Bind Me

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Lila’s POV

I was in trouble. My dad was about to blow his top. He had a deep grimace on his face. I could practically see the steam coming from his ears. He was leaning back in his chair with his arms crossed over his chest. No matter what I say, he isn’t going to listen because I was in the wrong.

Although it all worked out, it could have gone an entirely different way than I wouldn’t be sitting here right now like a reprimanded pup.

“Dad... Before you say anything, can I tell you why I did it?” I murmured.

He groaned dramatically and shook his head. “I’m not happy about what you did. Actually, I’m beyond angry.” He fumed. I zoned out, no longer listening to his rant, and concentrated on the family portrait hanging behind him.

“I’m sorry I didn’t listen... that I disappointed you,” I mumbled, feeling my eyes tear up.

I hated knowing I’d disappointed my parents. He chuckled as he rose before coming over to me. He crouched down in front of me, taking hold of my hands.

“Did you even listen to me?” He smirked, squeezing my hands.

I shook my head lazily and gave him a narrow smile. “I said: I would have done the same thing if I was in your shoes. As reckless as it was, I’m just glad to have you back in one piece.” He exhaled with a smile.

I bowed my head, sighing. “How is Alarix settling in? Is he ok after last night?” He asked.

I glanced at him. He was rubbing his hand on the back of his neck stiffly. He’d have heard everything last night between Athan and me.

“He’s fine now... He still needs time to adjust, but I think he’s going to be alright.” I responded.

“Of course he is... He has you, and that’s all he’s ever going to need.” He expressed.

I grinned at him and snickered. “Um, I need to show you something,” I stated, pressing my fingers against my mark.

He smiled at me, tilting his head. “You’ve completed your bond. I can sense it...” He answered.

I snorted, shaking my head vigorously. “No! Well, I mean, yes. We marked each other, that’s all. We didn’t-”

“Lila, you’re twenty-two. Even if you completed your bond, you’re an adult.” He chuckled. “Just spare me any details.” He groused, screwing face up.

I giggled, shaking my head. I stood up and moved over to him. “I wanted to show you my mark.” I pointed out. “I’ve seen nothing like it.”

“Two species have never been bonded until you and your brother. Alarix could mark you whereas Elias couldn’t mark Levi, so I figured you would have a unique mark seen as your bond is unique.” He shrugged.

I swept my hair across my neck on the opposite side of my mark. “Look...” I cocked my head to the side as he leaned down to inspect my mark. “Hmm.” He mumbled.

“What? Do you know what that crest is?” I urged, stepping backwards.

“I’m not sure...” He mused. “King Darius will be here later, so you can ask him.” He commented.

I dropped back down onto the chair. “Why is he coming back?” I asked, pouting.

He raised his eyebrow at me and gave me a dubious expression. He was acting like it was obvious, and I should know why.

“The prophecy, darling.” He rolled his eyes and chuckled.

I’m so over the damn prophecy. Why can’t we drop the prophecy for a little while? Just until Alarix and I get to know each other. If the prophecy plays out, and I lose Alarix... Why can’t we spend the time we have together not fretting about our fucking destinies?

I nodded and sighed. I’ll see him... I’ll be polite, but I’m telling him to leave us be.

“Dad, there’s something I need to tell you... about the prophecy.” I whispered.

He gripped my hand and pulled me up. “Come on, let’s sit on the settee.” He signalled his head towards the other side of the room.

“I know you’re scared, sweetheart.” He sighed as we sat on the sofa.

“I’m not scared. Dad, I’m petrified.” I whimpered.

I have told no one apart from Alarix about the rest of the prophecy. If I’m to get through this... I’m going to need everyone.

I’m going to need everybody to fight against the prophecy. I need to save him, even if it means sacrificing myself. I had an amazing upbringing. I have people that will fight for and with me. Alarix hasn’t had that, not really. I want him to have a happy life. I want him to survive.

I need him to survive.

“You’ll always have your mate by your side.” He smiled.

“That’s not true.” I gasped. “Melanie, the seer told me the rest of the prophecy,” I uttered. He settled his palm over my hand, waiting for me to continue. “The king will offer me something that I have to accept... It will be paramount to my survival,” I revealed.

He lifted his brows at me before gesturing me to go on. “Alarix will sacrifice himself in the final battle, leaving behind me and... Our baby,” I whispered, clutching my dad’s hands.

“Lila... are you pregnant?” He choked.

“What? No!” I exclaimed, rolling my eyes. Out of everything I just said, that’s the only point he picked up on. I huffed and took a deep breath. “When the final battle takes place, I will have one heir, and Alarix is going to leave me.” I snapped.

My eyes were stinging as tears distorted my vision. I forced back the tears as much as I could. “Oh, darling. No future is set in stone. There are ways we can keep you both safe.” He sighed, draping his arms around my back and drawing me against him.

“How?” I stifled, covering my face against my dad’s chest. “Prophecies play out; you know this better than anybody.” I sobbed.

He sighed, resting his head on mine. “That was our prophecy... this is yours. Change your destiny, Lila.” He soothed, stroking his hand along my arm. “Your mum will be on her lunch right now.” He mentioned as he drew back. “Go meet her at the hospital.” He suggested.

"What’s wrong? I can feel it." Alarix panicked through the link.

"I’m ok, don’t worry. Enjoy your day. I’ll see you later." I answered.

"Just say the words, baby, and I’ll come back right now... not one hundred per cent certain where I am, but I’ll always find my way back to you."

The conviction in his tone made me smile. ”I told my dad about the prophecy. I got a little upset, but I’m good now. I’m going to meet my mum for lunch, so I’ll see you when you’re home." I retorted.

"Home... I like that. See you later, baby."

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