Bind Me

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|let me introduce you to the knight siblings|

Alarix’s POV

I panicked, grabbing Lila before she could reach them. If she attacks, she won’t make it out alive... none of us will.

“What are you doing? Let me go!” She screamed, flailing around in my arms.

“What are you going to do? There’s too many of them.” I stressed.

“If I go down, I’ll take Natalia or Lenora down with me... At least I’ll die knowing they can’t get to you.” She exploded. I sucked in a breath and tightened my arms around her. It’s like she has no concern for her own life.

"Lila, calm down. I’ll let you go if you promise not to attack. We won’t survive it if you do." I sighed through our link.

She relaxed and leaned against me. She rested her cheek on mine and inhaled. “I’m sorry.” She whispered. “I’m calm now.” She added.

I tangled my fingers through her hair, pulling her head back gently. “I need you alive, ok?” I declared, brushing my lips against hers gently before letting her stand on her own two feet.

A yellow light faded around us. Elias’s eyes were glowing yellow as he was standing beside us. He nodded at me before focusing forward again.

“Now you have your mutt on a leash... Shall we talk?” Natalia chuckled.

Natalia was working against us all this time; she’s working with people who want Lila dead. I snarled and gripped Lila’s arm as Lenora smirked directly at Lila.

“How are you here?” I seethed, glaring at Lenora.

“How did you escape the king’s soldiers?” Lila growled.

“When you have a powerful witch by your side, anything is possible.” Lenora chuckled.

“The king is on this too, isn’t he?” I snapped.

It makes perfect sense. The king lures us to France, cutting us off from everyone. It’s the perfect plan to have us all at his mercy. I definitely shouldn’t have trusted his friendly approach.“God no, boy. The king is all for your sweet little love story and this bastard prophecy.” Natalia groused.

“So... You are here today to end us?” Elias asked.

“No. This was to warn you.” She rolled her eyes. “We can infiltrate you at any time, and you wouldn’t know. This is only half of our army.” She remarked, holding her arms out straight.

“You know when the final battle will be... You know what’s going to happen. So, you need to hurry up and plant a hybrid in your mutt.” She grunted.

Lila growled, her eyes flashing to black. Her claws were digging into my arm, but I didn’t care as long as she stayed next to me.

“Alarix, baby, you can change your mind. Come with us, be with me.” Lenora purred.

“Fuck off, Lenora. Grow up. He’s not your beloved. Get over it already.” Lila mocked.

“I wasn’t talking to you, dog.” Lenora rolled her eyes. “He was mine first.” She hissed.

“I think our beautiful matching marks might have something to say about that.” Lila snickered.

I could feel eyes on me; they felt familiar. My eyes wandered around until they fixated on my parents, who emerged from behind a tree. I gripped Lila’s arm and sucked in a breath. I shook her arm, trying to get her attention, but she was too busy arguing with Lenora.

“You fucking marked her?” My mother screeched.

Lila’s head whipped around in my parent’s direction. “You can fuck off too.” Lila groused. She focused her attention back on Lenora as Natalia cleared her throat.

“Stop hiding behind the rogue. We’ll see how tough you both are.” Lila sniped.

"Lila!" I warned through the link. I glanced back at the others. They were stood watching, not saying anything. I don’t understand why they aren’t leaving... Why are they standing here, arguing when we could be back at the pack, making a plan?

“You should have killed me when you had the chance.” Lenora giggled.

Oh, for fuck sake. I tugged on Lila’s hand and shook my head. She smiled at me. Her eyes twinkled with mischief. There was obviously something going on that I didn’t know about.

“I won’t make the same mistake twice.” Lila retaliated.

“Well, if that’s all... we’ll be leaving.” I rolled my eyes. Lila gripped my hand to stop me from leaving. I raised my brow at her and huffed.

“Before you leave, I have to say, I heard about this pack. All the special wolves.” Natalia drawled, staring at her fingers like she was uninterested. “I don’t see the appeal or anything special, to be honest.” She shrugged.

“Have you ever seen these special wolves?” Alpha Leon questioned as he came forward.

“I can’t say I have.” Natalia raised her brow and shrugged again.

Loud, thunderous growls echoed throughout the forest, causing the trees and ground to shake as two wolves leapt out of the trees, landing in front of Lila and me. Amari darted forward and stood in the centre of the two wolves. They were all identical.

“Let me introduce you to the Knight siblings... The special wolves; our Dark Wolves.” Alpha Leon informed. “Your pet wolves will have heard of them and may have even had the pleasure of meeting them.” He chuckled.

I glanced around, confused. There’s more than just Amari? What’s a Dark Wolf, and why are the other wolves scared of them? I noticed how the wolves were cowering away. Whoever these wolves are, they are scaring the rogues. We may have the upper hand after all.

"I’ll explain everything, I promise," Lila mentioned through our link.

Natalia’s expression faltered for a second before she plastered an unamused look on her face. “Was that supposed to scare me?” She chortled.

“You? No. Your pet wolves? Yes.” He returned. “You see, no matter what you do or throw at us, Levi, Elias, Lila and Alarix all have a family behind them.” He stated.

Elias moved forward an inch. I watched as his eyes glowed yellow, and a yellow ring surrounded them as they crouched low. The familiar sound of a wolf shifting reverberated through the forest. A man, a woman and Amari rose to their feet. I gaped at them. They were fully clothed... I’m so out of the loop here.

The rogue who was standing guard in front of Natalia and Lenora ran off into the forest. From the back of them, you could tell they were siblings. They all had red curly hair. The shield disappeared as they dusted themselves off.

“I have no idea who you are.” Natalia sighed, sounding agitated.

“No, you don’t.” The woman replied.

“But your friends do, and the one’s that don’t will definitely know about my grandparents... Amaris and Rhydian.” The man added.

“If you all know what is good for you, I’d leave and never return.” Amari snapped.

All three glanced behind them and grinned at us. My eyes went wide as I stared into fiery red eyes... Surely they aren’t part vampires? I think that would be something Lila would have told me.

A few wolves flinched before turning and running into the forest. Natalia’s mouth dropped open as more wolves backtracked.

“This isn’t the end. I’ll be back.” She shouted before spinning around.

“Wait! You promised you would make Alarix come with us!” Lenora screeched.

She glanced between Natalia and my parents. My parents hiding behind a tree. They were spooked; the wolves spooked them. I grinned to myself as I stared straight at my father.

“Not now, Lenora.” She hissed and dragged her with her.

“Do something! I’m not leaving without him!” She hissed, digging her feet into the grass.

“Fine. Stay here and get ripped apart.” She rolled her eyes and walked off. Lenora glanced at me; her eyes were pleading with me to go with her. I couldn’t think of anything better than stepping closer to Lila, turning her to look at me.

I gazed down at her, hooking my finger under her chin and making her look at me. I leaned forward and planted my lips firmly against hers. Her fingers threaded through my hair as she deepened the kiss.

“You’ll regret ever crossing me, Alarix King.” She screamed before running after Natalia.

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