Bind Me

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|freaking speedy vampire|

Lila’s POV


I groaned out loud, gritting my teeth together. Out of everyone, why did it have to be him?

I peeped down, making sure the hoodie was covering me the best it could. Butterflies exploded in my stomach as I realised he gave me his hoodie... I know I probably only got it because I was naked in front of him, but the simple gesture warmed my heart.

From what I could see of him... He looked taller than me, so his hoodie should have covered me nicely... If I wasn’t curled in an inconvenient position.

I had to fight against every impulse not to lift the hoodie to my face. I could smell his scent all over me and the hoodie... The hoodie is my new favourite thing.

“Go get my mum, Damon.” I sighed.

“Why? I can help you.” He chortled as I heard him moving forward. I snarled in warning, twisting my head to stare at him.

He held his hands up in surrender and snorted before jogging away through the gates.

He’d carried me back to the pack. I felt relieved he didn’t just leave me out in the middle of nowhere. After all, it was his fault Lola had subconsciously followed him.

Maybe we could have a chance. I mean, he came back, or maybe he never left. He could have watched me from a distance to see what I’d do... I bet he wasn’t expecting to get an eyeful of my body, though.

I sighed, closing my eyes. I could still feel his hands on my body... My skin was tingling with the thoughts of him touching me again. I wish I had looked at him now... I couldn’t see his features that well. I couldn’t picture him. The only thing etched into my memory was his eyes... Red is my new favourite colour.

“Lila... What happened?” My dad’s panicked voice tore me from my thoughts.

I reopened my eyes, peeping up. My whole family were standing over me with concerned expressions. My dad wrinkled his nose before his eyes went wide. “You’ve met him, haven’t you?” He challenged.

I tugged my bottom lip between my teeth as I nodded. I know they’ll be asking questions, but I also know they won’t push for answers. They’ll let me go at my own pace.

“Ok... Guys, go inside.” Mum ushered everyone away with a shooing motion with her hands.

She smiled warmly down at me before she kneeled in front of me. She didn’t speak; she sat quietly and waited for me to start. I loved that about her; she would wait however long it took for someone to open up to her.

I grasped the front of the hoodie to make sure it didn’t fall as I sat up. I took a long, exasperated breath. “I don’t think he wants me, mum.” I whimpered.

She drew in a short breath and sighed. She set her hand over mine and offered me a small smile. “Let’s get you inside.” She whispered.

I felt like I had no energy; like, it had been absorbed by him when we touched. My limbs were throbbing, pins and needles were darting up and down everywhere. It was the mate bond... We’ve touched, the bond has started to develop. It’s only going to get worse.

I don’t know anything about vampire’s beloved bonds... Will he feel the effects? Will it drive him insane being away from me... Or is it all going to be one-sided?

Am I going to suffer while he carries on blissfully oblivious?

Mum spun around as I promptly pulled the hoodie over me. I lifted the front, burying my face into it. I breathed in his scent... Everything smelled like him; the hoodie, my skin. I’m not going to bathe for a while, so I can still have his scent over me... I’m exaggerating slightly; I’m not going to wash his hoodie, though.

I dragged myself up. The hoodie fell just below my bum. I need to be careful; otherwise, the pack will be getting an eyeful, and I definitely don’t want Damon to see anything.

Mum joined her arm through mine and pulled me towards the gate. Luna Mila wandered into view, holding out some clothes. I smiled at her. I took the sweatpants from her but shook my head to the teeshirt. She smirked and nodded at me.

“I’ve set up the guest bedroom in my house for you... It’s private, and you’ll be left alone. You look completely wiped out.” She stated. “I guess you’ll be staying for a while?” She directed her question to mum.

Mum sighed, glanced at me before nodding. I hated that she had to be in a place she disliked because of me. I’ll tell her we can leave tomorrow; I’m too exhausted to deal with the long-ass travelling today.

It’s not like he’s interested in me... So, it’s best for me if I put distance between us both.

“That’s ok... isn’t it?” She queried, staring at Mila.

“Are you kidding?” She squawked. “I get to keep you for a few more days,” she chuckled.

Mum giggled at her. “Ayla... You know you’re welcome here anytime.” She commented.

I gazed at them and smiled to myself. They don’t see each other as much as they would want but when they are together... It’s like they’ve never been apart.

“Is your house soundproof, Mila?” I raised my brow at her and stifled a giggle as mum glared at me.

She furrowed her brows at me and nodded. “Good... Because I’ve still yet to replace my earphones.” I explained.

“Lila...” Mum groaned.

I never let them live it down... Our house wasn’t always fully soundproofed, and I overheard things I never want to hear again. I used to put my earphones in to drown out the sounds. It got to the point where I could tell when I needed to use them... They gave each other disturbing looks, and that was my cue.

I snickered as Milas's face brightened up in entertainment. “Ah... She’s heard you and Leon.” She sniggered.

I nodded and gave her a nauseated look. “Ok, enough of that. Lila, get some rest. Try not to worry, baby,” Mum expressed.

I took a short, shaky breath. “I know my way to your house,” I mentioned. “I’ll see you later.” I gave them both a little wave before heading towards the house.

I mindlessly sauntered down the street. I couldn’t block him from my mind. I used to dream about my mate until I found out about the prophecy.

Mum and dad were told about the prophecy when I was three. Levi and I were destined to a warlock and a vampire. Mum wasn’t pregnant at the time; she fell pregnant six months after the prophecy was foretold.

It’s said something is coming, and we’re the key to ending it. Levi’s mate is Elias, he’s the warlock, and they are so sickly in love. The prophecy worked out for them... Me, on the other hand, my mate couldn’t get far enough away from me.

I know he must have been confused, especially if he didn’t know about the prophecy, but he didn’t look that shocked. Mating between species hasn’t ever been heard of. So to mate a vampire and a werewolf together, it’s bound to stir up trouble.

But if he doesn’t want me... I’m not going to chase him; not that I could, he’s a freaking speedy vampire.

I'll deal with whatever is coming alone... I've been alone for six years; I can be for more.

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