Bind Me

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|vampire versus dark wolf|

Elias’ POV

“What do you mean?” I gasped.

“I don’t fucking think so.” Levi snapped.

“Why not somewhere hot? Chamonix in France is freezing.” Lila questioned.

“I don’t understand.” Alarix choked.

“Kids, listen to him.” Alpha Leon sighed.

We are all in the conference room for the meeting with the king. Levi and Lila are sat next to me, with Alarix seated next to Lila. The King, the seer and the witch are opposite us. The Alpha, Luna and Beta are sat at the head of the table.

“We need to get you out of here as soon as possible. There’s an army assembling to take you down... They’re coming.” King Darius shot, glowering at us.

“It’s not like we aren’t ready for them,” Levi growled. I placed my hand on his thigh and squeezed. “We’ve been training our entire life for this,” I argued.

“Witches, wolves and vampires have joined together.” Natalia sighed. “We are not equipped to fight against them... We don’t have the numbers.” She continued.

I don’t know about the vampires or the witches, but I know we have enough wolves to create an army. Neighbouring packs would join us.

“So, what’s your solution? Send us to France?” I chuckled before rolling my eyes.

“My home is in France. I won’t be leaving without at least Lila. She needs to be safe.” King Darius grunted.

“So, you’re saying you’ll use force if required?” I questioned, furrowing my eyebrows. I dug my fingers into Levi’s thigh to stop him from moving. It was also to ground me... I couldn’t lose control. Not here, not now.

“You aren’t taking her anywhere.” Alarix hissed.

“Melanie informed me about your prophecy.” He noted, focusing on Lila.

I peered towards the head of the table. Alpha Leon and Luna Ayla were looking at each other sadly. I looked over at Lila as she dragged in ragged gasps.

“Is there more to the prophecy?” Levi and I asked at the same time. Whatever it is, isn’t good. It upset both the Alpha and Luna, Lila looks heartbroken, and Alarix seems defeated.

Lila was gripping the table so hard it was splintering. Alarix covered his hands over hers and forced her to look at him. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear. She visibly relaxed and slumped against his chest.

“In the final battle between species, Alarix will sacrifice himself, and I’ll have one heir... A hybrid.” Lila murmured, clinging onto Alarix. “The King will offer me something that is going to be paramount to my survival.” She appended with a sigh.

I gaped at them and sucked in a harsh breath. How is this fair? I mean, first, they bond different species together, which is incredible because I love that my destined is a wolf. But now, the fates are going to rip away Lila’s happiness... How is any of this fair?

“Is this the offer that will save my daughter?” Alpha Leon asked.

King Darius shook his head and sighed. “No... The offer she can decline; this she can’t. It’s in her best interest that she comes.” He answered.

He seems so calm. Not only that, he doesn’t seem so phased at all, considering he just declared in the presence of five wolves that he’s going to force someone to do something.

“She doesn’t have to do anything you say.” Alarix snarled. “Say she does go, and this army turns up... What if they kill us all?”

“Well, have you completed your bond?” He asked as his eyes flitted between their necks.

“We’ve marked each other,” Lila whispered.

“So you haven’t consummated the bond?” He questioned, raising his eyebrow.

I snickered and shook my head. “How is that any of your business?” I chuckled darkly, rolling my eyes.

“Darius, you’re a genius. If they haven’t, she can take another species as her mate.” Natalia grinned at the king.

Growls and snarls erupted around the room. My arm instantly draped over Levi’s chest, holding him back. Beta Wade and Alpha Leon were holding Luna Alya back. Melanie had her hand over her mouth and was gaping at Natalia.

“That was your plan, wasn’t it, your majesty?” Alarix hissed. His eyes were red, and his fangs were out. Lila was frozen. Her eyes were wide, and her mouth was hung open.

“Alarix... listen,” Darius exclaimed, holding his hands up in front of him defensively.

It all happened so quick. Alarix luged over the table, reaching for the king. He gripped his shirt and launched him across the room. He leapt over the table, but before he could reach the king, Alpha Leon grasped Alarix by the back of his shirt.

“Stop!” He commanded, yanking him back.

Alarix spun around and snarled at him before grasping his shoulders and tossing him across the room. He turned as Luna Ayla stood in front of him, growling at him.

“I will not hurt you.” He deadpanned. I paled and tightened my hold on Levi as he tried lunging forward. If we interfere, he could injure her. Alarix gently set his hands on Luna Ayla’s arms and lifted her before setting her down behind him.

He looked possessed. He grunted, nodded, then averted his attention back on the king. Beta wade helped Alpha Leon up before the Alpha made his way over to Lila. Natalia had her hand in the air and was muttering under her breath.

I glowered at her before swiping my palm through the air, summoning a burst of wind. Her eyes glowed silver as she huffed at me. “I see you’ve been practising.” She mumbled, rolling her eyes.

“Do we try to stop him?” Levi whispered, tugging on my arm. I glanced over at Alarix, who was leaned over the king, punching him in the face.

“No. He’s strong... We don’t know how powerful he is.” I murmured. “He’s in too much of a state... I don’t think he’ll listen to anyone but Lila.” I sighed.

“He’s going to kill him.” Levi shrieked as Alarix hauled the king up and shoved him against the window, causing him to crash straight through.

“We need Amari... She’s the only one who is capable of stopping Alarix without being hurt.” I suggested.

“I’ll get Amari...” Levi blurted as Alarix leapt out of the window.

I moved over to Lila as Levi ran out of the room. “Lila, come on, we need you.” I heard Alpha Leon say.

I crouched down beside her and grabbed hold of one of her hands. “What’s wrong with her?” I asked. She was staring straight ahead. It was like she didn’t know we were there.

“I think she’s in shock... The last few days are probably catching up to her.” Luna Ayla sighed, stroking Lila’s hair.

The only person who could help right now is the person we need help with. I groaned and picked up her other hand. “Lila, Alarix is in trouble. He needs you.” I squeezed her hands and waited for her to process what I said. It should work, hopefully.

Her eyes snapped to mine, and she gasped. “Where is he?” she fretted.

I pointed towards the window. “He flung the king out of the window,” I explained anxiously.

She jumped up and scrambled over to the door. She pulled open the door and hesitated as a howl travelled through the room. “That’s Amari.” Lila choked, whirling around to face us.

“We couldn’t stop him. Lila, he’s strong.” I sighed. “We needed her... He was going to do something he would have regretted.” I grunted.

“He doesn’t know about Dark Wolves”. She shrieked as she darted out of the room. She headed for the stairs. We were only on the second floor, so we’d make it outside in a few seconds.

We were close behind Lila as she fled down the stairs and out of the front door. I skidded to a stop as I gaped at Amari and Alarix. I glanced behind them. King Darius was lying a few feet away, unconscious and covered in blood.

Amari definitely wasn’t holding back in her wolf form. She was lunging at Alarix, and he kept eluding her attacks. He was incredible. His shirt had claw marks all over, but there were no visible wounds on him. She was either being cautious, healing him, or he was healing quick.

I was amazed. Vampire versus a Dark Wolf, it shouldn't have even been a fight. I've never seen anybody go up against Amari and win or at least last this long.

“Stop!” Lila screamed.

Alarix froze and turned towards us as Amari lunged at him, her paw swiped across his face. Alarix went down as Amari covered his body with hers. A red glow surrounded them.

Lila rushed forward and collapsed onto her knees next to him. “Thank you, Amari.” She exhaled as Amari rolled off Alarix.

“Alarix, open your eyes.” Lila gently shook him. Amari had shifted and was helping King Darius.

Alarix groaned before pulling himself up. “He’s amazing,” I whispered, grinning at Levi.

Levi let out a small growl and stepped in front of me. He frowned at me as his eyes flashed black. “Are you jealous, Mr Morris?” I smirked.

He grunted and cupped his hand around the back of my collar. “Oh my god, you so are.” I chortled. “Don’t worry... It’s always going to be you,” I proclaimed.

We all went back into the packhouse to give them some time alone. “That was the toughest fight I have ever had...” Amari gasped as she wandered into the kitchen.

We all turned and watched her as she leaned against the counter. “He kept up with my wolf. No one has even been able to do that.” She beamed.

“Is he ok?” Alpha Leon asked.

“He’s apologized... He’s ashamed at his outburst.” She replied.

"Oh, everyone loses it at one point." Levi chuckled as Lila sauntered into the kitchen. She stopped by the table and set her palms on the table. She looked perplexed.

"What's up, sweetheart?" Alpha Leon asked.

She dragged her hands down her face before bowing her head. “Um... I think the king... has just made his offer.” She spluttered.

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