Why Would U Want Me?

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"I'm confused, I already told you I hate you! Why do you keep bothering me?" He pushes up against me bringing his face close, very close. Centimeters from mine, so I could smell his minty breath. Looking into my light brown eyes he says, "Because I always get what I want Love. Venessa Goodwin is exactly like her name, good. Always working and studying. She has her whole life already planned out. As a fifteen year old senior, she has accomplished many great achievements. But, what happens when a baby is brought into the picture and she finds out hidden secrets about the mafia. With a possessive boy following her, what's a not so ordinary fifteen year old girl to do? Find out in "Why Would U Want Me?"

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

I hear my mother call me. ” Venessa, get up right now, you’re gonna be late for the 1st day of highschool!

I slowly roll over to check the time on my iPhone 12 pro max. (A little gift from my parents for my 15th birthday.) Then bolted up. “Oh, shitz! It’s already 8:45, school starts at 9:00!” I threw off the covers, not even bothering to to fix my sheets, and rushed to my bathroom. Thank goodness I took a shower the night before, because now I barely had time to brush my teeth. My hair was done in a half up half down style and I had a fresh new set of nails. A nude-peach ombre color, with crystals. Once I hurried and brushed my teeth, I quickly grabbed my mouthwash and gargled it, but instead of spitting it out like I would do normally, I swallowed it. I gagged a little, but there was no way I’m gonna have smelly breath on the first day of school. Especially when I didn’t get to brush my teeth as well as I wanted. Then, I scurried to my walk-in closet grabbed my outfit, an all black nike sweatsuit and my black nike crossbody bag, (which I had already pre-packed the night before.) I then threw on my clothes and left my room. “Oh wait, my phone!” I hurried back into my room and grabbed my phone off the bed.

“Finally, you’re down here. What took you so long, I thought you set your alarms?“, my older sister asked slightly irritated. “I did set them, but I guess I slept through them.” “All five,” she smirked. “Oh, and Venessa where is your lunch and book bag?“”Shitzle, how did I forget those!” I was on my way up the stairs, until my sister blurted, “I already got them, they’re by the table.” “Oh, thanks,” I said sheepishly. I grabbed my lunch and book bag and hurried out the house. “Hey wait, mom said I’m driving you today.” I turned around to see my sister standing in the doorway dangling her car keys. An all black Jeep Grand Cherokee. I didn’t have time to argue, so I just did what she wanted, which was to get in her car. I open the car door and slide into the passenger seat. Her car was nice, very spacious with purple car accessories. A furry purple wheel cover, dice hanging on the mirror, and purple seat covers. “I still can’t believe that your “boyfriend” actually bought you this car,” I said to my sister as she sped down the road, I was already five minutes late. “I told you this already, he owns several well known bars and clubs in Atlanta.” “Are you sure he’s not a drug dealer? He has yet to be seen by the family. All I’m saying, is that I don’t want you to be apart of any shady business.” She doesn’t respond to me, just rolls her eyes, and turns on the radio blasting “Blinding Lights” by The Weekend. I check the time on my phone, eight minutes late. I sigh, so much for a great first day of school I thought.

Finally, I arrive at the school. It looked a lot larger then I remembered from orientation. Three big gray buildings, with multiple large windows, and beautiful exterior design. The lawn nicely cut, going vertically, a tile walkway, with a fountain in the center, and white Dogwood trees were everywhere. “Dang, this school must have some money it looks so luxurious!” I say aloud “Would you hurry, you don’t have time to enjoy the scenery!“, my sister called out. “What are you doing,” I asked as she hopped out the car. “I’m going to walk you in, so I know for sure you made it to school.” “No, you don’t have too.” She insisted anyway.

We quickly entered the building, head to the front office, and check in. The ladies in the office were quite nice. One very petite with reddish curls and brown orbs for eyes. The other lanky with blonde hair and green eyes. She was just as nice, despite my unruly behavior of rushing down the hall, and slamming open the door. “First day, “she asked. I nodded “No worries hun, I’ll show you to your first class.” I waved to my sister the way princesses do. “Bye peasant,” I sneered. She replied by saying,” picking you up after school, be on time Vanessa.” “I’m always on time,” then I wink. She rolls her dark brown eyes and gives me a hug, then whispers, “Have a great day, I love you! Oh, and no boys.” She didn’t have to tell me about twice about staying away from boys. I was never too fond of them anyway.


So, hope you enjoyed the first chapter. Also I know this chapter is kinda short but there will be longer chapters. I never wrote a real story before so hopefully I get better as I continue to write the rest. lmao, peace!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. BlackLivesMatter


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