Bind Me

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|nine weeks|

Elias’ POV

We all snapped our heads in Melanie’s direction. Leon jumped up, “what do you mean?” He growled. “How the hell does a prophecy just change?” He snapped.

She flinched back, shaking her head. I let go of Lila’s hand, “hold her, Alarix.” I mouthed at him before giving Lila a reassuring smile before standing up.

I went over to Melanie and placed my hand on her shoulder slowly. “Here, come and sit down,” I mumbled as I guided towards a chair.

She’s seen something that spooked her. She was shaking so much she could barely walk. Her breathing was erratic. I could see it in her eyes; she was terrified.

She sat down, settling down into the chair. She started dragging in steadying breaths. “I saw it.” She fretted. “I saw it all... It was horrible.” She whimpered, closing her eyes.

Lila kneeled next to me and sighed. “Melanie, can you tell us what you saw?” She asked softly.

Melanie shook her head, whimpering. “Please, we need to know.” Lila prompted. Melanie shook her head, screwing her eyes shut.

“Ok... How about what happened before you saw it?” Lila asked. I placed my hand on Melanie’s shoulder for comfort.

Melanie took another deep breath. “I was in the bedroom getting ready to go home. My vision started getting blurry, so I sat down, and that’s when I saw it.” She choked.

“Saw what, Melanie? What did you see?” Lila whispered.

“Your death.” She wept.

Lila sucked in a breath and fell back. Alarix was behind her in seconds, wrapping his arms around her and holding her tight. I glanced at Levi. He was gaping at Melanie and Lila. His eyes were filling up with tears.

“I saw all four of your deaths.” She sobbed.

I stumbled backwards, shaking my head. Levi collapsed, but before he could fall, I hooked my arms under his arms and pulled him against me. I brushed my hand up and down his back as he whimpered.

Levi peered back at me. Pain and worry flashed through his eyes as he clutched onto my shirt. I leaned forward, brushing my lips against the spot where he should have my mark. Even though there is no mark, it still affects him. It can calm him. And right now, I need to be his calm. I need to be strong for both of us.

“You need to take King Darius’s offer... If you become king, Alarix, you can stop the war.” She sniffled.

“But we all still die?” Alarix choked.

Melanie sighed sadly. “That’s what I’ve seen.” She whispered.

“When?” Lila gasped. “How long do we have? How long until we die?"

“The next lunar eclipse.” She shook her head, whimpering.

“That’s nine weeks away.” Ayla choked. “That doesn’t give us much time at all.”

“I know... You don’t have much time.” Melanie declared. “You all must go to the King’s castle. It’s a safe place to train, and you’ll be off the radar.” She added.

“You want us to leave, now?” I questioned.

She sighed. “I know it’s not ideal, but it is needed.” She muttered.

“Kids, go pack,” Leon ordered. “I’ll get in touch with King Darius and update him.”

I curled my hand around his, tugging him towards his parents. Leon had his arm tightly around Ayla as she wept into his chest.

“Look after him, Elias.” Ayla whimpered. “Look after my baby.” She cried, wrapping her arms around us.

I nodded, biting back my tears. I had to stay strong. I had to keep it together for Levi. If I lose it or break down, it wouldn’t do Levi any good.

I looked back at Lila and Alarix. Alarix nodded at me as he cradled Lila to his chest. It was a silent agreement between us... He looks after Lila, and I focus on Levi.

I led Levi out of the office. I guided him towards the stairs. “E, what are we going to do?” He whimpered.

I inhaled a ragged breath before exhaling shakily. “I don’t know, Levi,” I whispered as we climbed the stairs.

We walked in silence all the way to the Alpha’s quarters. The silence was deafening. The new prophecy is hanging over us like a death sentence... literally.

We reached our bedroom door. Levi opened it and trudged inside. I followed him inside and stood in the doorway. Levi went over to the wardrobe and pulled out a suitcase. He started shoving our clothes inside.

I couldn’t breathe. My head was spinning; I couldn’t think straight. My thoughts were going too quick. I couldn’t control them... I couldn’t slow them down.

“Elias, are you listening, baby?” Levi asked as he turned and looked at me.

I shook my head, dragging in as much air into my lungs as I could. “Elias, you need to calm down... Your magic is getting out of control.” He came over to me, grabbing my wrists.

I glanced down. Yellow flickers were fading in and out of my hands. I couldn’t stop it. The flickers were getting stranger and stronger.

“Elias,” Levi warned, backing away, holding his hands up defensively.

I clenched and unclenched my fists. I shook my head forcefully. My magic was becoming untethered because of my emotions. I can’t control them. I needed to ground myself, but my brain wouldn’t work. I couldn’t focus. Now I understand how Lila felt when she found out about Alarix... It crushes you.

The thought of my destined dying in front of me... It’s too much to bear. I can’t cope.

Levi stepped forward slowly. “Stop!” I commanded. “I don’t want to hurt you.” I whimpered. Yellow sparks were dancing around my arms. My body was shaking and becoming uncontrollable.

“You won’t hurt me, E.” He spoke soothingly. “Let me near you, baby. You know what you need to do. I love you... Remember, I love you.” He blustered.

“I can’t.” I whimpered.

“Yes, you can. I believe in you.” He prompted. “Let them in. Don’t fight it.”

I need to let my emotions take over... I need to feel. I stopped fighting against the devastating pain. I let all the worry and fear settle in my heart. It felt like someone shoved their hand in my chest and was squeezing my heart.

“That’s it, baby. You’re doing it.” He comforted. “A little more, Elias.” He guided.

I couldn’t.

I couldn’t accept it.

Accepting it into my heart makes it real.

“Elias, I know you don’t want to accept it... I know it hurts, baby. I’ll catch you, I promise, I’ll catch you when you fall. I always will.” He sobbed.

Levi was going to die, and there was fuck all I could do about it.

I choked on the sobs rippling through my body. Before I could hit the floor, Levi’s arms were enveloped around my body.

“I love you.” He whimpered as he clung to me. "I've got you."

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