Bind Me

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|it means everything|

Lila’s POV

I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him down as our lips collided. The kiss was slow and full of need. His hand was lightly caressing my body; he was barely touching me. His other arm was shaking as he struggled to hold himself above me.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and pushed my heels against his ass. He jerked forward, stopping himself with his arms. I dug my heels in harder and dragged my nails up his back. He groaned as his head fell into the crook of my neck, and he pushed his body flush against mine.

“I’ve never... done this before. I don’t know... what I’m doing.” He choked out a moan as his cock grew thicker against my stomach. His breath against his mark on my neck tingled.

“Neither have I,” I breathed, lifting my hips, trying to find some friction.

He moved down a little until his cock was nestled in between my legs. I lifted my hips again and moaned as his cock hit my clit. I was so unbelievably turned on; I could feel the wetness seeping through my sweatpants.

“Are you sure? You know what this means, right?” He asked, stopping his movements.

I nodded, sitting up. “It means everything.” I smiled.

He leaned back on his heels, keeping his gaze on me as I fumbled with my teeshirt. I gingerly lifted it, pulling it off. His eyes zoned in on my chest. He let out a long, exasperated breath before removing his own teeshirt.

I held his gaze as I reached behind me and unhooked my bra. I pulled each strap down but held the bra covering my breasts. I was shy. My breaths were coming out in quick puffs. I know he’s seen me naked, but this feels so different. I actually feel vulnerable.

He edged towards me and kneeled between my legs. He held his breath as he reached his hand up and grazed his finger along my cleavage. He let out a quick, uneasy breath as he parted his lips, moving his finger lower.

“You’re beautiful, Lila.” He whispered, tracing his finger along the outline of my bra. He dipped his finger inside, copying his actions. My breath hitched in my throat as his finger grazed my nipple.

His eyes snapped to mine as I let my bra fall between us. He wrapped his arm around my back as he laid me down tenderly. He captured my lips in a sensual kiss while covering my very naked chest with his. The feel of his skin on mine was indescribable.

His hands were shaky by my head. I touched his hand and brought it between us. I directed his hand to my breast. He sucked in a breath before sliding his tongue against mine and twirling his finger around my nipple.

He flicked his finger ever so gently. I reached between us and hooked my thumbs into the waistband of his shorts. He froze. I pushed my lips against him firmly. He lifted his hips, giving me better access.

I pushed my hand down his boxers. I wiggled my fingers against his cock. His kisses became sloppy before he pulled away, and he shoved his head into the crook of my neck. As I grazed my finger along the length, he placed an open mouth kiss against his mark. I moaned, wrapping my hand the best I could around him as he slowly thrust against my hand.

“Lila,” he moaned as I swiped my thumb around his tip.

I swiped my thumb again, applying more pressure, so I could hear him make that sound again.

“Can I?” He gestured his head down to my sweatpants.

I pulled my hand out enough to push his shorts and boxers down in one move. He stumbled back, climbing off the bed. He stepped out of his shorts, taking the boxers with him as he kicked them across the room.

I chuckled before hacking as I gaped at him. His cock was upright... He was hard and ready. I wanted to touch it. I wanted to know what it would feel like against my tongue or deep inside of me. He was standing awkwardly at the end of the bed.

I took a deep, steadying breath before sliding my thumbs into the side of my waistband. His eyes were roaming all over my body. He didn’t know where to look. When he didn’t show any signs of moving, I slipped the sweatpants down, taking my panties with them.

He growled a low, distressed sound as his eyes drank me in. He kneeled on the end of the bed, pulling my pants off and dropping them behind him. As he crawled up the bed, his hands followed up my legs.

My stomach felt like it was doing somersaults. I was eager for him to touch me. I parted my legs more as his hands travelled along my thighs. He let out a shaky breath, stopping at the place I most wanted him to touch me.

“Don’t overthink, Rix. Do whatever you want.” I panted.

He exhaled shakily, fumbling with his fingers. “What if you don’t like it?” He muttered.

I pulled myself up and wrapped my hand around his cock. I pumped my hand slowly, leaning forward, sucking on my mark on his neck.

He groaned, pushing his finger through my heat. I laid back, bringing him with me. He was laid on his side with his finger running up and down my slickness.

I curled my hand around his neck and pulled his face closer. I crashed my lips against his as he nudged his finger at my entrance.

I pumped my hand quicker, sucking his bottom lip between my teeth. I let go of his lip and moaned as he pushed his finger inside my pussy. He thrust in and out slowly at first.

I expected it to hurt a little bit, but there was nothing but pleasure. Yes, it was a strange sensation, but nothing that wouldn’t pass. I moaned against his kiss as he quickened his pace.

“Alarix,” I moaned, matching his pace with my hand wrapped around him.

“Uh... I’m going to cum... if you carry on.” He moaned, withdrawing his finger before easing two fingers inside.

I stilled my hand, gasping as his thumb rubbed over my clit as his fingers went deeper. “Am I making you feel good?” He whispered, leaning forward and closing his mouth over my nipple.

“Ye-” A long, satisfying moan cut me off, and my body jerked as his fingers hit a certain spot, and he flicked his tongue over my nipple.

He growled in approval as he thrust his fingers in and hit the spot again and again. He leaned forward, sucking at his mark.

My head was spinning. I couldn’t think straight. My legs stiffened, and my body shuddered. I held my breath until my orgasm barrels through my body.

“Cum, baby,” he urged.

“I’m cumming... I’m cumming.” I cried out as I felt my juices shoot out and soak his hand. His fingers were relentless as he continued thrusting in and out while I rode out my orgasm.

He withdrew his fingers and gaped down at his hand. “What?” I asked breathlessly.

“Did you enjoy it?” He asked nervously.

I chuckled breathlessly and nodded. “Rix... You made me cum.” I remarked. “I couldn’t have faked that.” I pointed between my legs.

“Are you one hundred per cent sure, baby?” He whispered, shifting himself between my legs.

“Yes.” I breathed, wrapping my legs around his waist.

He took a deep breath and rubbed his length through my folds, coating himself in my wetness. “Fuck, I can’t wait to feel you around me.” He groaned. “You’re so warm and wet.”

“I need you. Rix, please.” I moaned while his tip danced around my opening.

He crashed his lips to mine as he pushed the tip inside, slowly stretching me. I winced at the burning sensation. I panted through the discomfort.

“Are you... fuck, you’re so tight... are you ok?” He groaned. His thrusts were slow and gradually getting deeper.

“I’m ok... move, Alarix.” I moaned.

He pulled out before thrusting all the way to the hilt. I was so full. I moaned, gripping his shoulders. I tried grinding against him. I needed him to move. He pulled out before thrusting in again.

“Oh... oh... Rix, fuck me... I’m going to... cum again.” I moaned, scratching my nails down his back.

“Can I... feed?” He growled, circling his hips and hitting that spot again.

I nodded frantically. “I... want to... mark... you again,” I growled as my canines released.

“Do it... now,” he panted, pounding into me.

I moaned, tightening my legs around him before I leaned forward and plunged my canines into his neck. His body started violently shaking as he snarled and started thrusting frantically.

“Fuck, Lila... I’m cumming.” He growled as his cock jerked inside of me, and he sagged against me.

I withdrew my canines and quickly bared my neck to him as he pierced my neck with his fangs. As soon as he started sucking, I felt his cock spring to life again.

He pulled out before slamming into me. I screamed as my body was filled with immense pleasure. My vision blurred, and my body spasmed as my orgasm hit me like a freight train.

“Alarix.” I cried out. I clung to him as my whole body twitched under him.

My eyes became heavy. I shuddered as the last of my orgasm washed over me. Alarix withdrew his fangs, lapping at his mark. I shivered in delight, closing my eyes.

“Baby?” He whispered, stroking his thumb against my cheek. I opened my eyes slowly and gasped.

I could see Alarix’s past... It was like watching a film just for me. All of his thoughts, feelings, his hope and dreams were overtaking my mind. I could see me through his eyes. This wasn’t a normal bond completion... This isn’t how they describe it. This was something entirely different. This felt stronger.

I don’t know how long it lasted, but from the look on Alarix’s face, he’d witnessed the exact same thing as me.

“What was that?” He whispered.

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