Bind Me

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|make me yours|

Lila’s POV

I pulled him along to the bedroom without breaking our kiss. As soon as we entered the bedroom, he spun me around and shoved me against the door, closing it.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled between kisses. “I should have told you I needed to feed. I was embarrassed.” He whispered, pulling away and staring down at me.

“It’s ok... This is new for us both.” I smiled up at him. “We’ve been living in different worlds... We need to learn to join them together.” I continued.

I liked my fingers through his and led him towards the bed. I sat on the edge and scooted back. I patted the space beside me. “Are you sure?” He asked as he sat beside me.

I nodded and leaned up. “I’ve never been so sure of anything.” I breathed before climbing over him and straddling his waist.

“You know once the bond is complete, the...” I pressed my lips against him firmly and hummed, wrapping my arms around his neck.

I know marking each other will start the undoing. The prophecy will come into play... We have some rough times ahead of us, but I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side. I would rather be with him completely for as long as I have him than be with him and not experience the true bond between us.

His hands instantly gripped my waist. His whole body was tense. He was breathing heavily. “Relax,” I whispered, planting small kisses on his chest.

He dragged in a shuddered breath and closed his eyes. I leaned up on my knees and pushed my hand between us, and palmed him over his boxers. He gasped, snapping his eyes open.

“No.” He blurted, grabbing my hand and stopping me. I frowned at him. “It can’t be like this... I won’t be able to control myself. I’m barely holding back right now.” He groaned.

I smiled at him, shaking my head before pushing my hand against his length again. “Don’t overthink... We don’t have to.”

“I want to... Fuck, I really want to, but it’ll be my first time. I want to savour it, and with the bloodlust, I won’t be able to.” He whispered, his cheeks turning a shade of red.

I pressed my lips against his and placed both hands on his neck. I rocked back and forth against him. “I’ve never done it before either.” I moaned against the kiss.

A low growl vibrated against me as he gripped my waist tighter. “See, you deserve hearts and flowers for your first time... Not just a quick fuck to get rid of this bloodlust.” He groaned as he pulled back.

I nodded and leaned forward, pressing my lips against his neck. I peppered kisses down his neck until I reached the spot where I’ll mark him. I swirled my tongue around as he shivered. I sucked gently on his neck as his hand travelled up my back before he threaded his fingers into my hair.

He tugged my head back. “Mark me... I can’t wait much longer.” He whinged.

I leaned forward as he thrust his hips against my centre. I gasped and moaned before sinking my canines into the crook of his neck. I stilled as all his emotions and thoughts flowed through me. He let out a long moan as his body convulsed against me. He was thrusting his hips up frantically, holding me in place.

I withdrew my canines and lapped around the mark. I pulled back and gazed down at him. He looked flush; his eyes were shining red.

“Wow.” He panted breathlessly. “I... I have no words. That was fucking amazing.” He chuckled breathlessly.

Once he has caught his breath, he flipped us over, so I was laid on the bed with him hovering over me. He brushed his nose along my throat, “I’ve wanted to do this from the moment I met you.” He moaned.

“Make me yours.” I moaned.

He claimed my lips tenderly as he stroked his fingers along my neck. He slowly peppered kisses along my jaw until he reached my neck. He circled his tongue along my neck; I moaned, craning my head to give him more access.

He pushed his fangs into my neck, causing a harsh, throaty growl to rumble from my chest as a hot searing pain rushed through my body. He hummed against my neck, eliciting an avalanche of emotions to wash over me.

The pain was quickly replaced with unimaginable pleasure. A long, loud moan left my lips as my lower abdomen tightened. He was rocking his hips against me, causing pressure to build. I groaned as my canines elongated again.

I leaned forward and sunk my canines back into his neck as I shook underneath him. Tears welled in my eyes as intense pleasure flooded my senses. My canines retracted as I fell back against the bed and moaned his name into the air as the pressure slowly released.

He withdrew his fangs and licked around the area before dropping his head down, resting against my chest. His breaths were coming out in pants. Eventually, his breathing calmed, and all I could hear was light breathing... He’d fallen asleep.

I pushed him off me gently. I gazed at him as he slept next to me. He looked peaceful; he looked better than he did. Feeding on me obviously did the trick. I sighed contentedly and dragged myself out of bed carefully.

I tiptoed out of the bedroom. I’m tired, but I’m too wound up to sleep. I made my way to the bathroom to get my phone. I haven’t spoken to Amari since I left abruptly. I know she’ll want all the gossip; if I’m honest, I could do with talking to someone.

I grabbed my phone and left the bathroom to go downstairs. I didn’t want to disturb Alarix; he must be exhausted. I pulled up Amari’s number and quickly sent her a message. I know she’ll still be awake.

I went into the kitchen and moved over to the fridge. I grabbed a bottle of water then moved to sit at the table. My parents must have asked someone to stock the house up as we were on our way. The house is full of everyday essentials and more.

I held it up in front of my face and zoomed in on my neck. I gazed in awe at the beautiful mark. The mark was faint, like all mate marks, but our species can see them clearly. There was a symbol that looked like a crest with a wolf’s head in the centre... I haven’t seen the symbol before. I’m excited to see what Alarix’s mark is like... If it’s the same as mine or different.

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