Bind Me

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|every little girl dreams of being a princess|

Alarix's POV

She’s worried. I can feel it through our bond... She’s acting brave. She’s pretending she’s ok and I get it. I understand why she is. I had come to terms with me dying, but now it’s not just me... It’s all of us.

She doesn’t have to be brave, not with me. She can let her guard down; she can let me in.

“What do you want to talk about?” She questioned, glancing at me as I pulled her along until we were standing under a large tree.

I leaned against the tree, pulling her to me until her body was against mine. I’ve quickly realised there’s no better feeling than having her flush up against me.

“How are you feeling? No bullshit.” I questioned, glancing down at her.

She took a deep breath, shaking her head. “Lila...” I muttered.

“Ok.” She groaned. She rested her forehead on my chest and inhaled deeply. Her emotions were hurtling through me like a roller-coaster.

“I’ve tried shutting my emotions off from you... I don’t-”

I interrupted her, lifting her head, “no, you don’t need to hide from me.” I interjected.

She sighed, her eyes filling up with tears. “Right, I’ll make a deal with you.” I sighed.

“What?” She whispered.

“Let me in, baby. I won’t ask how you’re feeling again... We’ll pretend this isn’t happening. Ok, beautiful?” I suggested.

She hid her face in her hands as she fell into my chest. She was sobbing, pressing her hands harder into her face to muffle her cries. I stroked my hand up and down her back, comforting her.

It’s all I could do, let her know I’m here. I feel useless. No matter what I say, it isn’t going to change anything. I want to be able to take it all away from her.

I held her tightly as I slid down the tree slowly. I pulled her into her onto my knees. She curled up, resting her head against my chest.

“I’m scared, too,” I whispered. “I’m not afraid of death... I’m scared of losing you.”

She sniffled, glancing up at me. “I hate that it took us this long to be together... Lila, I hate that I can’t give you the life you deserve.” I lamented as I darted my eyes between hers.

“Every little girl dreams of being a princess... I’m about to become a queen. You're giving me that.” She chuckled sadly. “But there isn’t nothing more I want than you.”

She smiled warmly at me, reaching up and holding her hand on my cheek. “I have you, and no matter how long we have together, I’ll love you forever.” She declared.

My breath caught in my throat, and I gazed at her. “I love you, too, so much.” I breathed, holding my hand over has and leaning into her touch.

“So, no more talks about how we feel, unless it’s about how we feel about each other,” I assured, smirking at her.

She nodded, wiping her tears away. I leaned forward and pressed my lips against hers gently. We moved together slowly before she pulled away.

“We don’t have long left now, so I’m going to let Lola out.” She stated as she climbed off my lap.

“I’ll wait here for you,” I commented.

She unzipped her jacket and let it fall to the ground. “No need... I’m going to shift right here.” She explained, pointing to the ground.

I have never seen her shift. Well, there was that time back at the other pack when I saw the start of her shift, but I’ve never seen her complete a shift. Now, I’m going to sit here and watch her body do the impossible.

She proceeded to strip. We kept our eyes on each other as more and more clothing fell to the floor. I sucked in a breath as she slipped her panties down her legs.

“Easy there, Casanova.” She smirked. “Your tongue is practically hanging out... Is that drool on your chin?” She winked.

I scoffed, shaking my head. I chuckled and watched as she crouched down. I cringed as her limbs snapped and rearranged. I screwed my eyes shut as her face began morphing into her wolf.

"Are you ok?" She grunted.

“I’m good. I can’t watch... Not yet, at least.” I gulped.

I peeped out of one eye when she didn’t reply. Her wolf was sat staring at me. I opened both eyes and beamed at her.

“Hey, beautiful.” I cooed.

She panted happily before she padded the ground before charging at me. I chuckled as she flopped down in front of me, resting her head on my lap.

"She loves you, too, you know?" Lila sighed happily. ”She loved you from the first time she saw you."

“I love you both.” I expressed, leaning forward and resting my forehead on hers.

"Let’s run." Lila quipped as she jumped up, wagging her tail.

I nodded and smiled before standing up. “You lead the way... Where you go, I go.” I bubbled.

Lola growled before turning and running off. I followed close behind until I was next to her. Running with her is exhilarating. It cleared my mind... The only thing playing on my mind is how incredible wolves are... how incredible both Lila and Lola are.

We ran for another ten minutes or so, keeping on the trail at the back of the packhouse. King Darius will be here soon, and then we’ll be leaving to get ready for war.

"I’ll go behind the shrub behind you to shift. King Darius is here." Lila commented as we slowed down.

As Lola disappeared behind the shrub, I leaned against a tree while I waited for her. I’m disappointed that I didn’t have the chance to join this pack officially or that I never got to meet everyone, especially because they’ve been waiting for me. I was looking forward to finally knowing what it felt like to be a part of a proper community.

I suppose I’ll still get to experience that... I’ll be king, I’m going to be one of the most important members of the kingdom, and that alone scares the hell out of me.

But I know no matter what lies ahead, the beautiful woman in front of me, my beloved, will be by my side throughout it all.

I stepped towards her as she zipped up her jacket. I wrapped one hand behind her back, curling my other around the side of her neck and capturing her lips in a needy and frantic kiss.

She pulled away, resting her forehead against mine. “I’m addicted to your kisses. ” She sighed.

“Me too...” I breathed, brushing my thumb along her bottom lip.

“Come on. We have to go.” She muttered, stepping backwards.

I nodded as she joined our hands together. “What do you think the king wants to talk to you about?” She asked as we walked hand in hand towards the packhouse.

“I have no idea.” I doubted.

“Lila, you come inside while King Darius speaks to Alarix.” Alpha Leon remarked.

Lila glanced between us all, frowning. “King Darius, you can say whatever you want in front of Lila.” I maintained, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Lila, you need to keep your wolf in check. I was going to tell Alarix and ask him to tell you.” King Darius cautioned. “It’s not going to be easy to hear...”

“Just tell us.” Lila blustered.

“Melanie let me know about the prophecy, but she didn’t tell you the rest.” He took a deep breath. “You will birth a hybrid. That hasn’t changed.” He whispered.

Everyone gasped. Lila stumbled backwards as she gripped my arm. “But nine weeks... ” I choked. How are we supposed to do this knowing we will be leaving our child without parents? They won’t even know us.

“I’m not sure how long you would carry a hybrid.” King Darius sighed. “It’s been foreseen. In the final battle, you will have a baby. She is important for our future.”

Lila was shaking, and a constant low growl was vibrating from her throat. Her eyes were black; she was struggling to keep control.

I turned around, turning her to face me. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close to me... I didn’t say anything. I knew nothing I could say would calm her down.

“When it’s over, our baby comes back to my pack.” Lila declared, glancing at the others.

No one said anything as we went back into the packhouse. Even when we loaded up the huge SUV, everyone was silent. The thought of having a baby and leaving them behind was utterly devastating.

“We’ll come to France in a couple of weeks.” Alpha Leon mentioned as we were standing by the car waiting to leave.

After teary goodbyes, we climbed into the car. Levi and Elias were travelling to the airport in another SUV behind us. It was heartwrenching watching Lila say goodbye to her parents. Lila made them promise that when it’s over, they will bring up our child and always tell them about us. I had to zone out of the conversation; I couldn’t take it.

“Are you ok?” Lila asked, placing her hand on my thigh, bringing me out of my thoughts.

I hummed, giving her an exhausted smile. “I’m happy we’re going to have a baby.” She whispered.

“You are?” I questioned. She’s going to have to fall pregnant pretty soon, especially before the nine weeks are up. For the next week or so, we are definitely going to be busy. Becoming king and queen, training for this war, trying to get Lila pregnant...

Our lives are about to change.

“There will always be a part of you and me here.” She sighed sadly, laying her head on my shoulder. “She will continue what we are doing.“She murmured sleepily.

I smoothed her hair down as her breathing slowed, and she fell asleep. I loved that we would be leaving a part of us behind. Our baby will be proof that our love overcame.

I’m more determined than ever to make sure we win this. Even if it’s our undoing, too, I’ll sacrifice everything to assure my baby lives the life she deserves.

“Our little Alora.” Lila breathed before falling back to sleep.

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