Silent Whispers Sing to Me

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When a girl named Lena finds herself infertile. They assigned her to watch a group of four alien prisoners. She is told to make sure they farm a rare galaxy fruit. However, making the so-called rebels obey turns out to be a harder task than she thought it would be. Will she end up falling in love or will their friendship fall apart? Please, Like and tell me what you think in the comments. If you do it will make my day 😊!

Romance / Humor
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Cold. The only feeling I knew. I had grown to like it. The warmth never lasts long enough here on planet Hana. The warmth always seemed like it was around me like a boiling acid rain during May. I realize I'm fortunate to live on Hana.

They took many Humans as slaves when the world ended. Hana isn't much different, but at least the government made a law against killing innocents. Now your slaveowners couldn't suffocate you in an air duct without a warrant or a letter from a government official. However, the law didn't stop everybody.

There was discrimination against humans. Many aliens believe we deserve destruction for all the years we poisoned planet earth. I had always heard that the waters on earth were blue, however in all the pictures I've seen, earth's waters are black. I used to be disappointed that I didn't get to see them. That was back when I was younger, before I reached the age of ripening.

The age of beauty the Siphons call it. Because most women who are Siphons cannot reproduce, the Siphons use humans as surrogate mothers. When a woman starts her first bleeding, she has reached the age of ripening. Most of the time they are sold to the highest bidder. Human women bear the Siphons' children and in return they may live in the household of their buyer as a slave. It's tough on humans though when they can't reproduce, or are male. Most die before they reach twenty years old and are deemed useless. I'm Lena, and unfortunately for me, I'm one of the few humans deemed useless by the government. I knew this was going to happen when I didn't bleed like most girls my age. However, I never would have thought it would send me to the slave camps on the edge of Hana to farm galaxy fruit.

Hana is the only known planet to grow galaxy fruit, making it extremely hard to grow, and Hana extremely wealthy. However, the Galaxy Fruit farms are the most disgusting places to be on Hana. I knew as soon as I first arived at this horrible place. I would be put in a group of four, and thrown into the work on a small patch of land. I just regret being put in a group of four disgusting prisoner aliens. We must survive out in the woods by ourselves because there are only small patches of Starfall soil on Hana. I'm supposed to be supervising these dumb criminals. As soon as my fertility test came back negative, I was told I was being moved to the country to be a human supervisor. I begged Kelvyn, the head guard to spare me, but he laughed and shoved me out of the ship. Now I'm in the middle of the wilderness with a bunch of pigs playing some weird game they called poker. "Do you want to be in?" The loudmouth one said as he took a swig of what I was hoping was water.

"No thanks. I would rather be farming like we're supposed to be doing. And you are going to help." I said taking the drink out of his hand and dumping it into the bluegrass.

"Listen here, woman. No pretty little human is just going to come up in my crew's space and start bossing us around." He said taking the cup out of my hand and refilling it.

"And you listen to me I'm your supervisor. I was dropped off here to look after you guys, and I say we farm." I said glaring at them. The five of them couldn't be scarier.

The one whose drink I spilled had dark hair and light purple skin, his ears were pointed. He had golden eyes and easily towered over me by five feet. The little goblin in the back had green skin and blue hair. She was curvy and her spacesuit flattered her. She looked ticked that I was ruining the game, but I tried to stand my ground. However, the elf with snow-white hair and green eyes next to her seemed like he was enjoying the drama. The only one not watching me was the Siphon with red curly hair and purple eyes who seemed to focus on winning the weird game.

"Listen, guys. I don't want to be here I'm sure you don't want me here either. The faster we get the harvest ready the faster I leave." I say looking the purple-skinned one in the eyes.

"Damn right we don't want you here." The Goblin said as she put down a row of cards that made the red-headed one groan. "Go home to your master."

"Funny of you to assume I'm not my person." I huffed. "I don't belong to anybody. Never have and refuse to start now."

"You're a human, sweetheart it's not like you have a say or an opinion in the matter." The elf tuts as he shuffles the cards.

"Funny of an elf to say. Didn't your people used to be sacred but here you are playing with a bunch of low lives." I snarl.

"Who says I'm not a priest coming to change their low lifeways." He snorts.

"Could have fooled me. You look like you're a second away from gambling your life savings."

The elf was going to say something else, but the redhead cut me off.

"If you don't belong to someone, then why are you in this dump, anyway. The High and Mighty people of Hana you humans worship not want to breed you because of your smart mouth."

"No, sadly they didn't get the chance," I smirked picking up one of the farming tools that had a scooping end and a pointy end. I had a button that made it a shovel, hoe, and a pitchfork all on one. I started digging, and the others ignored me for the rest of the evening.

The next day I was sure I could make a little progress with the group, but it was clear, when I woke up as the only person in our small gravity dome that I wasn't going to receive much help. The group had gone to one of the little tables outside and started playing a card game. I picked up a bag of soil and started carrying it over to the patch of stardust. I weeded and watered the galaxy fruit seeds until my hands were raw. The others just continued the game and ignored me. I was half tempted to go over and ruin their game but refrained from doing so. The Hana officials might as well put them through an air duct and watch them suffocate. I certainly wouldn't oppose it. I might just celebrate if the day should ever come.

I started digging again and made little to no progress when I tried to process the soil with the weird pushy machine. Nothing was happening, and I tried pressing multiple buttons, but nothing worked. I kicked the useless piece of trash. The side of it fell off and I scramble to put it back on. I tried to see if it was screwed on, but it looked as if it had been popped on or welded. This was bad. It was the only machine of its kind that we had available and what makes this even worse is the human broke it. I broke it.

The fact that I'm infertile was bad enough, now I cannot accomplish my tasks. They might as well hang me or hold my head under one of Hana's acid lakes for this. Right, when I thought it couldn't get worse, I heard a cough from behind me.

"Need some help, human?" The guy with the purple skin asked.

"No, and if I did, why would I ask you." I huffed still trying to put the broken piece back on.

"For one, the machine isn't charged, for two you pressed the on and off button twice, and three you forgot the key." He said holing up the remote-looking keychain.

"Give me that," I said trying to take the keys out of his hand, but he raised his arm higher so I couldn't reach them.

"Give me the keys," I demanded.

"Why? so you can ruin the rest of the processer and destroy the patch of stardust." He said lifting an eyebrow.

"Listen here you giant purple marshin! I don't need judgment from somebody who doesn't even know how to get off his butt."

"At least if I work, I can do the job right. Also, not a Marshin, I'm a Cemilda, and two the names Apus Fox. However, you can call me Fox.”
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