Bind Me

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|they're here|

Levi’s POV

“Is his offer paramount to your survival?” Dad asked, stepping towards Lila.

She exhaled and shrugged. “Alarix is talking to him now.” She explained.

“What did he offer?” I queried, leaning my chin on Elias’s shoulder.

“Queen Lila has a nice sound to it, don’t you think?” She lifted her brow and hooked her finger on her chin.

“He offered you the throne after implying you could take another mate?” I snorted.

King or not, his morals are problematic. Bonds are sacred. It doesn’t matter who is bonded together; all bonds are sacred.

My bond with Elias is just as strong as if I was bonded with a wolf. Goddess forbid if he ever died, I would never take another mate... I couldn’t. There is no way in hell Lila would.

She shook her head, holding her hands in front of her. “That was all Natalia’s solution. The King pointed out.” She sighed.

I glanced around realizing Natalia had vanished. “And of course, she’s fled.” I groaned.

“Lila, let’s finish this discussion in my office. Mindlink Alarix, get him to bring the king too.” Dad set his hand on her shoulder and smiled at her.

Lila’s eyes misted over before she nodded. “They’ll meet us inside.” She remarked.

Dad turned towards Elias and me, “Levi, Elias, check the borders. Make sure all is as it should be.” He required.

I linked my fingers through Elias’s and moved next to him. “Who is on border patrol?” I asked.

“Um... Malcolm on the north, Davie on the west, Amy on the east and Jax on the south.” Uncle Wade replied. I nodded and pulled Elias towards the door.

“So, do you think the king is sincere about his offer?” Elias questioned as we made our way to the border.

“Maybe, I mean, he constantly mentioned something about Alarix being king.” I countered.

“Do you reckon she’ll accept it?” He asked.

“I don’t know. She definitely has all the qualities of a Queen.” I chuckled. “If she goes... I’ll never see her.” I groaned.

He stopped walking and turned to face me. “Of course, you’ll see her.” He chuckled, holding his hands on my face. “Even if she moved to a different planet, she would still be there for you.”

I’ve never been away from Lila; she’s always been around. Whenever I need her, no matter what it is for or the time of day, she’s always there. If she’s in France, she won’t be here... I won’t have my best friend by my side.

“She will always be on the end of the phone, and there’s this really cool thing called an aeroplane.” He smirked. “She’ll always be there for you, baby.”

I rolled my eyes and snickered. “Yeah... I know you’re right.” I groaned.

He curled his arms around my back and tugged me against him. He beamed at me and laughed.

“Haven’t you realized yet?” He smiled. “I’m always right.” He winked.

“Yeah... You keep telling yourself that.” I smirked. I leaned forward, planting my lips on his.

“Come on, my little sorceress.” I grinned, pulling away. He beamed at me before we continued our way to the border.

I sighed, linking my arm through Elias’s. “I love this time of year... It’s going to snow anytime now.” I inhaled, leaning my head on his arm.

Leo loves running through a snow-covered field. It’s like he reverts to a pup playing in the snow. I love the cosy nights snuggled in front of the fire with Elias... It’s my idea of bliss.

“Christmas is just around the corner.” He chortled.

“It’s my favourite holiday.” I grinned. “I love everything about this time of year, snow, winter, lights, hot chocolates...” I sighed happily.

He hummed in response and draped his arm over my shoulder. “It’s the one thing that reminds me most about you.” He bubbled.

I chuckled as we reached the northern border. Malcolm was trotting back and forth along the border in his wolf form. As he sensed us, he halted and bowed his head. Even though I’m not the Alpha yet, he still senses me as his Alpha.

His wolf respects me.′ Leo, my wolf, gushed. I chuckled internally and nodded.

I’ll never get used to this, at least not until I eventually take over as Alpha. Bowing down to me almost feels like they are betraying my dad... their Alpha.

“How has patrol been?” I inquired, smiling at him.

"It’s been quiet. Nothing to report." He returned.

“That’s great. Enjoy the rest of your evening.” I smiled, bobbing my head once. He bowed his head before trotting off.

“Alpha Levi.” Elias quipped, giving me a boyish grin and slapping my behind.

I snickered and winked while still staring forwards. “Are you my Luna?” I smirked, peering at him from the corner of my eye.

“Babe, I’ll be whoever you want me to be.” He laughed.

We haven’t really discussed what title he’s going to have. I want him to be alongside me, equal partners in all. I don’t want Elias to feel inadequate at all.

I know, having two alphas are unheard of. No other pack has ever had two alphas apart from ours. Years ago, this pack had two male alphas... It worked, and the pack didn’t miss having a Luna. The Elders were around when the Knight family were the leaders.

During my alpha training, I heard all about Amaris and Rhydian and Dominic and Caleb. I don’t remember Amaris or Rhydian; I was only young. It was because of Dominic and Caleb that my dad became alpha.

Elias doesn’t know if he wants to be addressed as alpha because he’s not an alpha or a wolf. It doesn’t matter to me... He could be human, and I’d still choose him every time because he’s my mate.

“When I’m alpha, we’re still doing these border patrols.” I proclaimed.

He hummed in return. He suddenly started chuckling to himself. “There’s something romantic about it. Strolling in the moonlight with the love of your life.” He expressed, gazing up at the sky.

“Getting romantic in your old age.” I snickered. He grinned at me and nodded. “Look, there’s Amy.” He pointed in front of him.

We made our way over to her. She spun her head and bowed before turning around fully.

“How’re things looking?” I asked with a smile.

All good.” She responded with a bow.

“Great. Enjoy the rest of your evening, Ames.” Elias burst with a huge grin.

She gave us a wolfish smile before ambling off. Elias entwined our fingers and brought my hand up to his face. He placed a gentle kiss on my hand as we headed south to the next patrol point.

It was getting a little cold now. I don’t feel the cold much, but Elias does, and with the sound of his teeth chattering, I would say the temperature is dropping dramatically.

“There are only two more patrol points. You go home and get warm, babe.” I offered.

“I’m good, I promise.” He replied.

I pulled off my jacket then draped it over his shoulders. “I know you’re cold, E. I can finish the patrol on my own,” I sighed.

“Your jacket will keep me warm and your body heat.” He chuckled, cuddling into my side.

“Ok... If you get poorly, don’t be whining to me.” I mumbled.

“Oh, you know I will be.” He smirked, shoving his hand under my shirt. “It still sucks you don’t feel the cold like me.” He groaned.

“I can keep you warm, though,” I uttered, giving him a quick peck on his head.

“Thanks, my love.” He exhaled. “I’m already warmer.” He hummed.

“That’s odd...” I drawled as we approached the border. “I can’t see Jax.”

“Wade did say it was Jax, so he should be here, right?” Elias asked. I hummed, scanning my eyes around... there was no sign of him.

“I’ll link Jax... You link your Uncle Wade.” Elias instructed.

Uncle Wade, Jax isn’t here,” I remarked through the link.

“His link is blocked... I can’t get through.” Elias grunted.

He reported in for his patrol. We’re on our way.” Uncle Wade declared.

“He reported in for his patrol. This makes little sense... He wouldn’t just take off and leave his post. Uncle Wade is on his way.” I mentioned.

“Can you see something beyond the tree line?” Elias asked, pointing towards some trees just after the border.

I moved closer to Elias and focused my eyesight. Someone was stumbling towards us. “Levi, that’s Jax.” Elias blurted. “Quick... I’ll shield you. Go get him.” He scrambled out.

I nodded as I hurried over the border. A yellow ring surrounded me before disappearing. “I’m in front of him.” I linked Elias instead of shouting, so I didn’t alert anyone that may be around.

The shield glowed once. I felt the magic fade. “Let me know when he’s near you.

He could hardly stand. He was wobbling about. From the state of his leg, there was no doubt it was broken. His right eye was screwed shut. There was a purple, angry-looking bruise forming. His lip had doubled in size from a small gash that looked really deep. He was covered in so much blood. His wounds didn’t look like they were healing.

I can’t sense his wolf, Levi.′ Leo whimpered.

“They’re here.” he whimpered. It was so quiet; I nearly missed it.

I sucked in a gasp and trembled involuntarily. “Don’t worry. We’re protected.” I reassured him the best I could.

It did not reassure me at all. I’ve been around Elias enough to feel magic. Jax had so much magic radiating from him. There was a witch somewhere nearby.

It took me longer to reach the border because Jax kept having to stop. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so afraid in my life. If anyone attacks, I’m going to be screwed. I don’t know who or what species is here.

“Jax? Are you ok?” Lila fussed as she dashed towards us.

Elias let down the shield, and Alarix dashed towards us. He hooked Jax’s arm over his shoulder and nodded at me.

“Dad, he said they’re here.” I proclaimed.

Everyone glanced between each other before my mum took Alarix’s place, and my dad, my uncle, Lila, Alarix and Elias darted past me.

“Elias, no! Come back.” I called out.

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