Bind Me

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|a trap|

Lila’s POV.

I stared out into the forest. We’ve been at the pack for the past hour. I have sent to bed like a chastised little pup. I’ve been told to rest and sleep... But I can’t sleep.

I want to go straight to Alarix and save him, but I know I can’t. I need to be at full strength, and that’s only going to happen if I rest.

I leaned on the balcony railing and rested my chin on my hands. I know what I’m doing out here... I’m hoping to see his eyes in the forest again. He’ll know I’m here. As soon as the jet touched the ground, I felt him; I know he would have felt me too.

There’s no sign of him whatsoever... No scent, no red glow, nothing. I took a deep breath and curled up on the chair on the balcony. I have more chance of catching his scent out here than I do in a closed room.

I sighed, looking up at the sky. The moon was bright... I usually love looking at the moon, but I’m not getting the usual feelings I get.

We worship the moon and our Goddess but all I can think about how cruel the prophecy and Moon Goddess are... Why match two beings together if it’s only going to end in heartbreak? Mates can’t usually live without each other... I don’t want to live without my mate.

Why put your wolves through that? Why put anyone through that?

I woke up startled. I rubbed my eyes, looking around. I’m not sure what woke me, but I have an unsettling feeling...I feel like I’m being watched.

I’d fallen asleep curled up in the chair. It’s not exactly the comfiest piece of furniture I’ve slept on... My back was sore and ached.

I stood up, looking around again. Lola is on edge, and I have no idea why. She isn’t responding to me. I couldn’t see anything... I couldn’t smell anything either.

A thump behind me startled me, “don’t be scare-”

I screamed and spun around, throwing my fist and connecting with someone’s nose. I gasped, holding my hands over my face. I inhaled and was immediately hit with his scent... Why didn’t I sense him? He's a vampire. I guess I’m too stuck in my head at catching Alarix’s scent; I’m like blocking all my senses.

“Oh my god, I think you’ve broken my nose.” He yelped.

I furrowed my brows as my canines released. “Who are you?” I growled. There’s no doubt he’s related to Alarix... The resemblance is uncanny. I can smell his scent faintly on him too.

“Alarix’s brother.” He answered, holding his nose.

“What are you doing here?” I shrugged.

“Rix sent me... He wants me to take you to him.” He answered.

“Why should I trust you? I know you followed him before.” I raised my brow at him. “Why didn’t he come himself?” I continued.

“He couldn’t... Look, he’s barely hanging on. He needs you. He told me where you were... How else would I know where you are?” He rolled his eyes.

“You’re the one who took him away from me.” I retorted.

I don’t feel threatened...′ Lola reassured.

I could definitely take him down if I needed to... As long as he doesn’t run, obviously. I definitely need to tell Celeste he’s here.

"Dad... Celeste’s brother is here." I linked him.

“No, I didn’t. That was Athan, I’m... Arnie.” He mentioned.

I furrowed my brows at him and crossed my arms over my chest. “Come on, Lila. Let me take you to him.” He groaned.

“Fine... Where is he?” I questioned.

"We’re on our way,” Dad answered through our link.

He grinned at me and nodded. “Just in the forest... He couldn’t make it any further, so he made me come.” He sighed.

“Go wait at the fence for me... I’ll be there soon,” I replied.

I know Lola doesn’t feel any threat, but I don’t want to go with him by myself. I don’t trust him or know him.

“No... I need you to come with me now.” He grunted.

I shook my head. “I don’t know you, so forgive me if I don’t exactly trust you.” I mocked.

He rolled his eyes and nodded. “You’re going to keep Rix on his toes.” He chuckled before stepping towards the railing. “I’ll wait at the fence,” He nodded before jumping off the balcony.

As he disappeared off the balcony, my dad and Celeste rushed out onto the balcony. “Where is he?” Celeste asked. Her voice was full of panic and worry.

“Waiting for me at the fence. Apparently, Alarix is here.” I explained.

Dad raised his brow at me... He looked confused, and Celeste looked worried. “What did he say?” She questioned.

“That Alarix wanted him to come and get me. Alarix is too weak to continue moving, so he came to get me.” I explained.

Her face dropped, and her fangs extended, and she hissed. “What’s wrong? He’s waiting for me at the fence.” I asked.

She jumped over the balcony and disappeared in the direction of the fence. I leapt over the balcony with my dad close behind me. I sprinted off after her.

“Lila... Wait!” My dad called from behind me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as he fell into step with me running.

"You do know this is probably a trap." He commented.

I know that. I know that he's probably leading me into a trap, and I'm not stupid enough to go with him on my own which, is why I told him to go without me.

"Dad... He's their other brother. He isn't the one that stopped Alarix from coming with me." I explained.

We weren't far from the fence now... I could sense Celeste and Arnie. "I wasn't going to go with him on my own... I was waiting for you." I reassured.

We halted as we saw Celeste and Arnie arguing. Fangs were out and they were shouting at each other. I went towards them, "what's going on?" I asked as I stopped in front of them.

"Come on... I just need to take you to him." Arnie sighed.

"No, you don't." Celeste growled.

"What's wrong? Celeste, why are you and Arnie arguing?" I puzzled, raising my brow at her.

"Athan, what the fuck did you say to her?" She hissed, glaring at him. "His name is Athan... Not Arnie." She rolled her eyes.

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