Bind Me

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|atomic bomb|

Lila’s POV

“So King Darius is giving up the throne?” Mum asked as she sat beside me in dad’s office.

I nodded, slumping back against the sofa. “He didn’t really say much about it,” I muttered.

All he said was: “Lila, Alarix, you have both proved you have what it takes to rule. I’m stepping down, and I want to pass the throne over to you both.” I don’t know the first thing about being a Queen. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected this.

There is no way this is the offer that Melanie was speaking about. King Darius doesn’t know me. How would I be his first choice?

After the fight, I really thought the king would have left, but he stayed and offered the throne. I don’t know whether to be afraid or flattered.

To say I was shocked with Alarix would be an understatement. For someone with little to no training, he was impressive. I don’t know whether I’m more impressed by him going up against a king or a Dark Wolf. He matched Amari in everything, speed, strength.

“What does Alarix think? Does he want to be king?” Dad asked. He was seated in the armchair opposite us with his arms crossed over his chest.

I sighed, fiddling with my fingers in my lap. “I don’t know. We didn’t get a chance to discuss it.” I replied.

It all comes down to what Alarix wants to do... If he chooses to be king, I’m not going to hold him back, and if he prefers not to be, I’m not going to force him into something he doesn’t want to do. I’ll do anything to make Alarix happy.

“Since we aren’t mated, we are safe in regards to the prophecy. Well, that’s what King Darius thinks. Our completed bond will be like an atomic bomb... It will declare war.” I muttered. “All of this sucks. Why does my happiness have to be the undoing?” I whispered.

“I can’t even begin to imagine how you’re feeling, baby. You’ll get through this, though, with Alarix by your side.” Dad expressed.

“You’ve got us too, darling.” Mum soothed, setting her hand over mine. There was a knock at the door. I could feel Alarix from the other side of the door. I was aching to be next to him.

“Come in,” Dad called out.

The door opened, Alarix stepped inside with King Darius following behind. Alarix came over and sat down next to me. His palm rested over mine as my mum withdrew hers. King Darius settled in the armchair beside my dad.

“I apologise for my behaviour. I don’t know what came over me.” Alarix claimed, looking a little embarrassed. I squeezed his hand and smiled brightly at him.

If anyone is going to understand, it’s us. Wolves are very territorial when it comes to their mates. King Darius was threatening to take away his beloved. He acted on impulse, it wasn’t exactly needed, but sometimes that isn’t a bad thing, especially if their other half is in danger.

“We understand,” Mum affirmed. “Leon, here, has lost his temper more than a few times on my behalf.” She chuckled.

Alarix visibly relaxed and turned to me. “Are you ok? I didn’t scare you?” He asked.

“No, scared was definitely not what I was feeling.” I giggled.

“I want to apologise on behalf of Natalia... I don’t know where she got that from. I sure as hell don’t want that happening.” King Darius cringed.

I shook my head, “no, it’s not on you.” I declared, waving my hand through the air dismissively.

“Mark my words; she will never set foot in my territory again,” Dad swore with a scowl on his face.

Even if she does come back, I won’t be listening to anything she says. She was disrespectful. I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t try and pair Elias off with another witch... A male witch and one from her coven, she’d think she’s unstoppable.

“Sorry, I just have to ask.” My dad turned to King Darius. “Lila and Alarix taking your place... is this the offer in the prophecy?” He questioned.

King Darius shrugged apologetically. “I don’t know what the offer is... We would need to speak to Melanie.” He remarked. “Ever since I found out about the prophecy, I’ve been watching Alarix. I knew what his parents were like, but I couldn’t get involved. Prophecies play themselves out, they would have met eventually, and they did.” He explained with a sigh.

“How did you know about the prophecy?” I questioned.

“I’ve been watching Alarix’s family for some time because of the alliance they were hoping for. Word got back to me about a seer, and I was intrigued as to why a seer was visiting a vampire.” He explained. “At the time, I didn’t know who your beloved was... It was Melanie who came to me.” He added.

“So, Melanie knows more?” I clarified. “If it’s more bad news, I don’t want to know,” I stated.

I don’t need to hear any more bad news. I want to have whatever time I have with Alarix to be happy and settled. I don’t want to be constantly looking over my shoulder. I don’t want to be afraid of who is coming or what’s going to happen. I already know I’m going to lose him at some point, and that is enough for me to deal with.

The door swung open, crashing into the wall behind. Uncle Wade stumbled through the doorway out of breath. “Sorry for barging in.” He panted, bent over, catching his breath.

“What’s wrong?” My dad thundered, rising to his feet.

“Levi, linked. Jax isn’t at his post. He reported in for his patrol.” He answered.

His face went blank as his eyes misted over. We all watched and waited for him to finish his mindlink. His face paled, and his fists clenched by his side. Dad had moved closer to him. “We have to go.” He blurted before turning and darting out of the room.

“Stay here,” Dad ordered.

“South border.” Uncle Wade shouted from the hallway.

“Dad! I’m a warrior... This is what I do.” I scoffed as I jumped up. Alarix was close behind me as Dad rolled his eyes. We followed Uncle Wade out of the packhouse.

"Amari, we need you and the warriors at the southern border." I linked her as I ran. If something has happened... If someone is here, we are going to need everyone.

We all raced towards the border. Amari linked back, telling me she would meet us there. “Is this normal? Like, does this happen a lot?” Alarix queried.

I shook my head, glancing at him. I knew he would see the fear and panic on my face. He bobbed his head once before staring ahead, his mouth set in a straight line. It was the look of concentration and determination. I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of someone before. He was willing to protect this pack, and he didn’t even really know any of us.

“Jax is injured. Levi has gone to retrieve him.” Uncle Wade relayed what I’m guessing he’s just been told.

I paled and sucked in a breath. “Elias is using a shield around them both. They’re safe.” He added.

That reassured me a little. I know how good Elias is getting with his magic. Elias would do whatever is necessary to make sure Levi was safe. If there’s anyone I’d want in my corner, it would be him.

You know Levi can protect himself. You don’t give him enough credit.′ Lola piped up.

I groaned, shaking my head. I know she’s right, but I’m always going to worry about Levi; he’s my baby brother. If I leave... I will barely see him. I’ll no longer have my biggest supporter and best friend by my side. He can’t come with me. I wish he could, but he’s going to be alpha of this pack. He’s needed here.

We pushed ourselves faster as Elias came into view. As we approached him, he was locked in a trance, focused on the forest in front of him. In the distance, I could see Levi and Jax. He was holding him up as they slowly traipsed through the forest. He was fighting to keep him upright.

As he got closer to the border, I was itching to get to him and help. “Jax! Are you ok?” I fussed as I darted towards them.

My breath caught in my throat as I scanned my eyes over him. He was slumped against Levi. His breaths were coming out in short, quiet puffs. Alarix appeared next to me as he helped keep Jax up when Elias let down the shield.

“Dad, he said they’re here.” Levi proclaimed.

I glanced between everyone as they did the same before sprinting across the borderline. I was joined by Alarix, my dad, my uncle and Elias.

“Elias, no! Come back!” Levi shouted.

“I’ll be ok, I promise. They need me,” he yelled as we darted through the forest.

There were no scents. It was eerily silent; there were no sounds, not even from the wildlife.

“Can you feel the magic?” Elias whispered, standing close to me.

I nodded as a shiver rippled through my body. I could feel the presence of wolves. I could hear heartbeats; there was too many to count.

“Show yourself.” My dad bellowed. “You are dangerously close to trespassing.”

I jumped a little as fur brushed past my leg. I glanced down as Amari growled quietly. I felt safer with Amari by my side... Now with Alarix too. I have never felt safer.

"I’ve healed Jax as much as I can... He doesn’t have his wolf." She whimpered through the link.

I choked, shaking my head. “What the fuck have you done?” I seethed. “He’s only a pup!” I raged.

Jax is only eighteen. He has his whole life ahead of him. He was training to be a warrior, following his dad’s footsteps. He hadn’t even found his mate yet. Now with no wolf, he won’t find them. That’s his life ruined and his mate’s. I was shaking with anger, and I couldn’t control it.

“He was collateral damage,” Someone shouted.

I growled, edging forward. Alarix grabbed my arm, pulling me back. My dad growled in warning. I shrugged out of his hold and glared at them.

“What are you doing?” Dad hissed.

I shook my head before facing forward and moving again. I stopped and glanced around. I could feel them, whoever was here.

“You’re cowards, you know?” I badgered. “You’re hiding. You know we are outnumbered. I can hear the heartbeats of those who have one.” I chuckled darkly. I winced, glancing back at Alarix. He offered me a small smile and nodded.

We were slowly surrounded. One by one, they showed themselves. There were loads of them, all different species banding together for one goal... to destroy us.

Wolves, vampires and witches... this was their army.

A few feet in front of us, a wolf appeared like magic. They were using a cloaking spell. Two beings appeared behind the rogue... Two beings I recognised. A low and feral growl vibrated from my chest as I lunged forward.

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