Bind Me

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Lila’s POV

“So... Do you like this house?” I asked apprehensively, scratching the back of my neck, standing in the middle of the kitchen.

I absolutely adore the house. It’s been built and decorated to my taste, but I don’t know if it’s to Alarix’s liking. He didn’t give anything away as we looked around. He kept an indifferent expression on his face throughout the whole tour.

“It’s, um, huge.” He drawled, gawking around the kitchen. His eyes were wide, and his mouth was slightly parted.

I followed his eyes, taking in all the details. The kitchen was modern and classy. It was all black and white with a white marble finish on the countertops. Patio doors were leading to a beautiful massive back garden.

“But do you like it? Do you want to live here?” I breathed. I want him to feel relaxed with me. I want him to feel like this is his home as much as mine.

He spun around, lifting his brow at me. “I’ve already said... Wherever you are, that’s where I want to be.” He smirked.

I rolled my eyes, giggling. “Yes, but you’re living here too, so you need to like it.” I groaned. “Anything you want to change? Like, absolutely anything at all?” I inquired.

He chuckled, shaking his head before standing in front of me and grinning. “This house is unquestionably remarkable.” He nodded. “I don’t want to change anything... Babe, I’m easy.” He chuckled.

I blushed, feeling my cheek heat up. I loved that he used a pet name. I bobbed my head and snickered. “Nothing?” I asked, smirking.

“Maybe the pink bedroom.” He muttered. I giggled and grinned. “Of course. We can redecorate our bedroom.” I replied.

A huge smile spread across his face. “What?” I furrowed my brows at him.

“You called it our bedroom.” He grinned.

I stepped in front of him and chuckled. “What’s mine is yours.” I smiled softly up at him.

He placed his hand just below my jaw and stroked his thumb along my cheek. “Same goes for you... Although, I don’t have anything to share with you.” He whispered, staring down at me.

I shook my head, moving forward to close the distance between us. “You do,” I breathed. “Your life... You share your life with me.” I circled my arms around his neck.

He tipped his head forward, pressing his forehead to mine and smiled shyly at me. “You’re amazing, do you know that?” He chuckled huskily.

I could feel his breath on my face. His lips were so close, I could move an inch forward, and I’d feel the incredible sensation of touching him. The air around us felt thick; it was almost suffocating and felt static. My skin felt prickly, and my stomach was bubbling with anticipation.

The bonds work in mysterious ways. The urge to be with him completely is so overwhelming. “How are you feeling... Right now?” I whispered.

He sucked in a sharp breath. “Like I really, really want you.” He moaned.

A low growl slipped past my mouth. We need a distraction or at least some distance between us. Before I could step back, he gripped my waist, holding me against him. “I just want to feel you against me for a few more minutes.” He sighed.

I sighed, pushing my fingers through his hair and pushing my body against his. “I like being in your arms.” I breathed.

He leaned forward, his face inching closer and closer. I knew what he wanted, and I wanted it too, but I don’t think I’d be able to stop myself. “If you kiss me, I don’t think I could hold back.” I whimpered, clinging onto his shirt.

“Would that be so bad?” He whispered, tracing his thumb against my bottom lip. “I want to kiss you... Nothing else.” He grinned.

I reached up and crashed my lips against his. He gasped, threading his fingers through my hair. “I’ll never get used to the feeling of kissing you.” He muttered against my lips before spinning me around and caging me between his body and the countertop.

His hands were roaming all over my body. We were clawing at each other; I couldn’t get closer to him. My canines were threatening to elongate; the pressure was too much. “We... Need to... St-stop.” I panted breathlessly.

I sucked on his bottom lip before letting it go. “Five more minutes.” He groaned before holding my head still and deepening the kiss. I moaned lowly as his tongue found mine.

"We need to talk when you’ve settled in. Get some rest... We’ll see you in a few hours." Dads voice appeared in my head, causing me to shriek and pull back.

“What’s up? Did I hurt you?” He questioned. He pulled back and searched my eyes. His fangs were out; he must have thought he caught me.

“Sorry...” I sighed, “my dad mind linked me, and it startled me,” I groaned.

“You can get a mindlink whenever and whatever you are doing?” He raised his brow.

“So you know... I will put up the block for any future activities.” I chuckled awkwardly.

“That’s good to know.” He chuckled with a subtle smirk on his face. “What did he say?” He asked, spinning us around. He leaned back against the countertop, wrapping his arms around me.

I placed my forehead on his against and sighed. “I’m in for a lecture.” I groaned.

“Why?” He asked quietly while drawing invisible circles on the little exposed skin on my back.

“When I came for you... I came alone.” I mumbled.

I’m surprised they’re giving us some time before they chastise me. I did not only go against my Alpha, but I also went against my parents, and to me, that is much worse.

“You came on your own? Did you have a death wish?” He choked.

I chuckled and shook my head. “No... I couldn’t bear to be away from you, especially knowing I was so close to you.” I sighed.

He pressed his lips against my forehead tenderly. He planted little kisses all over my face before landing on my lips. He pulled back and gazed down at me. “As insane as that was... I am glad you came.” He whispered.

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