Bind Me

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Lila’s POV.

“We only have one brother.” Celeste hissed at Athan.

He’s the reason Alarix didn’t get to me. What was he trying to do? Take me into the woods and completely take me out? Take me out of the equation, so the prophecy can’t come into play?

“Why would you tell me your name is Arnie if it’s not?” I shot.

“Because if you knew who I was... I didn’t think you would come with me.” He shrugged.

“You’re damn right I wouldn’t.” I snapped.

“You’re the reason he’s not here with me right now,” I snarled.

I was seething. My heart was beating erratically; it was the only thing I could hear. My body was shaking violently, and I clenched my fists together. Lola was trying to break free.

“I had to stop him from coming to you... I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t go against my father.” He groaned.

I growled at him as my canines released, my claws protruded from my nails, causing them to dig into my palms. My dad stepped closer to me, “Lila, calm down.” He warned.

“I cant.” I snarled, glaring at Athan.

I hate him.

I didn’t even know him, and I can’t fuking stand him. He’s the reason my mate isn’t here with me. He’s the reason Alarix had to feed on humans again. I’m gonna kill him... I want to rip him limb from limb. I want to feel his bones crush under me.

I lunged forward with snarling at him. Dad caught me by my waist before I could reach him. “Let me go,” I growled, thrashing around in his arms.

“Lila... You need to calm down,” my dad demanded.

“No! He ruined everything! I want to tear his throat out!” I growled.

Athan looked terrified. His fangs were out, but his eyes were darting between us all. He looked like he was pleading with my dad and Celeste for help.

“I did stop him, yes, but you don’t understand what our parents are like,” he mentioned, pointing between him and Celeste. “I regret what I did... But I know what happens when you say no.” He muttered.

Dad let me go but stood behind me. I took a deep breath before looking at Athan again. He took a deep breath as he closed his eyes. When he opened them again... I was shocked at the intense emotion swirling around his eyes.

“My father... He um, he killed my beloved.” He stammered. “He did the same thing to Celeste... He needs to be stopped.” He murmured.

My eyes went wide, and I choked on my breath. “Oh my god, Athan. When did that happen? When did you even meet her?” Celeste fretted.

I was gobsmacked. I can’t believe their dad murdered their beloved... Why would any parent do that to their children? I don’t know what their bonds are like, but surely it would destroy them? Wouldn’t they want their children to be happy?

“Rachel.” He answered in a whisper.

“The blonde from before?” Celeste choked.

I stayed quiet. I let them talk it out. I can’t imagine the pain he’s going through right now. It must be heartbreaking... He must be heartbroken. These siblings have been through more pain than I could ever imagine. I need to get Alarix out of there as soon as possible before something happens to him.

Celeste and Athan embraced one another. I watched silently as they cried on each other’s shoulders. I’ll give them as much time as they need. Celeste pulled away once they had both calmed down. She smiled sadly at Athan before turning to me.

“Athan came to take you back to the house because Rix needs you. He didn’t ask for you... But he’s done something.” She hesitated, taking a deep breath. “He needs you now more than ever.” She explained.

I sucked a breath in, “what’s happened?” I wheezed.

She shook her head. “That’s not important... We need to go at first light.” She advised.

I nodded, glancing at my dad. “We’ll leave at first light.” He nodded in agreement. “Athan, you can stay in the room next to Celeste.” He assured.

“Thank you so much, Alpha.” He bowed his head slightly. I respected him at this moment. He wasn’t in a pack... He wasn’t even a werewolf, and he was showing my dad the respect another wolf would.

“I’ll sort it with Alpha Mateo... Get some rest; you’re all going to need it.” My dad smiled.

“Um, Lila... I’m sorry for what I tried to do... I wanted to help Rix.” He apologised, looking at the floor. He wouldn’t give me eye contact.

As much as I don’t like what he did... I understand him. He was only looking out for his brother, his family and that I can relate to. If Levi or Elias were in trouble, I’d do anything to help them.

“Don’t worry about it... I do understand.” I reassured him.

“I’m going to head back to the house... I’m going to try and get a few hours sleep.” I announced. They all nodded as I turned and sauntered off into the forest.

I wasn’t going to sleep. I wasn’t going to be able to sleep. I wouldn’t be able to sleep even if I tried, and I wasn’t going to try. I headed towards the fence away from the others. I wasn’t waiting for them... I’m going to get him now.

I hid behind a huge bush and shifted. I’m going to have to be in wolf form to jump this fence. I shook out my fur and gave all control to Lola.

Ok, Lola. Let’s go.

We emerged from the bush with my clothes hanging from our jaw and sprinted towards the fence. As soon as we were near, we crouched to the floor and leapt up. We went soaring over the fence, landing on all fours.

We shook our fur out before sprinting off into the forest. I have no idea where I’m actually going. I vaguely remember the layout of the house and where Celeste said she lived.

As soon as I reach the outskirts of the forest, I’m going to have to shift back so I can walk through the city. I reached the outskirts after running for ten minutes. I felt a little better; running always calmed me.

I shifted and pulled my clothes on. I walked into the city and towards where he lives. They’re going to catch my scent before I even get to him. I sighed and tried to think of a way I could mask my scent.

I reached his street and took a deep breath as I stopped. Oh, screw this... I’m going to him even if they catch me. This was definitely a bad decision... I shouldn't be doing it alone.

I made my way down his street. I kept my eyes open for any vampires hanging around. I managed to make it to an alleyway at the back of his house. Celeste’s layout showed Alarix’s room at the back of the house so; I can try and sneak in without being seen... Getting smelled is a different story, though.

I stood at the back of his house. He has a tiny backyard with a brick wall, so it's going to be easy getting inside the yard. I jumped up onto the wall and took a deep breath. I'm going to have to be quick.

I walked across the wall quickly. I looked up and saw his bedroom window. I leaned up on my tiptoes, and gripped the window ledge and pulled myself up. The window was slightly open. I breathed out in relief and climbed through the window.

I brought Lola forward, so my sight was heightened. I scanned the room, it was dark, but I could see clearly now.

"Alarix?" I choked.

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