Bind Me

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|mate, beloved, destined|

Elias' POV

I couldn't calm down... I was angry for Lila and what that vampire is doing to her. My magic is going haywire. After I accidentally shattered the windows in Alpha Leon's office, I went sent out to calm down.

My magic was out of control because my emotions were, and Natalia said my magic was reacting to hers. I'm unstable, like a ticking time bomb. If I get too wound up, she said I could explode, and the magic that would release from me could be a catastrophe.

"Are you calmer now?" Levi questioned as he sauntered into our room in the packhouse.

We moved into here just after us being destined was official. We knew from age twelve that we were destined... We were fifteen when our friendship changed. One morning when I went to meet him, it was like seeing him in a whole new light. I didn't understand what was happening to me.

I'm not even going to lie... I ran away from him. I legit spun on my heel and hightailed it out of the packhouse. He came to find me. I tried telling him what was wrong but couldn't get my words out... He kissed me, and the rest was history.

I shook my head, grunting. "It's not fair, Levi." I moaned.

He came towards me and wrapped his arms around my waist. "I know, baby. We have to be there to support her... She knows we care." He mumbled as she shoved his hands into my back pockets.

This damn prophecy has only been good for one thing... Levi and I. It's been nothing but a hassle for Lila. Bonds are hard, especially if they are resisted. It doesn't matter whether you are a werewolf, witch or vampire... Each mate, beloved and destined bond works the same. So, even if he is resisting his beloved bond, he should be hurting just like Lila is.

"I know how to help you relax." I could feel his smile against my chest.

He's insatiable. I haven't had much experience in this department, and I can't talk to any other male witch because they are rare, and from what I've heard, evil, but Levi's sex drive is apparently normal for werewolves. I am practically ready to drop when it gets to the end of the day... I need like three days recuperating.

"I should go say... Sorry to your dad... For wrecking his office." I moaned as he rubbed himself against me.

"He knows you're sorry, babe." He mumbled as he spun around, facing away from me. He rubbed his ass against my crotch as I gripped ahold of his hips.

"Levi, I'm too pent up right now." I groaned, grinding my hardened length against him.

He reached his arms up and wrapped them around the back of my neck, "And burying yourself in me will definitely relieve the pressure," he moaned, leaning his head back on my shoulder.

"Levi..." I whined.

I wanted to... Fuck, I wanted to thrust my cock in and out of him until I could think clearly, but my magic is too unhinged right now; I don't want to think about what could happen.

"Elias... Come on," He goaded as he unbuttoned his jeans.

I groaned, biting down on my lip. He seductively pulled the back of his boxers over his ass and shook his ass over my length. I pushed his jeans down, spinning him around. I crashed my lips into his and moaned. He nipped on my bottom lip before I turned him again and bent him forward on the bed.

"It's going to be quick, babe." I moaned as I wrapped my hand around his cock. He growled, pushing back against me.

"Hand me the lube, baby." I rasped, stroking his cock.

He handed me the bottle. I quickly spread it across my cock and around his hole. He was panting. I could see the excitement in his eyes as he glanced back at me. I was eager to feel him. I loved watching him come undone from my touch.

I pushed my cock against his entrance. He lifted his ass higher into the air and spread his legs. I pushed inside slowly. A guttural and satisfying moan slipped past my lips as I thrust in deeper, causing him to jerk forward.

The room was full of moans, cursing and skin slapping together as I leaned over him, thrusting hard. "Elias, fuck, keep going." He moaned. I reached forward and linked our fingers together as I pulled him backwards when I slammed into him.

"I love you. I love you." He cried out.

I pulled out before slamming back in. I watched as his eyes went wide and his lips parted. I circled my hips, rubbing against his spot that was going to get him cumming in seconds. "Cum, baby." I moaned.

I wrapped my hand around his cock again and stroked him to the rhythm of my cock. "Fuck... I'm cumming." A throaty animalistic growl spewed from his lips as I felt his cum leak onto my hand after spurting all over him. I thrust harder, chasing my own release.

"You gonna cum?" He moaned breathlessly.

I gripped onto his hips as I slammed mine back and forth over and over. "Yes, fuck, yes I am," I grunted before jerking forward and moaning his name while I released inside of him.

I chuckled to myself as I pulled out of him. He collapsed onto the bed, panting. "What's so funny?" He breathed.

"I'm just glad I didn't change you into anything." I chuckled, "my magic is unstable right now." I explained.

His eyes lit up with amusement, and he nodded. "That would be awkward... trying to explain what happened and why the Alpha's son is a duck." He guffawed.

I shook my head and chuckled. "Ok... Shut up then." I grumbled.

"I'm going to get washed and changed... You coming?" I raised my brow as I stepped back to the bathroom.

A mischievous grin spread across his face as he sat up. "As long as I can either be in my human or wolf form." He furrowed his brows at me, standing up and coming towards me.

"Fuck off... Get your own shower." I smirked before heading into the bathroom.

Once we finished in the shower, we got dressed before heading to his dad's office. I was calm now. There was no worry for my magic as long as they didn't mention him.

"Ah, Elias, are you feeling better?" Darius, the vampire king, asked.

I gave him a curt nod and went towards the back of the office, with Levi following closely. I don't trust any of them yet.

"So, until Lila comes back, we should start planning on what to do." He spoke again.

I shook my head, "This is her mate... She decides what happens to him." I snapped.

I can't believe the cheek of this guy. Saunters in here with his huge pointy nose and ridiculously long boney fingers that he loves pointing everywhere, thinking he can tell Lila what she can or can't do regarding her mate.

He raised his brow at me before shaking his head. "I don't know what you mean by that... But, I need Lila's help to get Alarix away from the situation. I don't want to harm the boy... Far from it, I want him to take over from me when it's my time." He replied. "That's why I said earlier... Lila will make a good leader." He shrugged.

My eyes went wide, and I shook my head. "You do realise what you said sounded a lot like he needs stopping... Like he had done something so bad that Lila would have to choose who to back." I explained.

He shook his head but smiled. "I've known about the prophecy for a while... Melanie came to me, but she told me I couldn't directly intervene. Once I knew that Lila had met Alarix, I had to come to her after I visited the clan earlier." He took a deep breath. "He needs her. I need to explain more to Lila... Do you know where I could find her?" He asked.

The door swung open, and Lila was standing in the doorway. Her eyes were pitch black, and her chest was rising and falling rapidly. Behind her, there was a woman... Maybe a little older than Lila. I could tell by her scent she was a vampire; she looked nervous and anxious.

"I'm ready." Lila declared, clicking her fingers together.

I grinned and went and stood next to her. "Me too." I nodded. Levi came over and stood on the other side of Lila.

"You wanted the prophets... You've got them." He vowed.

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