Two Worlds

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Paige lived a quiet life with her dad. She was the girl who everyone would avoid because her dad was a police officer. Grass and snitch is who her peers would call her. She was a goody two shoes who never got into trouble because she didn't want to disappoint her dad. So, what will happen when Stefan Robernero takes the seat next to her when he is forced to join a health and social care class? What about when they are paired up and given a aesthetic baby for their project? He is Jeck and Jezabels son. Not forgetting that his older brother is Renzo.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1-School

Welcome to Two worlds. I hope you enjoy!!🥰

Book order is as follows:
Conflicting minds
Dantes Possession
Societa Oscura
Bright screws
Pre Robernero discomfort
Two worlds
Senza Cuore
Kenzo-Teenage years
Ryder-seperate series

"Paige. If you don't get your ass down these stairs then you will be late for school."

I ran down the stairs falling down the bottom two steps. It was my dad shouting me. He was strict when it came to school and he wanted me to get the perfect grades. He told me that if I didn't then trying to succeed in the future would be hard for me. I listened to him. I did wish that him and mum would have stayed together but she walked out on us when I was six years old. She left at my sixth birthday party. My dad proceeded to get higher up in work all while looking after me. He was one in a million and I loved him dearly. He was the head of the police department which meant that I had to be on my toes at all times. I didn't skip school or leave my homework untouched. I was the goody two shoes because I didn't have much of an option. As much as I hated being the good girl, I respected my dad and promised him that I would behave. I was sixteen.

My dad laughed at the bottom of the stairs as he swung his keys around his ring finger where his wedding ring previously sat. I checked my ankle and he shook his head. It didn't look twisted.

"Seriously. You didn't do anything to hurt it. Come on, I will drop you off before I go to my shift."

I was used to it. I was the girl who nobody trusted because my dad was a police officer. Everyone thought that I would grass on them and snitch. As my peers called it, snitches get stitches. I was never that type of person. What other people did in their spare time had nothing to do with me. You could guess, yes I had never had a boyfriend and from what I had been told the majority of girls and boys in my year had already found their future partner. Whether that was true was to be confirmed. I believed them. I had no reason to think that they had lied. Still, that was a possibility.

We ran out to the car and my dad drove me to school nattering my head off. He wanted to put his lights on but because he wasn't on shift he couldn't and we were running late. It was autumn and all of the orange crispy leaves had fallen to the ground. I felt happy because I had the correct clothes on for the weather. Meaning the thick blazer that helped me to stay warm. I couldn't wear revealing clothing to go to school. I was a girl who loved to wear tracksuits at home but everyone looked at me as a tomboy and I didn't mind that. I wore my dirty blonde hair back everyday and I preferred to wear trainers instead of heels. That was who I was and what style I preferred. The worst part was having to wear a skirt to school. I hated it! The uniform was blue and red, the skirt had red and blue checkers which reminded me of a chessboard. We had to pair that with a white shirt, red tie, navy blue socks, a navy blue blazer with red stripes that travelled along the collar and that was finished off with black leather school shoes.

My dad stopped the car and I climbed out slamming the door behind me. My dad dropped the window down and I leaned against it smiling.

"Food tonight kiddo?"

I nodded my head as my dad nodded his head glancing down at the time. My dad had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. The same for me. I had blonde hair and blue eyes. You could see that I was his biological child. We lived in Liverpool. The city where nobody cared about anything. They were free to do as they pleased. It was the place where tourists from across the globe wanted to travel because us scousers were filled with imaginative, creative ideas.

"Off you go."

I nodded my head smiling as I threw my bag over my shoulder. My dad drove away in the police car. I looked at the trees. Autumn truly did look beautiful. It was my favourite time of the year. October which meant that Halloween was fastly approaching.

My dad's car travelled in the distance as all the students rushed through the gates to see their friends before the gates closed over. Right on time I thought to myself as a convoy of black cars pulled up to a stop directly in front of the red and blue school busses. I glanced over as the door on the left opened up and a boy called Stefan slipped out. Black jeans with cuts in the knees, black running shoes, a black round neck top and a black leather jacket. He threw his black bag over his shoulders and brushed back his black spiked hair. It had fallen down the front of his face. I smiled. Once again he wasn't wearing the school uniform. He never did and I would see him standing next to Mr Rylan ignoring everything that he would be telling him. This happened daily next to the PE department not far away from the front gates of the school. Stefan would stand there smiling with his arms crossed. Mr Rylan was his entertainment. He also took charge of ICU which was a room where you would be placed inside if you misbehaved. Stefan never ended up in there when he should have considering he refused to wear the dress code. You could guess. Many feared him. So did I! The last person you wanted to run into was him.

He had the most perfect grey eyes as the other door opened up. Dan. The spitting image of Stefan with green eyes. He didn't have a bag and straightened out his black leather jacket. What I had heard was that Dan was two years older than Stefan and both of them were cousins. How true that was, I didn't know.

They slammed the doors and walked in sync towards the gates of the school. Stefan and Dan Robernero. The scariest boys of the school and that was literal. Everyone was petrified of them. Still, they did have their groups of friends who would push their boundaries. That wouldn't last long because they would put them in their place quickly. Stefan was the same age as me and Dan was eighteen ready to leave school that year.

I watched as the cars drove away. Seven to be precise. Why you would need that many cars, I didn't know but they felt comfortable with it, that was obvious.

I walked through the gates and made my way to health and social care. I had it all day long. Did I want to do it? No! I sat down at my seat in the middle and waited for Miss Fletcher to start the lesson. She was always inside the classroom at least fifteen minutes before her lessons would start. I was five minutes early. That time passed by quickly as I watched all the groups of girls enter the room and take their seats next to each other. Our class didn't have any boys because they didn't want to take the subject. Who could blame them. It wasn't exactly a fun lesson filled with written work and a constant supply of lectures from the teacher.

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