Flames of a Lie

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Chapter 8

What a great employer he is!

Threatening his employee on his very first day and I know it's just the beginning of his torture. He just now said he won't let me go easily. I looked at him with hard eyes as I now have to be more prepared after what he said. It was clear in his words that he will clench all past mistakes I have made to make me suffer more. He just now rubbed the dry cleaning thing on my face and he will do it again.

If I had a laser beam in my eyes I would have this instant turned him into a vapor.

"Does my face show the GPS location of the coffee machine?" he asked in his firm voice, making me look at him with furrowed eyes. I slowly moved my head in denial, not getting why he asked like this because I was still trying to turn him into vapor.

"Then why are you still standing here get me my coffee," he said in his mad firm voice making me a little flinch at his tone. That's when I realized I was still standing with half the door open looking at him.

He is so rude.

"Jerk" I cursed under my breath while looking straight into his eyes and was about to turn to get out of his office.

If my hands were not under the rock I would have shown him the map.

"You have something to say to me," he asked in a mad voice as a chill ran to my spine.

Did he hear what I said?

From his facial expression, it was clear that he did. It made me swallow hard as his angry grey eyes were fixed on me. I was still looking at him with half a body hiding behind the door. How the hell did he hear it? I just whispered it under my breath. I took a shaky breath and his hard eyes moved all over my face. All the courage to fight back with him puffed out of me in just a matter of seconds. He was waiting for my answer with a clenched jaw so I opened my mouth to save my life from being more miserable.

"N--no sir," I said in my timed shuttering voice.

"Then get out of my face before I fire you," he said in his warning tone, making me move my tiny legs and hand fast. I closed the door of his office and took a breath of relief as I was out of his sight. He was about to make my nightmare of getting fired on the first day come true.

"Stupid Sage learn to hold your mouth," I said as I slapped lightly on my mouth to punish it. I should control what I say even when I whisper he heard me because he has dog ears. Get moving Sage and get a grey eye monster coffee before he fires you. With this thought, I looked in front of me. There was still no sign of a single human here.

Who should I ask now?

I have to find it on my own. All the floor in this building has a kitchen so should I go down to make coffee for him but he had said I can't enter the kitchen until I earn it. So there must be a coffee machine on this floor too. I need to find it. There were so many rooms here as it was a staff floor. In which room would the Coffee machine be? I have to open all the doors and check for it. This thought of opening all rooms is making me exhausted even before doing it. I moved my legs fast, almost running before he came out of his office to fire me.

The first door I opened was another office. The second was too. Then I opened all the doors to find it and now I was standing in front of the tenth door and I was now panting from running to save a few minutes from my ten minutes. I took a deep breath and took hold of the doorknob wishing it was the room I'm finding. Still wishing I opened the tenth door and my prayers came true as it looked like a mini kitchen. It had an oven, a small stove, and a coffee maker. A small victory smile formed on my lips and I immediately went in to make a coffee. I brewed till it had the perfect flavor and then carried it to him. I knocked on his door twice.

"Come in," he said after a few minutes. I slowly opened the door while pushing it with my shoulder so the coffee mug won't spill on the tray. He was still busy with some papers as I walked more in it.

"Sir coffee," I said as I kept the mug on his desk and turned to get out of the office so I could do my remaining work.

"Did I ask you to leave the room?" came his firm voice which made me stop in my path and take my step back. The command in his voice made a shiver run to my spine.

As I told you before, never any man has ever made me feel small just by his voice.

I slowly turned to look at him as he was still looking at some papers. He was still reading them. I waited patiently for him to keep them aside but he took his time to flip and read the papers. I waited and waited patiently as he extended his hand to get the mug. Thank god he will drink it and let me go to do my remaining work. He just clasped the mug and then lifted his eyelids to look at me with his expressionless grey eyes.

"It's cold. Make it again," he said while looking straight into my eyes with an evil smirk playing on the corner of my lips.

What the! It was hot a few minutes ago.

He should have drunk it then.

I wanted to tell him this but I knew arguing with him would only put me in tight sport.

"I will make it again," I said in my dry voice and took the mug to make another one. This time I was back with hot coffee a few minutes early as this time I knew where the coffee maker was.

"Sir your coffee," I said, keeping the steaming mug in front of him. He looked at me and I flashed him my tight lip smile even though inside I was hell nervous as his grey eyes were looking at me with the look in them. He kept the papers aside and took the mug this time. Thank God this time he didn't wait until it got cold. I waited for him to dismiss me but instead of taking sips he just smelled it like a chef he is while looking at me.

"It's not strong enough. Go make this time strong one," he said while now moving the mug away from his nose. I gaped at him with wide irritated eyes. He smirked looking at my face making me curl my fingers around the tray I was holding. Sage be calm breath in breath out. I repeated it in my mind and took the mug back to the kitchen. I spilled the contents in the sink.

"It's not strong enough. Go make this time a strong one my foot" I mimicked his voice in irritation.

"That jerk is purposely doing it to irritate me so I should quit today itself. Now I know why not every intern doesn't make it to his kitchen. He thinks by playing this stupid game he can make me quit then he doesn't know with whom he is dealing with" I mumbled in anger as I was making coffee for the third time.

"He wants strong then I will make this a strong coffee so he won't be able to sleep for straight three days," I whispered while putting three times more coffee than needed. I smirked evilly as I stirred it. After I was done I took it to his office. I again opened the door in the same way.

"Sir your coffee it's hot and strong too," I said in my firm voice with a tight smile plastered to my face while keeping the coffee in front of him. He looked at me and at the mug then back at my tight smile. I was waiting for him to drink it and go into insomnia for three days straight. He moved his hand to take a mug as I eagerly looked at his hand movement. But instead of taking the mug, he took the documents lying beside it.

"Now I don't feel like drinking it, you can take it back and get to work," he said in his dominating voice while looking at the documents in his hands. I gasped at his words. He just made me make coffee for him three freaking times and now he doesn't want to drink it anymore.

Is he kidding me?

I was still standing and looking at him not believing his words when he looked at me with one eyebrow raised in question. His grey eyes were telling me to get out of his office if I didn't want to make coffee for him for the whole day. I took the mug with a tight grip on it and got out of his office before I threw it on him. I walked back to the kitchen with angry steps again. I spilled the coffee in the sink and opened the tap. I kept looking as coffee kept draining out mixing with water. I massage my head as I had already started to feel pain in my head and not even one-third of the day has passed.

If he keeps making me run through and fro like this then after six months I will completely vanish away from this world.

The only thing I could do now to distract me was to do things he has assigned me. I took the notebook I kept in my back pocket. It had the address of the place where I should collect all his clothes and get them dry cleaned. I moved my eyes more down the list to see what else I have to do after that. I had to collect so many things for the restaurant and some of his parcels too. I exhaled deeply as a busy day was waiting for me.

"Common Mr. Sage, let's get to the work," I said, giving myself some verbal strength. I wanted to ask him how I should go to all places but I knew he would tell me to find it on my own so it was not worth it. I use my GPS on my mobile to find all the places on my map. This area was still so new to me and I didn't want to get lost on my first day of work.

The first address was of some apartment building and it was fifteen to twenty minutes away from the restaurant so I decided to walk as I didn't have money to waste on the cab. I walked on the following instructions. I kept looking at all the skyscrapers with wide eyes as a kid looked at the candy. I came and stood in front of a tall skyscraper. I thought it was a small building but it's a freaking skyscraper.

"I have to go inside to get his clothes" I grumbled under my breath looking at the shining building. I have seen this kind of building only in moves and now I was about to go in one. I walked while swallowing hard looking at all the shiny interior inside. I gave the reception a small smile. She smiles back as she moves her eyes all over my face with glint eyes.

"Hey I'm here to get clothes for Mr. Villin," I said with the same smile on my face.

"Hey, you must be Sage King, his assistant informed me about your arrival," she said with a smile and little blush on her face. He has assisted and he has still made me his bell boy. Because his assistants have more important things to deal with than you. My inner voice mocked I wanted to roll my eyes at her. She instructed me to go to the rooftop penthouse. And just listening to the word my eyes widened in amazement. I always wanted to see how a rooftop penthouse looks like.

"Thank you," I said with a smile on my face and was about to turn when he stopped me making me look at her.

"Can I get your number?" she asked with a little blush spilling on her cheeks.

"Yeah why not sure," I said and gave her my number. It will be convenient for me to have her number. She was blushing way too much to ask me for my number.

Only when I was in the lift as I looked at my reflection in shiny steel I understood why she was blushing. She was asking me for my number to hang out sometime because I look like a man and here I was thinking of something else. I facepalmed myself at my stupidity. Why I forget now I'm a man and her gaze was different towards me. I would have never given her my number if this thing would have clicked in my mind before. But all in this mess it was clear that I looked like a man even with my feminine features and it boosted little confidence in me. The lift pinged letting me know I had arrived at the top floor. I thanked God as the close speedy moment of the lift was giving me a bit of a rush in my head.

I stepped out of it with my head still spinning but as soon as I looked in front of me my jaw dropped down. The house in front of me was so beautiful with all the gardens beside it. My God, I have never seen anything like this before. It was a duplex rooftop penthouse. This whole place screamed money. I walked while looking at the garden having different flowers. I still can't believe the grey eyes monster lives in such a beautiful place. I rang the bell as I was now in front of the door. A maid in uniform invited me in. As she went to get clothes I took that time to admire the house with an open mouth and eyes.

It's so beautiful.

Were the only words that came out of my mouth as I moved my eyes. The maid came in a few seconds and handed me clothes. Soon I was out of the building searching for a good dry-cleaning shop. There were so many shops and I couldn't decide which one was the good one. So an idea popped into my head. I called Sophia.

"Hello" she picked her cell phone at the first ring.

"Do you know where the best dry cleaning shop is?" I asked while balancing a stack of clothes on my shoulder.

"Yeah, but why do you need a dry cleaning shop? Did you mess up your chef clothes in the kitchen" she asked in her alarmed voice. What should tell her I haven't even got a chance to step into the kitchen and forget about staining my chef uniform. I have not even seen it.

"No no, I will tell you everything later. I'm in a little hurry. Can you message me the address?" I asked as I had so many things remaining to do.

"Ok love you don't forget to eat your lunch," she said in her firm voice.

"Yes mom and I love you too," I said and kept the phone. Soon I got the address and this time I had to take a bus to reach that place as it was a little far away.

As I was done with my first task of the book I went back to the restaurant. Now I had to go and check the pantry and prepare a list of all the required things. He had put me in charge of it. On my way, I got his parcel. When I went back to his office he was not there so I left the parcel on his desk. On my way to the pantry, I saw him working in the kitchen with all the chefs.

When will I be able to work with them?

And that instant as if he read my mind he looked at me with his expressionless grey eyes and it made me run towards the pantry.

He is so scary.

My rest of the day went like this running here and there. Because of this running here and there and now my legs were paining so badly. I didn't even have my lunch as I was so busy collecting things all day. He only allowed me to go home when he was done with his work. And now I was exhausted. My eyes were closing as I was standing in the subway. When I reached home I slumped on my bed fully exhausted.

Mint came and snuggled with me. I know he must be hungry so got up from the bed. I put his food and water and he started eating it. I was exhausted and I didn't even have a bit of energy left in me to make my food. As I lay back on the bed my eyes started to close as I was about to drift to sleep my cell phone started ringing. I saw the caller id with half-open eyes. Mom was calling me.

"Hello mom," I said still with closed eyes.

"How was your first day Sage," mom asked in her excited voice. As she asked me that all the events from the starting of my day to the end of the day started to play in front of my eyes.

"It was good," I said, trying to match her excitement level. I didn't want her to think I didn't like my first day.

"I know it will be good after all, it's your first day. How is your boss? Is he good too?" mom asked in the same voice. I wanted to laugh sarcastically.

Good, he is very good at making people's lives hard. The grey eye monster. I just hate him. Because of him, my whole body is aching.

"Sage why are you not talking," she asked in her worried voice.

"Mom everything is fine and he is good too. It's just I'm a little tired," I said massaging my head.

"You should rest, I will keep the .phonee now, don't forget to eat your dinner," she said in her warning tone as I said final bye.

This was only the first day and I'm completely wasted today. I don't know how hard my next six months he is going to make. The only advice I will give myself after today is.

Sage King be prepared for the worst.

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