Bind Me

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|little details|

Lila’s POV.

“We need to go now!” I ordered as I marched into the kitchen.

I thought hearing his voice would calm me a little, but it’s only made me worse. After what Melanie and Celeste told me, my anxiety and stress levels are through the roof. His voice was raw and scratchy, he’s struggling with something, and I hate that I’m not there. I need to see him with my own eyes to know he’s ok. I can’t wait until tomorrow to go... I need to do this now.

My dad, Darius and Levi were sat around the table; they glanced at me as I came in. “Lila, you know the protocol.” My dad sighed. Levi smiled sadly at me.

I huffed, slapping my hands against the table, leaning forward. “That was before I spoke to Alarix...” I took a deep breath and sighed. “He needs help, and he needs it now.” I snapped.

Dad raised his brow at me as Levi sighed, shaking his head subtly, and Darius was smirking at me... I have no idea why he’s looking at me creepily, but I’m too focused on my dad agreeing to go now to question him.

“Dad, he needs me. If it was mum... We would be going right away.” I whispered.

He sighed before taking a deep breath. He stood up and glanced at Levi, “Levi, gather the warrior... We need to plan this step by step before we go.” He ordered, then he glanced at me. “I know you’re right... But we can’t go now. We need to talk about the little details of the mission.” He explained.

I nodded and breathed out in relief. I went over to him and wrapped my arms around him. “Thank you, Dad,” I muttered.

“Baby, I’ll do anything to make sure you are reunited with your mate.” He muttered, rubbing my back. “I need you to ask Celeste for a layout of her house... We can’t send loads of wolves in, especially if they live inside the human world.” He sighed.

I nodded and pulled away from him. “I’ll see you soon then,” I stated before walking out of the kitchen. I made my way back to my mum’s office.

This is definitely going to be harder than I expected, especially because we can’t go inside in wolf form... Humans would see us, and we don’t need them ringing the local authority.

I stopped outside my mum’s office and took a deep breath before pushing open the door. I glanced around. Celeste was sat on the sofa with her head in her hands, and mum was next to her with her hand on her back. I rushed over and sat down next to her.

Celeste glanced at me through her fingers. Her face was tear-stained, and she was weeping. “He’ll be hating himself right now...“She whimpered. “He’s feeding on humans again... He hasn’t done that for seven years.” She sobbed. “He’s doing something he detests for you.” She blubbered.

“When he found you... He looked so broken and confused. He came to me and cried... I don’t think I’ve ever seen Rix cry.” She sniffled.

I sucked in a breath. I hear all the stories about soul mates and the bond heightening everything, but you think everyone exaggerates until you actually go through it yourself. There’s no way you can feel utterly consumed by someone you barely know.

I feel completely head over heels in love with someone I have only spoken to once. I know it’s not love... Not yet, at least, but it’s definitely something I’m feeling. This bond is making me feel all kinds of emotions. I need to get to him; I need to see him.

“I need you to draw a layout of your house... We’re leaving today.” I mentioned.

Mum gasped, shaking her head. “I’m going to say the same thing to you that I did to dad. We would be going right now if it was dad.” I sighed.

“I would... It’s easy to say stick to the protocol when the mission isn’t someone directly personally to you.” She sighed. “I need to realise he’s your mate... He’s just as important as the rest of us. Of course, we should leave as soon as possible.” She commented, smiling at me.

“Ok.” She took a deep breath. “I need a pen and some paper,” Celeste stated, smiling and wiping her eyes.

Mum stood up and went over to her desk. “You do realise by the time we land, in America, it will be early hours in the morning... We won’t be able to do anything.” Mum mentioned.

I sighed and stood up. “No, I know... But I’ll be closer to him. Maybe he’ll come to me as soon as he senses me. The bond will strengthen as soon as I’m near him.” I stated.

They both nodded. “I’m going to pack a bag. I’ll be back.” I announced. I turned and hurried out of the room.

Levi’s POV

“Are you sure you’re ready? You can sit this out if you don’t feel strong enough yet,” I fretted.

Elias isn’t at full potential yet, and it terrifies me. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to focus on the mission. I’m constantly going to worry about him being hurt.

“Babe... I promise I’m good.” He grabbed my hand and squeezed it. He glanced over at Lila. She was sat in her seat on the jet staring out of the window. “This is for her, Levi. She needs us all. You know she’d try and take everyone on herself.” He whispered.

I sighed and nodded. “Plus... I have kind of got the protective barrier spell nearly perfected.” He smiled. “I can hold it for a couple of minutes... Which isn’t long, but it could be long enough at times.” He explained.

I nodded, forcing a smile on my face. He wasn’t exactly helping ease my anxiety, but I knew he was right. I can’t stop him from coming, and I never would, but deep down, I was glad he was here with me.

“I’ll show you later just what I can do with my magic...” He whispered seductively in my ear. A small growl escaped before I pressed my lips together and groaned. He chuckled and leaned his head on my shoulder.

“As long as I’m not turned into a duck... I’m down for that.” I chuckled.

He chuckled and nodded. ” How many warriors have we got with us?” He hummed.

“We have brought six with us. The warriors at Twilight Moon Pack are coming too.” I replied, “We’re staying there when we arrive.” I continued.

He yawned, nodding. I chuckled and leaned forward, “get some sleep, Eli.” I whispered before pressing my lips to his.

“I’m going to see if Lila is ok,” I explained as I stood up. He smiled up at me sleepily before snuggling down and closing his eyes.

I went over to Lila’s seat and sat next to her. She didn’t look at me; she just kept her eyes on the window. “Are you doing alright?” I asked.

I know it was a stupid question... I could see and feel she wasn’t ok. I didn’t know what to say to her. I wanted her to know I was here for her... Even if it meant sitting next to her silently.

She sighed and rested her head back, closing her eyes. “No... But I will be as soon as I get to him.” She muttered. I hummed in response as she laid her head on me.

“I finally understand what you said about our soulmates...” She whispered, curling her hand around mine.

“It doesn’t matter who we are destined for... All that matters is you and them. Everything else is little details.”

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