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|Fourth Book - can be read as a stand-alone - MXM MXF| |Mulitple POV's| A prophecy was foretold years ago, different species were going to be destined mates. Bonding species together hasn't ever happened... Some don't want it to happen. The beings involved want nothing more than their other halves. Even though fate has been set in stone, some will stop at nothing to stop this prophecy. When two sibling wolves are destined to a warlock and a vampire, a war is inevitable.

Romance / Fantasy
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|petrichor and peppermint|

Lila's POV.

I raced along the trail, pushing myself faster and faster. I’d been cooped up on a plane, in a hotel room, that made me feel like I was suffocating than in a car for an hour... It felt amazing to run free and for Lola, my wolf, to focus her energy on running rather than projecting her feelings onto me.

I usually don’t mind been away from home, but I hate that we came to The Twilight Moon Pack.

The Alpha’s son, Damon, is irritating! I mean, he’s relatively harmless; I could beat his ass if needed. I can’t deal with the way he continually flirts with me. Emma, the Beta’s daughter, I have never disliked someone as much as I do her. There’s something about her that makes me want to throat punch her every time I see her.

The Beta is the worse. I have no time at all for him. Beta Ethan was my mum’s first mate... He fucked her up big time. I don’t know if I know the full story, but I get the gist of it... He fucked someone else, got her pregnant and then expected her to stay with him. She came to our pack originally for the training centre we have... My dad turned out to be her second chance mate.

My biological mum was his first mate. She died giving birth to me, so I never had the chance to meet her. Ayla is the only mum I’ve ever known. She treats me and my brother, Levi, the same; we are both her pups.

So really, I hate pretty much everyone in this pack. Well, apart from the Alpha and Luna, they’re like my honorary Auntie and Uncle. The old Alpha isn’t too bad either.

I fled as soon as we hit the pack gate. We’ve been running for the past hour or so... Maybe more; I’ve lost track of time.

Lola... take control, I’m tired. Just remember, stick to this trail.′ I stated.

I felt the usual tug of my wolf drawing me back into my mind. I sighed as Lola sprinted off through the forest. I’m fast in wolf form... But Lola is more agile; you blink, and she’s gone. I peered around through her eyes, well, as much as I could see. I had no idea where we were.

Lola... We were supposed to be sticking to the trail.′ I mentioned.

We still are... Look...′ She swivelled her head to the right, and I noticed the familiar clock tower of their pack. I breathed out and chuckled.

Carry on.′ I yawned.

She resumed running. We were twisting and weaving around trees, and I felt like I was being lulled to sleep or getting seasick... either one of them wasn’t a good idea.

She dug her paws into the ground, gliding to a stop. I was baffled as to why she had halted until my senses went into overdrive. The most intoxicating smell engulfed me. Petrichor... It's what the forest smells like after it's rained; that's what it reminds me of. There was a hint of... vanilla, maybe?

As Lola edged closer to the scent, I realised it wasn’t vanilla... It was peppermint. My mouth watered as I could practically taste it. The scent was waning, and I knew he was moving. Lola snapped her jaws together before she dashed forward. She leapt over a fallen down log, landing right in front of him.

As she raised her head, our eyes locked, and the world felt like it froze. He was gazing at me intensely. I shuddered as I remembered the prophecy. He was a vampire... A god-like vampire, but a vampire nonetheless.

By the look on his perfectly chiselled, creamy face, I could tell he knew exactly who I was and maybe about the prophecy. Lola strode forward, his fangs extended, and he sibilated at us. Lola revealed her teeth, and a low, distressed, throaty growl slipped out from her muzzle. He didn’t alter his stance, his fangs were still out, and he was glowering at us.

She whimpered, cowering a little. He flinched at the sound, closing his eyes before opening them. His eyes were shining blood-red; it excited me more than I expected. He scanned his eyes over us again before spinning and racing off into the forest.

We watched in awe as he scrambled up a tree and vanished. He seemed just as perplexed as me, with a hint of desire in his eyes. He definitely wasn’t expecting to find me... Just as I wasn’t expecting to find him.

Lola elevated her snout in the air, inhaling our mate’s scent, which was still circling us. She huffed before letting out a pained and frantic howl. She sank to the floor, and I felt the familiar weight of the shift.

I was too devasted to try and stay in wolf form. I’d found my mate, finally after six years of waiting, and he’d refused us. Ok... Not verbally, but he’d left. He’d took one look at us and bolted.

Why did I have to be mated to him?

Why did it have to be a vampire?

Why couldn’t the prophecy have mated me to another wolf or even a warlock like my brother?

I couldn’t stand up. I was curled in a ball on the floor, quivering. I was completely naked, and I didn’t care. I wanted to see him again... I wanted to hear his voice. I wanted to know his name... I wanted to know everything about him.

I hauled my stiff body towards a little alcove in a tree. I forced myself as far into it as I could. I needed to wait until Lola had gotten over the initial shock so we could shift. Once we have shifted, I can make my way back to the pack and forget about ever meeting him... If that was even feasible.

I felt my eyelids becoming heavy, and I fought to keep them open. I covered my legs with my arms and shakily took a deep breath. I shut my eyes and let unconsciousness take over.

I felt two arms pulling me up. My body was immediately overwhelmed with tingles and warmth even though he felt cold. I knew who it was, but I didn’t dare open my eyes and stare at him. I didn’t want the closeness of his face in my memory. I sighed, snuggling my head against his hard chest. I heard him take a sharp intake of breath as I was carried through the forest.

He ran through the forest. I can only assume he’s taking me back to the pack... Or to the nearest one. I have no idea where we are.

He stopped and tenderly laid me on the ground. I curled up, keeping my eyes tightly shut. He laid something over me before I heard him groan.

I cracked my eyes open a little as he retreated, holding his gaze on me. His expression was unfathomable as he slowly spun around and dashed back into the forest.

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