Bind Me

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|where you go, i go|

Alarix POV.

“Are you going back to England?” I questioned as we walked hand in hand through the forest.

We were going back to the pack. Everyone else had set off already; they were giving us some time together. I feel slightly awkward. I’ve been dreaming of being with her for the past few days, and all we’ve done since we started walking is steal glances at each other.

I know she wants to ask about Darcie, and she does deserve to know what happened. Not that anything did happen. I want to know what my king meant too. King of all species... Was I meant to become a leader? A king?

“I am.” She whispered. Her voice was small and anxious. I squeezed her hand and stopped walking, turning her to face me. She was biting on her bottom lip. She looked nervous and worried.

“Look, I know what I said before back in my bedroom... I never meant it, Lila. I’m honoured that you’re my beloved.” I sighed.

She’s unsure of my feelings for her. I know it’s my fault she is, but I hate myself right now. If I could let her into my mind, she would definitely understand my feelings and how deep they go.

“No... That’s not what’s wrong. I know you’re sincere...” She hesitated. “Um, are you staying in America or?” She muttered.

I chuckled and shook my head. “Lila, I’d follow you to the ends of the earth... Where you go, I go.” I declared.

She let out a breath of relief then curled her arms around my back. I wrapped one hand around her back, tangling my other hand in her hair.

“I don’t know how your mate bonds work... I don’t know if they work the same way as ours, but Lila, you are everything to me. I want nothing more than to make you happy.” I proclaimed.

She leaned up and pressed her lips to mine. I hummed, pulling her closer. I held my breath as she swiped her tongue against my bottom lip. I’ve never kissed someone before... Even when I have fed, I’ve never been intimate in any way. This is exciting but equally terrifying.

She slid her tongue into my mouth. I gasped and pulled away as my fangs threatened to come out. I kept my hands on her face and brushed my thumbs back and forth against her cheeks.

“Our bonds... Our bonds are the same, I think.” She whispered breathlessly.

I nodded because I couldn’t speak. I pressed my lips in a tighter line. My fangs were out, and I wasn’t sure if she would be comfortable kissing me with them out or even comfortable with them.

“Show me,” she whispered.

I raised my brow at her. She rolled her eyes, “I know why you pulled away, and I know why you aren’t actually speaking right now.” She commented. “Your fangs are out.” She explained.

I took a deep breath, closing my eyes. I parted my lips, letting my fangs hang over my bottom lip. I’ve never been ashamed of being a vampire. But right now, I wish I was like Lila.

Right now, I wish I was a wolf.

I felt her thumb brush across my bottom lip. I dragged in a ragged breath. She was edging closer to my fangs. I opened my eyes and stared at her. Her expression was giving nothing away.

I didn’t want her to be disgusted by me. I held my breath as she reached her other hand up and placed both on my neck. “We’re the same.” She whispered before planting her lips firmly against mine.

I gripped her waist and tugged her flush against me. A strangled growl slipped out as she swiped her tongue over my fangs. “Don’t feel embarrassed, Rix.” She muttered against my lips.

The sound of my name coming from her mouth sounded amazing, but the use of my nickname had me wishing we were somewhere more private. I moaned, pushing my tongue into her mouth. I gasped and pulled back as I felt something sharp.

“See... We may be different species, but we are the same... I have sharp teeth too.” She grinned, showing off her canines.

I groaned, clenching and unclenching my fists together. She was stunning, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and with her canines out, she was fucking gorgeous.

“We need to... Um, get to the pack.” I stammered.

We need to go. We need to go to the pack and be around people. Right now, I want nothing more than to sink my teeth into her and take her right now. But she deserves romance, not a fumble in the forest.

Her eyes travelled south and zoomed in on my crotch. I sucked in a breath and shook my head, chuckling.

“Um, yes... Let’s go.” She blurted. I saw her eyes flicker to black for a second. I’m guessing that means her wolf is pushing through. I want to meet her wolf properly, but I’ll let her go at her own pace with that.

We continued walking to the pack. She kept glancing at me, now and again. I linked my fingers through hers and squeezed her hand.

“Are you hungry?” she asked.

“No, I’m ok,” I answered, smiling down at her.

“I mean, do you need to feed?” She asked again, glancing at me from the corner of her eye.

I held my breath and shook my head. “I’m good, I promise.” I smiled at her.

“If you need to feed... You don’t have to hide it from me.” She mentioned.

I smiled brightly at her, “it doesn’t freak you out? That I have to have blood to survive?” I questioned.

She shook her head and giggled. “Why would it? I need you to be alive.” She chuckled.

I leaned down and kissed her cheek. “You’re amazing; you know that?” He smiled.

She smirked and nodded. “If you ever need to feed... You can feed on me.” She whispered.

I held my breath and sighed. “I only feed on animals... The humans were a one-off. I needed to do that, but I didn’t like it.” I groaned.

She smirked at me and giggled. “What?” I raised my brow, asking.

“Well... I’m not a human,” she chuckled. “I’m an animal.” She winked.

I groaned and gritted my teeth together. “I won’t push, don’t worry.” She expressed.

“The pack is just through those trees... We’ll stay here tonight and travel back to England tomorrow.” She mentioned wrapping her arm around my back and resting her head on my shoulder.

“Am I going to be welcomed?” I asked nervously, circling my thumb on her waist. I still can’t believe she’s mine. I have been blessed with the most amazing beloved.

I’m terrified of not being accepted into her pack. I don’t want Lila to have to pick between any of us. She said the bonds are the same, so if she was made to choose, I know for a fact she’d choose me because it’s exactly what I would do.

I’d chose her over everything.

“They’ll accept you, don’t worry. The prophecy is important in my pack.” She replied. “And you are an important part of our pack, and you’re my mate. Alarix, you’re important to me, and I’ll be damned if I’m ever away from you again.” She professed.

I smiled at her as she stopped and grabbed my hand, placing it over her heart. "This belongs to you." She breathed.

I took a deep breath and nodded. "I'm forever yours." I expressed

“Are you ready to meet my family?” She grinned.

I took a deep breath as she led me through the gates of the pack.

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