Bind Me

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|more to the prophecy|

Lila’s POV.

“I think we got off on the wrong foot, Lila.” The vampire king sighed.

I rolled my eyes at him and nodded. “You think? I thought you were telling me I needed to end his life.” I growled.

He chuckled and shook his head. “No, Lila... I am very invested in you both.” He smiled.

Not that I’m not interested in why he’s invested in us, I’m too focused on getting to Alarix to care. I need to see him and make sure he’s ok. He needs to know I’m coming for him, to hold out for as long as he can because once I get there, I’m going to need him to fight with me.

“Celeste, will they still be in America?” I asked, glancing at her.

She nodded her head. “Yes, Lenora was visiting today. They are visiting for one week, I believe.” She replied.

A small growl slipped out, and I shook my head. “Can you see if you can speak to him?... Let him know I’m coming.” I asked.

“I’ll try.” She answered. Her voice was small and quiet; she was nervous.

“Hi, I’m Luna Ayla... Lila’s mom. Do you want to use my office? It’s quiet there, and you won’t get disturbed.” Mum offered.

I smiled to myself as I heard them leave the room. Mum would definitely make her feel welcome. She’s everything a Luna should be, but she’s also has a kind heart. She won’t judge anybody or make them feel unwelcome like Levi and Elias are doing right now.

“You two need to stop,” I snapped as I went over to them. They were staring at her now and again. Constant frowns plastered on their faces.

“Alarix sent her... She’s his sister; therefore, she’s family. Now behave, or you can fuck off.” I growled.

“Ok... We’re sorry.” Levi muttered.

“It’s just hard, L... We’ve never seen you like this, all heartbroken and devasted.” Elias sighed.

I sighed and nodded. I couldn’t be angry with them, not really. They don’t know that Alarix was coming back... All they can think about is watching me go through what I did because of the bond. They are taking it out on any vampire because they haven’t got a face to focus on.

“I’ll tell you everything later, but for now, please trust me.” I pleaded. They nodded and sighed before smiling at me.

I turned to everyone in the room. “I want to be leaving by tomorrow... I know it’s short notice-”

“I can teach Elias how to control and master his magic... It won’t be perfect as a war- male witch is stronger and more powerful than a female, but it will be something.” Natalia offered as she came towards us. “I can also have my coven help.” She continued.

Elias smiled at her and nodded. “I’ll take her into the clearing behind the packhouse. It’s open and safer.” He mentioned.

He turned and planted his lips on Levi. I looked away and smiled awkwardly at Natalia while they continued their make-out session... Which definitely didn’t have to happen right now.

“If your coven is willing to help, that would be great. I don’t want to force anyone, though.” I insisted. She nodded and smiled at me.

“Ok... You two.” I groaned. They pulled away, chuckling. They turned to me and grinned at me.

“Love you,” Elias held his hand on Levi’s cheek before he led Natalia out of the office. I smiled as Levi watched him walk out.

I want that. Someone to love me unconditionally, someone to miss me the minute I walk away. I want what Levi and Elias have... I know I can have it all; I have to go and get him. Time seems to be going so slow. I want Celeste to come back. I need to know if he knows I’m coming for him.

“I’ll go gather the warriors for you... See if anyone is willing to join us.” Levi commented. I nodded as he walked past me. “Levi, make sure you tell them there will be no hard feelings if not.” I sighed.

Getting prepared for a battle with rogues is a completely different situation from what we’re in now. At least with rogues, we have a slight advantage; we’re trained. With vampires, they’re just as fast, if not faster than us. Most will be trained to kill.

“I will make sure the soldiers are ready...” Darius, the vampire king, mentioned.

“Between wolves, vampires and witches, we should definitely have enough,” I sighed.

I wanted to leave now, but I knew I couldn’t. I can’t go into a mission with my head like this. It’s never going to clear fully, but training for a few hours will definitely relieve some pent up anger.

“We should be ok... I don’t know how many vampires are in both clans. I know Alarix’s clan has thirty. I’ve been watching and learning about each of them. I could have intervened years ago, but I couldn’t because of the prophecy. I could have pulled Alarix from them.” He sighed.

For the first time, I saw a vulnerability from him. He had a hard exterior, but I could see he cared for Alarix. I hope he knows how cared for he is.

My dad stood up from his desk and came towards me. He wrapped me in his arms and pulled me into his chest. “We’ll get him, baby. Everything will be ok.” He muttered.

He pulled away after leaving a small kiss on my forehead. “Darius, would you like to accompany me downstairs?” He raised his brow at him and, Darius nodded.

They left the office. I took a deep breath and glanced over at Melanie, the seer. She was watching me intensely.

“Is this what the prophecy is about?” I asked.

She shook her head and sighed. “It’s the start of it... The completed bond between you and your mate will be the undoing of all species.” She declared.

My eyes went wide, and I gasped. Why the hell would we be destined for something like that? What’s so special about us? Why can’t we be together and to hell with the rest of them? I went and sat next to her on the sofa.

“Why?” I choked.

“The undoing has started. When Elias and Levi completed their bond, it started the undoing. Species destined for someone not of their kind has never happened.” She explained. ”Mating between different species will scare beings... Scared beings do irrational things.” She muttered.

“Why would they be scared?” I furrowed my brows and shook my head.

“Any pups you have will be hybrids.” She answered. “There has never been a half-vampire, half-werewolf.” She murmured.

I was overwhelmed with everything she was saying. I couldn’t process anything before she fired more things at me. There is obviously more to the prophecy.

“I have had numerous visions of how this plays out... No matter what you do, Lila, the outcome will always be the same.” She whispered.

I furrowed my brows at her, “What is the outcome?” I asked.

"You must take the vampire king's offer if and when the time comes. It will be paramount to your survival... By the time you fight the final battle, you will have one heir. Lila, your mate, will sacrifice himself for you."

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