Bind Me

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|thanks for nothing|

Alarix's POV

“Of course he is. His scent screams vamp and Lila.” The dark-haired guy in the middle smirked.

“That’s me.” I returned, tight-lipped. He seemed friendly, and so did the blonde-haired guy, but I couldn’t get his face out of my head. He was glaring at me.

“It’s nice to meet you, man.” He grinned. “I’m Conrad, and this is Will.” He nudged the blonde-haired guy, chuckling. “This here is Nero.” He mentioned, pointing to one I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting.

I stared at Nero. He was squirming under my gaze. He was afraid of me. I chuckled before focusing on the other two again. Their eyes were flitting between us both.

“Ah, I see. You’ve already met Nero.” Will chortled.

Conrad glared at Nero and shook his head. “You never learn, do you? Lila has a mate, and that’s not you.” He mocked.

Nero growled quietly at him. Conrad bared his canines in a warning.

“It was nice to meet you, but I have to go,” I mentioned as I walked by them.

“Wait!” Conrad called out.

I turned my head, glancing back. “You have to have a drink with us sometime.” Will offered.

Nero let out a low growl as he clenched his fists together. “Nero, fuck off. The invite wasn’t intended for you.” Conrad groused, rolling his eyes.

I suppose getting to know them would be a good idea. I’m always going to see them and making some friends would be nice. “I’ll see,” I muttered, walking away.

“Why the fuck did you do that?” Nero sneered.

“Nero, grow up.” Will chortled.

“I’d do what you’re told... I heard he took on Amari in her wolf form. Dude’s got balls,” Conrad whistled.

I grinned to myself as I pushed open the kitchen door with my shoulder. Conrad and Will seem like interesting guys... We might get along. I stopped dead in my tracks and swallowed thickly as Luna Ayla smirked at me.

“Alarix!” She chirped. “How are this lovely morning?” She bubbled as she stirred a spoon around her mug.

“I’m okay, thanks. How are you?” I asked, trying to calm my breathing. I’m bringing bed linen to the laundry room... It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why.

She dropped the spoon into the sink before facing me completely. She eyed the basket in my hand and giggled to herself. Oh my god... The floor needs to open and swallow me whole.

“I’m good. Just getting a coffee fix before I’m needed in Leon’s office.” She replied.

I nodded, forcing a smile on my face. “I’m going to leave this in the laundry. I’ll meet you there.” I nodded before scurrying towards the door.

“Ok, son.” She quipped. I glanced back at her. She had a sneaky smile on her face. It was like she knew exactly why I was here.

I groaned internally, pushing the door open. I glanced around the room; it was huge. It had five large washing machines against the back wall. There was a chart on the wall to my right with a laundry routine. I exhaled in relief when I read laundry day was today.

I moved over to the large laundry baskets, reading each label. I found the linen basket and poured the linen inside. I wish I knew how to work these washing machines. I could have placed them straight in. The door opened. I spun around and groaned.

“Well, I was hoping to get you alone... I’m Nellie.”

I frowned as I stared at her. It was the same girl that was with Nero and Lila. They must be related, twins even. She was the double of him. She flinched as I kept staring at her, not speaking.

I huffed, rolling my eyes. “I don’t know why you would want me alone, and to be honest, I don’t actually care.” I snapped, stepping towards her. “If you try anything at all, I won’t hesitate to put you down.” I snarled.

I don’t know her. I don’t know what she was planning to do. But I don’t appreciate being cornered, especially not by someone that isn’t particularly nice to Lila.

"Nellie has cornered me in the laundry room." I linked Lila to let her know. I know how petty some people can be. She seems like the exact type to make up rumours. I bet Nero has orchestrated this, trying to put me in a situation he can take advantage of.

"Fucking hell. Why do you have to be so god damn sexy?" She growled through the link.

I laughed through the link, knowing she could hear me. Out of everything I expected back from her, that wasn’t one of them. I moved closer to the door. Nellie’s eyes went wide, and she dragged in a shaky breath while pressing herself into the wall.

"I’ll come down," She groaned.

“I want to apologise for before and to say congratulations. Lila is amazing... You both make a great couple.” She blurted while choking on her breath.

"I’m good, babe. I’ll be there in a minute.” I linked back.

I raised my brow and scoffed. “I think you have me confused with Lila... I’m not the one that needs the apology.” I rolled my eyes.

She shook her head, exhaling shakily. “I can’t... I can’t speak to Lila. I haven’t... I haven’t been a good... friend.” She stammered.

I shrugged my shoulders, opening the door. “Anyone can change. They have to be willing,” I remarked, leaving the room.

I breathed out in relief. The kitchen was empty. Wolves had been in and out; there were trays on the table, empty and full. They were obviously setting up breakfast. The kitchen door was pried open by a doorstop. I went into the hallway. I watched as pack members scampered in and out of the room behind the double doors.

“Good morning, Alarix.” A young woman carrying a tray greeted me as she hurried past me.

“Good... morning,” I stuttered, bewildered.

They really were waiting for me... I could see the relief and pride in everyone’s eyes that looked at me. By the time the fourth wolf said morning and smiled at me, I relaxed. I strolled up the stairs, making my way to the Alpha’s office. Once I was outside, I knocked.

“Come on in, Alarix.” Alpha Leon called out cheerily.

I opened the door and stepped inside. I glanced around until my eyes landed on Lila. She was sitting on a sofa with her hands curled around a mug. Her eyes lit up when she saw me.

“Alarix, how are you this morning? My daughter is acting very mysterious about this impromptu family meeting.” He chuckled, turning his head from the sofa he was lounging on.

I smiled at the use of the term family meeting.

“I’m good, thanks,” I replied, moving over to Lila.

“We didn’t know what you would prefer to drink,” Luna Ayla giggled. “So, there are several different drinks here, hot and cold... please, help yourself.” She insisted.

“Thank you, but you didn’t have to do all of this.” I drawled, staring at all the different drinks. I settled on a glass of apple juice as I picked it up.

“Nonsense. You’re family now. So, what’s up?” Alpha Leon asked as he draped his arm over Luna Ayla’s shoulder.

Lila and I both exchanged looks. There was absolutely no way I was starting this conversation.

Oh, you know, Lila and I had sex. I fed on her, and once I had finished, we looked at each other, and we both saw each other’s memories. So, can you tell us why?

I shook my head at Lila and grimaced. ”I’m not telling your parents."

"Thanks for nothing," She growled through the link.

She took a deep breath before focusing on her parents. “Um... Alarix and I... We...” Lila started.

“You’ve completed the bond.” Alpha Leon stated with an unreadable expression on his face.

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