Bind Me

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|the monster behind the man|

Alarix’s POV

What just happened?

My mind was just consumed completely by Lila. I saw everything; her first memories, her family... I even got to witness Lila finding out about the prophecy. It was like I had front row seats to her life.

If I have just witnessed Lila’s life growing up, does that mean she’s seen mine? She definitely could have seen what I’m capable of... She will have seen what I did seven years ago. She might think I’m the one thing I’m terrified of becoming... a monster.

She would see the monster behind the man.

Our upbringing couldn’t have been more different. My family and, I say family loosely, was cold and so damn controlled, whereas Lila grew up with so much love surrounding her. That doesn’t shock me, not really; you can see how well she’s loved.

“What was that?” I whispered after I’d gotten over the initial shock.

She was gawking at me, her eyes were wide, and her chest was rising and falling rapidly. She winced as I pulled out, rolling off her. I fell onto my back breathing heavily, staring at the ceiling.

“I don’t know.” She drawled, staring at the ceiling.

“Is it meant to happen with a wolf bond?” I asked.

She stretched; an adorable sound left her lips as she rolled onto her side. “No, I don’t think so... I’ve never heard of it happening.” She exhaled with a sigh. “We need to speak to someone.” She laid her hand on my chest and started drawing invisible circles on my chest.

I sucked in a sharp breath, watching her fingers. Even though we had just been as intimately close as we possibly could, this feels more intimate. The small touches and little kisses from her will always take my breath away.

I raised my arm, “come closer.” I gestured with my head.

She beamed at me before snuggling into my open arm. She rested her chin on my chest, gazing at me.

“Did you feed enough?” She asked.

I tucked her hair behind her ear and nodded. “You’re beautiful... I’m so lucky.” I mused, tracing my finger around her face.

She glanced down, a light pink tint covering her cheeks. “Are you glad your first time was with me?” I mumbled. “Was it ok?”

She reached up, brushing her lips against mine. “It was everything and more.” She declared. “You’re my mate... You were always going to be my first time.”

I exhaled in relief before pressing my lips firmly against hers. The kiss was slow, full of passion. I sucked on her bottom lip before letting it snap back in place.

“Who do we speak to?” I asked, pulling away after giving her one last kiss.

She sat up, causing the blanket to fall, exposing her big beautiful full breasts. My mouth practically watered as I gazed at them. My eyes averted to hers as she giggled.

“My dad would be a good start, I think.” She remarked. “I’m going to get a shower... do you want to join?” She asked, pulling her lip between her teeth seductively.

I beamed at her, nodding my head. She swung her leg out of bed, taking the blanket with her. She wrapped it around her before wandering to the bathroom, swaying her hips as she went.

“We’re meeting my mum and dad in twenty minutes. Get a wriggle on.” She called out. I jumped out of bed. I didn’t need to be told twice.

We kept our hands to ourselves apart from the odd grope and kiss here and there even though we both wanted more. It still felt surreal... I was marked and mated to a beautiful she-wolf. My life has taken a complete u-turn.

Once we had finished in the shower, she got dressed in some blue faded jeans that clung to her, outlined her ass perfectly and a tight fitted white jumper. She was definitely trying to kill me. I groaned internally, pulling on some black jeans and a black jumper I bought on the shopping trip.

“Are you ready? I have one more thing to do.” Lila asked while she finished twisting her fingers through her hair.

I nodded, tying the laces on my trainers. I stood up and watched as she whizzed around the bed, stripping the linen off. “Where’s the fresh linen?” I questioned, moving over to her.

“The cupboard behind you,” she replied.

I went over to the cupboard and pulled out some fresh bed linen. I moved back towards the bed and started making the bed again as she pulled the bed sheet off.

“That’s done,” she chuckled, gathering the bed linen into a laundry basket. She picked it up and turned to me with a smirk on her face. “I don’t need the cleaners knowing what happened in here.” She grinned, holding the basket.

I snickered and moved over to her. “Here, let me,” I offered, holding my hands out.

She handed me the basket, reaching up and pressing her lips against my cheek. “Thank you,” she whispered. Her seductive voice travelled straight to my cock. I groaned, tightening my hold on the basket until it cracked.

She moved back, giggling. “Are you ok?” She asked so innocently.

I nodded, keeping my lips in a tight line.

“Where’s the laundry room?” I questioned as she unlocked the door before pulling it open.

“The kitchen on the first floor. It’s the only door in the kitchen that doesn’t lead outside.” She replied, walking close beside me as we made our way to the stairs. “I’ll show you,” she smiled up at me.

I shook my head, “no, no... I’ll meet you at your dad’s office. I’ll take it.” I babbled as she linked her arm through mine.

“There will probably be quite a few pack members about... are you sure?” She asked, raising her brow at me.

“I’ll be ok, and I’ll be quick. Don’t worry.” I chuckled as we continued down the stairs.

She stared at me, questioning whether or not she should come. I could see it behind her eyes. “I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed if they all crowd you. We need to have an official pack meeting to introduce you. Then if you want, you could join the pack...” She suggested.

I smiled brightly at her, “I’d like that.”

I’d like that a lot.

Finally, belonging somewhere and being accepted for exactly who I am.

“This is my dad’s office, so I’ll meet you back here,” she commented as she pointed behind her. I could see the battle in her eyes. She was anxious. Anxiety was pulsing through me.

“I’ll be quick... You won’t even realise I’m gone.” I chuckled. “Don’t worry, beautiful,” I reassured.

“You going to use your speedy moves?” She winked. She reached up and gave me a swift kiss before flashing me a mega-watt smile. I winked back at her as I started descending the stairs.

It’s the only door in the kitchen that doesn’t lead outside... it won’t be hard to find.

As I reached the bottom step, I could faintly hear the bustle of the rest of the pack. The sounds were coming from every angle. Once again, I wished I was a wolf... I hated that I was the odd one out. I was the odd one out at home, the only vampire that didn’t feed on humans. Now, I’m the only vampire surrounded by wolves.

Maybe this was a bad idea.

I turned the corner towards the kitchen. Three guys were standing by a set of double doors... definitely a bad idea.

Their noses twitched as their heads swivelled in my direction. They were staring at me, scrutinising me. By the looks of them, they were roughly my age. Although I can’t be too sure, wolves, no matter their age, are built like gods. I realised that with Lila’s family and the odd few wolves I have met.

I recognised one of them... The one who had his hands on Lila.

“You’re Alarix?” The blonde-haired guy raised his brow.

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