can't take the risk I have a family to feed" he denied my requisite in his firm voice making me breathe out in defeat. I can't force him, he is right, what if that grey eye monster decides to take my anger on him for disturbing his beautiful sleep. I can't put him in trouble. I know the struggle to feed a family.

"I understand it. I will wait," I said, giving him a small smile. He nodded at me and went back to his position. I went and stood near the wall at the end of the gate waiting patiently for him to open the gates. I looked at my watch. Still two and a half hours we're left for the restaurant to get open.

I decided to spend my time looking around the place so I get familiar with the area. New York was still a new place for me as I have not been anywhere except the Mall Sophia took me to. Holding my backpack on my shoulder I moved my legs to explore. This place was surrounded by so many tall buildings the Villin's itself was three stories five-star restaurant with different specialties on each floor. It was one of a kind. If I want to make Kings this big then I will need my vitality to hit me with a fortune. I need to work hard to make that day come true. I sighed and continued my exploration.

I found there were lots of cafeterias and office buildings here as it was a very busy area and center of attraction for tourists. A sweet aroma of coffee took me to a small cafe at the end of the alley. I opened the door of the cafe and the aroma of coffee became strong. A bell rang as I opened the door wide to go in. The cafe was small from the outside compared to other cafes but cozy inside. Listening to a bell woman in her late forties or her early fifties came to take my order with a big welcoming smile on her face.

"What can I get you---" she said leaving her sentence hanging as she looked all over my frame and then focused her eyes back on my face. "Sir," she said with the same smile on her face. I smiled back at her as she was looking at my face and trying to analyze something.

I cleared my throat as I stood in front of the counter and gave my order in my little heavy voice to sound manly. I have been practicing this pitch even after I tried to talk like a man it still had the feminine touch to it. She scribbled my orders and with the same smile playing on her lips as if she had discovered something big she went in to get my order. In a few minutes, she brought my order and handed me. I said thank you and paid for my coffee. I came out of the shop and looked at the coffee cup and something was scribbled with a black marker on the white cup near the cafe log.

"Coffee mocha for a pretty man" I read it and a smiling face was in the end. The scribbled words made me blush. Even though I try to look like a man by flattening my chest I still have a female feature on my face. I looked at the glass wall of the same cafe to examine myself. My high cheekbones and almond-shaped big eyes and my lips were making me not look like an adult male but a boy who had just started crossed his puberty.

Should I try a fake mustache or beard that looks more manly or else I can draw a small stubble on my chin like my bread is about to grow. I imagined myself in a beard and mustache and now I was looking like I was trying hard. So I discarded that plan. On TV, I have seen some men have smooth skin with no signs of bread on their faces, and girls go mad at them. Girls are crazy about k-pop stars and they do have little feminine features and they still manage to look so hot.

Maybe I'm overthinking.

I should stop getting affected if someone calls me pretty. Instead, I should accept it without hesitation as men can be pretty too. People would be less suspicious about me if I stopped acting weird and act as if nothing affected my tough mind. As I was still looking at my reflection while sipping on my coffee which by the way was quite good. I saw a reflection of a familiar car passing from the side of the coffee shop and heading towards the direction I came from. I immediately looked at my watch and it was showing seven-thirty. I need to be there before he reaches. Or else he will throw his tantrums at me even after it was his fault that he didn't inform the guard about my arrival.

I ran behind his car while holding coffee in one hand and another hand on my backpack which was resting on my shoulder. As I was running behind his car suddenly the speed of the car increased making my eyes wide in surprise as I was now running even faster than I needed to. I saw him looking at me from the side mirror. He purposely increased his car speed looking at me. I tried to run fast with my tiny legs as if I would cover the full distance in one step.

As if God decided to have some mercy on me his car stopped at the signal. Taking it as my opportunity I ran fast as the restaurant was just five minutes away from the signal. It was a walking sign on the signal and I ran fast before the signal could be turned red and he beat me in this man versus car race. The only thing I was praying for was that he didn't see me running behind his car but I knew he had seen me running behind his car. Before the signal turned red I was standing at the gate gasping for air hungrily to fill my lungs.

My face must be red from running as if a bull was behind me trying to take my life. I was still gasping for air when his car came in front of the gate. The security guard immediately stood up to open the gate for him to enter. Before I could call him to get his attention his car disappeared behind the gates and I tried to follow him but a guard stopped me.

"Didn't I tell you? You can't go in now" he said in his firm voice.

"Yes I do remember it but now he is here and I need to be in front of his office," I said in my pleading tone.

"No I can't let you in" he refused again making my temperature rise a bit but I controlled it because he was doing his job. I took a deep breath to control my fasting breath.

"Ok if you don't believe me, call him and ask as he is already here. If he did or didn't ask me to be in front of his office at six-thirty," I said in a firm voice making him look at me. He gave me a curt nod and took the wireless extension which was resting on his waist. It looked more like a walkie-talkie. He talked in a low tone, not letting me hear his conversation. He was talking the whole time while fixing his gaze on me as If any time I will run inside taking advantage of him being busy on the phone.

"He is calling you in," he said after a few seconds of his talk and opened the door for me to enter. I gave him the look I told you and walked inside not before mumbling a small thank you to him for opening the gate for me. My chest was still heaving with a deep breath as I felt a little suffocating under the tight grip of the band around my bust. As I entered the building the most important thing clicked to me. I forgot a very important thing to ask the guard.

Where the hell is his office.

I looked all over the empty dining area and there was no sign of him. I bit my lips in frustration and ran back to the guard. He looked at me with furrowed eyes as he saw me coming back to him.

"Can you tell me where his office is?" I asked a little breathlessly.

"It's on the third floor on the left side of the lift," he instructed me.

"Thank you," I said and ran back to the building while looking up at the third floor. I saw hard grey eyes looking at me. I almost tripped on my run as I found him looking at me from transparent glass. But somehow I stopped myself from falling on my face.

As the guard told there was no sign of human presence here. It was empty with me and him only in this whole building. I took the lift and went to the third floor and followed his instructions. I was now standing in front of his office door. Before knocking on the door I straightened my shirt and bag on my shoulder and threw my empty coffee glass in the dustbin. I moved my hands in my hair to strengthen the wild strands but then I remembered I no longer have long hair. They are now so short that my hair strands end as soon as I put my hands in them.

I sighed as I have sacrificed so many things for this job and I can't let it go this easily from my hand just because he is giving me a hard time. I puffed air out of my mouth making myself ready to face whatever comes to me. Biting my lower lip I knocked on the heavy wooden door. I waited for him to call me inside for a good five minutes.

"Come in," he said in his heavy voice sending chills to my spine. Just listening to his voice makes me want to run away from here.

I don't know what will happen when he will look at me with those grey intimidating eyes. I squirm even under Eric's intimidating gaze but this grey-eyed monster's gaze is a whole different story. I swallowed hard and opened the door slowly and walked in trying not to get intimate with his stare. It will only lead to me tripping and falling on my way in. I walked in with slow steps looking at his broad back. He was still looking out of the big window of his office. I just waited patiently for him to turn.

But as soon as he turned to look at me I wanted him to turn back and continue to look out of the window and tell me what he wanted me to do in that same position. His grey emotionless eyes were fixed on me now making my heart beat fast. He was wearing a black suit with his hands inside his pocket. His hair was perfectly gelled and combed. Like he was a GQ model who stepped just out of the magazine. His most strong feature was his grey eyes who looked at you like they were looking straight into your soul. It made my heart beat even fast. Shoot stop gaping at him like a pervert. He would take the wrong idea of you. Remember you are a man now his handsomeness shouldn't affect you.

God why I'm even admitting that he is handsome.

I immediately looked away as he was looking back at me. I saw how his grey eyes roamed on my face making me shift more into my place. Why is he not talking? Is he waiting for me to say something? What should I say to him? Yes, I should greet him good morning even though he has ruined my good morning. I looked back at him and I saw him smirking as he saw me feeling uncomfortable under his gaze.

"G..good morning Sir" I stammered while saying it. I didn't want it to come out of my mouth like this not even in my nightmare. I saw him smirking as he saw he was affecting me. He didn't say anything and started to walk in my way with steady steps. Each step he took in my direction made my heart beat even faster.

Sage get a hold of yourself don't let him get into you.

Taking my inner voice advice I made my posture erect and lifted my eyelids. I looked back at him like I was challenging him. I saw his smirk widening as he saw me putting on my brave face. I immediately wanted to run away from here as I could see evilness in his smirk with my naked eyes but I didn't let him know it affects me and stood rooted in my place. He came and stood in front of me and I could smell his perfume mixed with aftershave as he entered my personal space. I looked at him with little wide eyes and stepped back to make some distance between us as soon as he stepped into my personal space. His expression changed a bit making me hell confused and nervous at the same time.

It looked like he was checking something. Like he was checking how long I could hold my brave face and I failed in it with flying colors as I saw the corner of his lips curled in victory. At instead, I knew this man was so complicated to understand. He knew how to get into your mind without even talking actually. He was analyzing me from the moment I saw him looking at me from the window. He was doing it on the day of the competition too but I didn't pay attention to him. If I want to survive here I have to stay away as far as possible. He is the only danger sign I need to avoid if I don't want him to expose my disguise. My head beat even faster as he was reading my changing expressions. I looked down, feeling afraid of his perceiving gaze.

"What is your name," he asked in his dominating voice sending chills to my spine. I clenched my hands tightly into a fist as his voice was having different effects on me. No man ever made me feel so small in front of him by just his voice.

"Sage King," I said in my small voice, still not looking at him. I didn't want him to expose me this instant.

"Look at me and answer whenever I ask you a question," he said in a dominating voice sending another chill to my spine.

Sage, stop behaving like this. He doesn't know you are a female dress as a male so stop making him suspicious about you. Don't forget when you come here you are male so don't let his presence affect you in any way. I took a deep breath and lifted my head to look at him.

"Sage King," I said in my firm voice.

"Better," he said in his dominating voice looking at me. He took something from the table and threw it at me, getting me totally off guard. It was a small book and I caught it before it could slip from my hand.

"It has the address of places today you have to go to get my things," he said while making me look at him with furrowed eyes. Why do I need to go to collect his things shouldn't I be working with him in the kitchen as an intern? Soon my questions were answered as if he read that question in my eyes.

"If you thought I would let you enter my kitchen on the very first day then forget about it. I don't let unskilled newbies like you in. You have to earn that place until then you will be my bellboy" he said in his dominating voice with an evil smirk playing on his lip. My eyes went wide listening to his words.

"Your first task is to get my all clothes dry cleaned," he said in a mocking tone making me swallow hard.

"I'm sure you know where the best dry cleaner shop is," he said again in his sharp voice. I nodded even though I didn't know it. "Use your words while answering me," he said in the same tone.

"Yes I know," I said while looking at him. He turned and walked to his chair as he heard my answer.

"Now get me my black coffee and after that get to your work," he said in his dismissing tone as he opened his laptop and started working on it as if I was not present in that room anymore. I walked out of his office and again I forgot to ask him the most important question. I opened the door again and walked in.

"Sir where is the coffee machine," I asked but he didn't look up from his laptop.

"I didn't hire you to spoon feed you, find it on your own and bring me my black coffee in the next ten minutes," he said in his firm voice while gesturing his hands to make me get out of his office. I curled my fist in anger not liking his attitude.

"Wait a minute," he said, making me stop in my path. He looked up from his laptop. "I forgot to tell you about the most important thing," he said, making me look at him with furrowed eyes.

What an important thing he forgot to tell me.

"Not every intern of mine makes it to my kitchen," he said with an evil smirk on his face making this unwanted shiver run to my body as bad feelings spread into me.

What a great employer he is! Threatening his employee on his very first day and I know it's just the beginning of his torture.

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