Bind Me

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|reject me, reject you|

Lila’s POV.

“Alarix?” I choked.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I blinked a few times, hoping that I was dreaming, hallucinating or something.

Alarix was laid on his bed with a blonde woman draped over his body. They were both fully clothed, but she was embracing him intimately. From her scent, I could tell she was a vampire. This is who he’s replaced me with? This is his beloved?

I felt sick; bile was rising in my throat. I spoke to him not even twenty-four hours ago, and he’s already given up and not waited for me. Maybe their bonds aren’t as strong as ours... While I have been pining for him and in a constant state of panic and worry, he’s decided our bond means jack shit to him and moved on to someone better suited to him.

This was a bad idea. I shouldn’t have come. I’m done with him... He can do whatever he wants. I clearly mean very little to him.

"Lila, where are you?" Mum’s voice rang out in my head.

I turned to go back out of the window when the light flicked on. I sucked in a breath and froze, staring at the window. The scent of vampires filled my senses. I shuddered and screwed my eyes shut. I’m screwed.

A high-pitched, dry giggle sounded out from behind me. “Ah, I was expecting you, little wolfie.” I shivered and not in a good way as the deep, raspy voice chuckled.

“I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay away from Alarix.” He mocked.

"I’m at Alarix’s. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come without you... I should have waited. Mum... You need to send everyone; they’ve caught me." I linked back before shutting down the link. I couldn’t let the vampires know I was communicating with the pack... I don’t know if they know about the mindlink.

I turned around, facing a man and woman, who I’m assuming are the awful parents.

“Of course I wouldn’t stay away... Our mates are sacred even if you don’t feel the same way about your beloveds.” I spat, my voice laced with so much venom directed at Alarix.

I glanced over at them. Alarix and the woman were now sat up, rubbing their eyes. Even in his sleepy state, he was handsome, and all I wanted to do was throw myself at him. Damn stupid bond was making it impossible to be angry with him.

He looked at his parents with his brows raised. The woman curled her arm around his. He glanced at her before pulling away and frowning. He looked shocked that she was in bed with him. I rolled my eyes and snorted.

His eyes snapped to me, and he gasped. Panic spread across his face before he glared at me. His look was so cold and void, I shuddered.

When I came here, I wasn’t expecting this at all. I pictured running into each other’s arms, not finding him in bed with another woman.

We were locked in a trance, our eyes were fixed on each other. His eyes were red and I knew my eyes were black. Lola was forward and she was itching to go to him. I wanted to either rip his throat out or rip his clothes off.

“Son... Don’t you have something to say to her.” His dad asked breaking our trance. I glanced at his dad and frowned at him.

“You didn’t really think he was going to take you as his beloved, did you?” He smirked at me.

I sucked in a breath and bit my tongue to stop me from crying. Alarix cleared his throat, getting everyone’s attention. He took a deep breath before he stood up.

He came towards me and stood in front of me. My senses were engulfed with his scent... I cringed and tried backing away. His usual petrichor and peppermint was mixed with lavender... Her scent and it was vile... It was making me insanely jealous.

A low, ferocious growl slipped out. He flinched a little before recovering himself. He wasn’t showing me any emotion, he was staring at me like I was an inconvenience in his life.

“I don’t... I don’t want you.” He declared. “I’d never want my beloved to be a wolf." He scoffed.

“Reject her, Rixxy and we can finally be together.” I looked over at the blonde woman and she smirked at me. I snarled at her and she flinched back.

I chuckled humourlessly and smirked at her. I glanced back at Alarix and glared at him. “What’s your full name?” I questioned. My voice came out clear and strong even though inside I was falling apart.

Stood in front of me was my mate... My mate who was supposed to love me no matter what. My mate who was supposed to be completely mine and my other half. How have I been destined for someone this evil.

“What? Why?” He choked.

“Because if you’re going to reject me, I’m going to need your name to reject you.” I snapped.

I didn’t want this.

I didn’t want this at all... My heart was breaking piece by piece. My breathing was getting out of control. I felt like I couldn’t breath, I was beginning to panic. If we reject each other, I will no longer have a mate... I’ll be alone forever. I won’t be given a second chance mate like my parents did. I’m in the prophecy, my fate is him.

We are supposed to be together, it was foretold. The gods or whoever aren’t going to give me another mate. The prophecy of him sacrificing himself and me being left with a pup isn’t going to happen... I guess it’s better this way. I’ll get over losing the bond with him, but I’d never get over losing him through death.

“Father, I can’t reject her when she’s having a panic attack.” Alarix groaned. “Let me put her downstairs until she’s calmed down.” He added.

I started clawing at my breath. My chest was constricting, I couldn’t catch my breath. Alarix reached for me and I stumbled back, wincing. My mindlink was being poked at, my head was spinning and I was seeing double vision.

I quickly opened my mindlink, ”Mum, he’s rejecting me." I choked through the link.

"We’re here, baby." Mum’s voice was the last thing I heard before everything went black.

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