Bind Me

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|hold me|

Lila’s POV

“Mum, Dad, this is Alarix... My mate.” I announced, smiling up at him.

Dad held his hand out, and Alarix just stared at it. “Shake his hand,” I whispered, giggling.

He placed his hand in my dad’s, “it’s nice to meet you, Alpha.” Alarix greeted.

“Please, call me Leon. I’m so glad you’re finally here.” Dad smiled at him.

Dad smiled at me before mouthing, ”I’m happy for you."

I knew they’d welcome him. I’ve been waiting for this moment for six years. To be able to introduce my mate to my family.

Mum grabbed ahold of Alarix’s hand and smiled sweetly at him. “I’m Ayla. It’s so lovely to meet you.” She greeted.

“Hi.” He greeted sheepishly.

He looked a little overwhelmed and bewildered. I don’t think he expected them to be so welcoming. I don’t know how he’s going to cope going back to my pack. They’re going to swarm all over him. I’ll have to get dad to warn the pack before we get back.

“We’ll see you tomorrow, kids. We’re going to get some sleep; it’s been a long few days.” Dad yawned.

“Um, thank you for what you did... You know, getting me out of there.” Alarix blurted wearily.

“I’m so happy for you both.” Mum cooed, holding both mine and Alarix’s hand. “You’re family now, Alarix.” She smiled at him.

“Thank you, mum.” I grinned.

They nodded and smiled before walking off. I turned to Levi and Elias. Elias was smirking at us while Levi had his arms crossed across his chest with his brows furrowed.

"Levi... Be nice." I pleaded through our link.

Elias stepped forward and nudged Alarix’s shoulder, “It’s nice to meet you. I’m Elias.” He grinned.

“You aren’t a wolf?” I wasn’t sure if Alarix stated or questioned it. Elias chuckled and shook his head. “I’m a witch.” He smirked.

“A warlock?” Alarix choked.

“No... A witch.” Elias corrected, rolling his eyes.

I glanced at Alarix. He looked nervous. Levi was still glaring at him. I growled lowly at Levi. He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Alarix, chuckling. “Welcome to the family, bro.” He quipped.

I heard Alarix let out a breath, and relief flashed across his face. “Levi, you’re not funny.” I groaned. Alarix chuckled and circled one arm around Levi’s back awkwardly.

I heard Alarix let out a breath, and relief passed through his face. “Levi, I’m going to kill you.” I groaned.

“It’s my duty to wind him up... He’s family now.” Levi chuckled. “But, really, I’m glad you’re here.” He breathed out in relief as he pulled away from him.

“I’m... Um,” Alarix nervously chuckled as I linked my fingers through his, hoping to give him some comfort.

"Okaaay... We’re going.” I grunted. “You’re making him uncomfortable.” I shook my head, giggling.

Levi smirked at me as he opened his mouth; Elias slapped his over Levi’s mouth and yanked him back. “We’ll see you tomorrow.” Elias chuckled as he dragged Levi away.

I chuckled before turning to Alarix. I smiled up at him; he gave me a small smile. “Are you ok?” I asked. “I know they can be a little... full-on,” I muttered.

“I’m good, I promise.” He replied, brushing his knuckles down my cheek. I leaned into his touch and sighed.

“I like your family.” He whispered. “It’s so different from my family... A good different.” He sighed.

A grin spread across my face, and I held my hand over his heart. “You’re one of us now, Rix,” I exclaimed.

He pulled my body flush against him. He gazed down at me, his eyes burning red as he swiped his tongue along his bottom lip. I pressed my thighs together and slowly tucked my bottom lip between my teeth.

“Fuck, Lila, don’t do that.” He groaned before crashing his lips against mine.

The kiss was slow but deep and passionate. His arms were wrapped around my back, holding me against him. The feelings I was getting from his kiss was making me lightheaded.

I drew back and rested my forehead on his. I dragged in deep breaths trying to calm my racing heart and the tingly feelings down south.

“I like when you call me Rix.” He whispered, gazing into my eyes.

I smiled at him and stood on my tiptoes, placing a chaste kiss on hip lips. “Come on. Let’s go, Rix.” I winked at him as I linked my fingers through his.

We started strolling down the street. I wasn’t sure where he was staying. I didn’t know if he’d be allowed to stay in the Alpha’s house with me.

"Mum, where is Alarix staying?" I linked her. She’ll probably know, or she can ask Luna Mila for me.

I want him to stay with me. I want to lay in his arms and wake up next to him. I want to be completely consumed with his scent, but I don’t know how Alpha Mateo would feel having Alarix in his house. Not because he’s a vampire but because he’s a stranger to everyone.

"There’s a room in the packhouse for him, or he can stay with you." She replied... I could hear the amusement in her voice. She definitely knows what I’m going to choose.

"Thanks, mum," I answered.

"Be safe, Lila." She added.

"Mum, he won’t hurt me." I sighed. Alarix was staring at me with a puzzled expression. I guess he doesn’t know about our mindlink. I’ll definitely have to tell him, especially for when we complete the bond.

"No... I meant, be safe as in being safe if you complete the bond." She chuckled.

I cringed and quickly shut the link down. I didn’t need to talk about the birds and the bees with my mum. I’m not planning on completing the bond just yet. I wanted to, hell a part of me needs to, but the minute we do, it seals our fate. The undoing will begin, and I’ll be one step closer to losing him.

I’m going to hold out for as long as possible... I’m not ready for the inevitable.

“So, you have a choice... There’s a room in the packhouse set up for you, or you can stay with me.” I mentioned.

"He needs to stay with us," Lola whined.

I agree with her, but I want him to have the choice. I want him to know his choices and feelings matter to me. “I want you to stay with me... But I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable or anything.” I muttered.

“I want to stay with you.” He answered, glancing at me sheepishly. I nodded and pulled him along with me.

I pushed open the door to the bedroom and stepped inside. He followed me in and stood awkwardly in the doorway.

“Close the door,” I whispered.

He reached his hand out and gripped the door handle. His hands were shaking; he was nervous too. It felt strange but a good feeling being in a room with him. The air felt thick, and the need to throw myself at him was almost too much to bear.

“I’ll sleep on the sofa.” He commented as he started making the sofa more comfortable.

“You can sleep in the bed... It’s big enough.” I giggled.

He shook his head, taking a deep breath. He pulled his teeshirt off and laid it on the back of the sofa. I sucked in a breath as his muscles flexed. I peeled my eyes off him as I hurried to the bathroom, “I’m going to get changed.” I blurted.

I shut the bathroom door and paced back and forth. What am I going to do? He’s in there looking all sexy. I groaned and rested my head against the door.

I took a deep breath and straightened my back. It’s time to pull my big girl panties up and control my damn hormones. I quickly got changed into some sweatpants and a tank top. I pulled my hair down my shoulder and braided it.

It’s one thing I remember from first meeting my mum... Her hair was in a braid down her shoulder. I used to say she looked like Elsa from Frozen. It’s something I’ve picked up from her; it’s like my signature hairstyle.

I smoothed my clothes down before taking a deep breath then heading back into the room. I glanced around; he was laid on his back on the sofa with a blanket draped over his body. I shook my head subtly as I made my way over to the bed.

I pulled the blanket back and climbed in. I laid on my back, staring at the ceiling. Our breathing was in sync; every time I took a deep breath, he did. I sighed and sat up.

“Alarix?” I muttered.

He glanced at me and raised his brow. He’s here with me but seems so far away. “Please, will you come and lay with me?” I whispered.

He sighed and sat up. He sauntered over to the bed. It wasn’t a particularly seductive walk, but my mind was going haywire with the way he was coming towards me. He pulled the blanket back next to me and climbed in. “Look, I’m not expecting anything.” He explained.

I smiled at him, shaking my head. “I just want you to hold me; is that ok?” I asked.

“Of course, I’d love nothing more than that.” He replied, smiling at me.

I laid down and turned on my side. He laid behind me and draped his arm over me. I sucked in a breath as the tingles danced around my body. He entwined our fingers together. I pulled our hands up to my chest as he snuggled in closer.

“I need to know about the prophecy and everything about you.” He mumbled.

I nodded and sighed. “Not yet, though. Sleep, beautiful.” He pressed his lips to my shoulder. My whole body shivered. I forced away the thoughts and feelings. It felt amazing being in his arms. Everything seemed right. It’s like he’s filled a hole I didn’t know I had.

I finally feel complete.

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