Bind Me

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|pack ombre|

Lila’s POV

“Welcome aboard. This is a seven-hour flight. We’ll be landing in Paris then travelling another five hours to Chamonix, so this is going to be a long journey.” King Darius mentioned as we boarded his private jet.

“Is there somewhere we can go after the flight to let our wolves out if needed?” I asked.

“Yes. There is a pack on the outskirts of Paris that will let you use the surrounding field.” He answered.

“Will it be safe for them?” Alarix asked.

King Darius nodded his head. “They know about the prophecy and are eager to meet you. After all, you will be ruling over them.” He added.

I don’t know how I feel about meeting another pack. There will only be Levi and me that are wolves. How do we know they’re friendly? How do we know they won’t try and take us out?

“What’s the pack name?” Levi questioned, pulling out his phone.

“Pack Ombre.” King Darius stated in a thick French accent.

Levi raised his brow at him. “Shadow Pack.” He restated.

“I’ll get Dad to check in with them,” Levi mentioned, glancing at me.

“It’s not needed, but I understand your hesitance.” King Darius nodded.

I trudged to the back of the jet, holding Alarix’s hand. I chose the back seats. We were well out of the way, and that’s what I liked. Elias and Levi took the seats in front of us, smiling at us before taking their seats. Alarix settled down next to me after putting our bag in the top compartment.

“It’s a long flight... Do you wanna get some sleep?” He asked.

I nodded. The only way I’m going to get through this long flight is if I sleep. I hate sitting still for a long period of time, and Lola isn’t fond of the idea either. Alarix lifted his arm after fastening his seat belt. I curled into his side, draping my arm over his waist.

“Once the seat belt sign has turned off, there are two bedrooms back there. You can occupy them for the duration of the flight if you want?” King Darius offered, standing by our seats.

As much as these chairs are comfy, an actual bed would probably be comfier. “Thank you. We’ll definitely take you up on that offer.” I replied with a smile.

He nodded before disappearing to the front of the jet. Elias turned around in his seat and smiled at us. “You ok?” He raised his brow, asking.

I nodded, tightening my arm around Alarix. He smiled at me knowingly. He’ll know I don’t want to talk about it... That I’m pretending, but he will keep making sure I’m ok. Both he and Levi are so alike in these situations, not that we’ve ever gone through something like this, but they will both keep a close eye. I love that about them.

As the jet roared to life, I glanced up at Alarix. “This is it,” I whispered. “This is the beginning of the end.” I exhaled shakily, closing my eyes.

“Don’t.” He cautioned. He stroked his fingers down my cheek, causing me to flutter my eyes open. “Think of it as the start of something beautiful.” He smiled down at me as he jet took off.

I took a deep breath before smiling at him. “I love you,” I whispered as I leaned forward and placed a kiss on his chest.

“I love you, too,” he whispered as the seat belt sign flickered off.

Elias and Levi stood up, making their way to one of the bedrooms. Levi nodded at me before going into the room.

“Do you want to sleep in a bed? Might be comfier?” Alarix chuckled.

I nodded, grinning at him. He unfastened his belt then reached around me, unfastening mine. He stood up, holding his hand out for me. I placed my hand in his as he pulled me up. We made our way to the other room. Alarix pushed open the door. I glanced back, and King Darius smiled at me.

He had an amused smirk on his face. I have no idea why. What does he think we’re going to do? There is no way anything is going to happen... especially when we’re are on a jet full of beings with super hearing... A wolf’s hearing is more sensitive than a vampire. I definitely don’t want Levi hearing anything. Though I suppose payback is a bitch, I snickered to myself.

I followed Alarix inside and observed the room. It was small and cosy. There was a double bed on the opposite wall as you entered. There were windows lined along the wall on each side of the bed. There was a little room to walk down, just enough to climb into the bed.

I moved over to the bed and sat down. I unzipped my jacket and kicked my shoes off before curling up in the bed. Alarix pulled the blinds closed before climbing in next to me. I rolled over and laid on his chest.

He began rubbing his hand up and down my back as I draped my leg over his. I snuggled closer into his chest and sighed.

“Sleep, beautiful.” He murmured, peppering feathery kisses on my cheek and lips.

I closed my eyes and tried clearing my mind. A million thoughts were running through my head. My mind wouldn’t shut off. I huffed, rolling onto my back with my arm across my face. I felt Alarix run his fingertips along my arm.

He kept his word... He didn’t ask how I was feeling. I smiled to myself before dropping my arm next to me on the bed. “My mind won’t shut off,” I grumbled. “I’m too wound up.”

“That’s understandable, baby.” He expressed.

He nudged my side and rolled me. I frowned at him as he shuffled along on the bed and curled my body against his. His arm wrapped securely around me.

“If we were alone or at least, in an actual bedroom in a house... I could help you unwind.” He whispered against my neck. “We could have finished what we started this morning,” he breathed.

I groaned, wiggling my behind against his crotch. “That’s part of the problem too.” I giggled.

“We can rectify that when we are in a bed of our own.” He brushed his lips along my shoulder before burying his head into my hair and planting a chaste kiss on my head.

“Sounds like a plan.” I rolled over again and faced him.

I wrapped my arms around him and pecked his lips a few times. I curled into him and eventually felt myself struggling to keep my eyes open. I gave in and let my eyelids close. The last thing I felt was him press his lips against mine.

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