Bind Me

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|you bleed, he bleeds|

Lila's POV

“What? How did you know?” I choked.

Our scent, remember. Our scent has mingled with Alarix’s.′ Lola chimed in.

Dad rolled his eyes, chuckling. “Your scents are mixed. That’s what happens.” He answered. “We knew it was only a matter of time.”

I cringed. I didn’t want my dad knowing I’d had sex... that’s just embarrassing. I knew he had to know, especially if we wanted answers. But it’s still not something I want to be discussing with my parents.

“That isn’t what we were going to tell you, not really.” I shook my head. This conversation is awkward as fuck. “It’s what happened after...” I muttered.

Dad raised his brow and glanced between Alarix and me. “You know you can tell us anything, sweetie.” Mum expressed, smiling at us.

“We had marked each other again... as soon as I looked into his eyes, I saw all of his memories,” I muttered. “I saw his past. I saw everything.” I explained.

Lola whimpered as images flashed through my mind. His upbringing was heartbreaking. I don’t know how he managed to get through it. I don’t think I could. I’m so grateful we found each other when we did. He’ll never have to suffer anything like that again.

“It happened to me too,” Alarix commented with a nod of his head.

Mum gasped as her eyes went wide. Dad was staring at us with his eyes wide. They exchanged a look between them; it was like they knew something. It was written all over their faces.

“Mum, Dad, what do you know?” I blurted.

“Lila, block your mindlink. Don’t let Alarix in.” Dad stated, glancing between us both.

I frowned and shook my head. “What, why?” I questioned.

He raised both brows at me, waiting for me to do as I’m told. I sighed and mentally pulled the block up.

“Alarix, mind link her. We are going to do the same too.” He instructed. I’m confused. Why would they try and mind link me knowing the block is up?

“Is it up?” Mum questioned.

I nodded and furrowed my brows, watching them.

I could feel the block been poked at, then, all of a sudden, I felt lightheaded. I gripped my head, screwing my eyes shut.

"What is happening right now?" He blurted through the link.

Our mind blocks can’t be taken down by anyone other than, ourselves; not even our wolf. So, for Alarix to be able to push through is incredible and slightly scary.

I gasped. “He got through.” I choked.

Mum and Dad glanced at each other before Mum nodded at him. Dad pulled out a little pocket knife from his jacket. “Can I try something?” Dad asked Alarix. “I can’t try it on Lila as it’s silver.”

My eyes went wide as he flicked open the knife. I glanced at Alarix with a confused expression on my face. He set his hand over mine and gave me a reassuring smile before turning to my dad and nodding.

“Hold your hand out, palm up.” He guided, holding his own hand out.

Alarix held his hand out. Dad took ahold of his hand and glanced between us. “If it does what I think...” He trailed off with a deep breath.

“What? What do you-”

My eyes went wide, and I winced, a growl slipping out as I held my hand up in front of me. My eyes darted between my hand and Alarix’s. My palm has a cut down it, in the same place as Alarix’s.

“Well, I’ll be dammed,” my dad drawled as he fell back against the sofa. “Ayla, get the lore book.” He turned to Mum and gasped.

I glanced at my hand and then at Alarix’s. I clenched my hand into a fist and groaned. It will take longer to heal, but I could already feel it pulling back together and healing.

“Um... what’s happening?” Alarix fretted as he stared at his hand. I held my hand beside his and watched as both cuts healed at the same time. Mum returned by Dad’s side again, passing him a book. He started flicking through the pages, looking for what he wanted.

“Dad, what’s going on?” I whispered, keeping my eyes on our hands.

“You imprinted on each other.” He answered casually, still looking through the book.

“We did what?” I blurted.

Alarix grabbed my hand and curled his around mine. He brushed his fingers over my knuckles as my dad continued.

“An imprint is the same as what happens when you find your mate or your beloved, just much stronger. It has bound you together completely. You become stronger because you are together. The lore states, years ago, an Alpha King imprinted on their mate... No one knows why. Sometimes things don’t need an explanation.”

“But we don’t have an Alpha King?” I gasped.

“The lore book states we did.” Mum sighed.

“That’s what King Darius meant when he said the king of all species.” Alarix blurted.

“So, we’ve imprinted because of the prophecy?” I grunted.

“I don’t know... Maybe it happened because you’re different species. Maybe this was to bring you closer.” Mum replied with a shrug.

“So why didn’t it happen to Levi and Elias? I mean, they are part of the prophecy too.” I questioned.

“Elias couldn’t mark Levi. I assume that’s the reason.” Dad guessed.

“I think I understand how he could get through the mindlink, but when you sliced his hand, why did it appear on mine?” I questioned.

“If you got hurt, Alarix would feel it. The imprint has strengthened your bond. If you get hurt, Alarix would feel it completely. He would experience exactly what you do... You bleed, he bleeds.” Dad sighs.

“I’m prophesied to die... What will happen to Lila?” Alarix asked, leaning forward.

I sucked in a breath and choked back a sob. I’d forgotten about prophecy... The weight of it washing over me again is making my chest feel like I can’t breathe. He can’t leave me. I don’t want to live without him.

Dad shook his head then took a deep breath. “I have absolutely no idea.” He croaked.

Alarix wrapped his arm around my back and pulled me towards him. I buried my head into his shirt as I dragged in breaths, trying to calm myself down, but it was useless. I was overwhelmed; all of this was too much. I let the tears fall freely.

"It’s going to be ok, Lila. I won’t let anything happen to you. I’ll do anything to keep you safe." Alarix vowed through our link.

I wasn’t crying for me... I was crying for him.

"But who saves you?" I choked.

“You do, every day.” He stated, pulling away and lifting my chin, so I was looking at him. “We’ll find a way... we’ll find a way to change our destiny. We can save ourselves.” He declared.

Tears were rolling down his face. I reached forward and swiped them away with my thumbs. I leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on each side of his face.

“You have our word... We will do whatever is needed to make sure you both survive this.” My dad interrupted.

I glanced at them. Mum had tears streaming down her face, silently crying. Dad was holding her hands and occasionally squeezing. The door opened, Levi and Elias walked in and came straight over to us.

They both kneeled, and each took ahold of our hands. Alarix gaped down at his hand in Levi’s before staring at him. My heart warmed at the sight of my brother comforting my mate.

“The prophecy includes all four of us... Between us, we can keep you both safe,” Elias deadpanned, squeezing my hand.

“You have a full pack behind you, Alarix. They aren’t only there to protect Lila; they’re here for you too. You have all of us.” Levi attested.

I saw a single tear roll down Alarix’s cheek before he quickly wiped it away. He opened his mouth to speak but decided against it and nodded.

The door swung open, crashing against the wall. Melanie darted inside. “What’s changed? What’s happened between you all?” She fussed. “The prophecy has changed!” She blurted; her eyes were filled with terror.

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