Bind Me

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|if we aren't together...|

Levi's POV.

“Papa, c’est ma compagne.” One of the son’s whispered.

“Ce n’est pas possible, fils.” The alpha gasped. “Pourquoi penses-tu cela.” He continued.

I pulled my phone out and quickly pulled up Google. I typed in a translator and pressed the mic button. If they were going to talk in French, I wanted to know what they were saying.

“Mon loup la veut.” The son spoke.

“My wolf wants her,” I whispered, translating. I furrowed my brows and watched as the alpha seemed to get defensive over that statement.

“Arthur, elle a un compagnon. Êtes-vous sûr?” The alpha sighed.

“What did he say?” Lila asked. I glanced down at my phone and gasped as I read it.

“Arthur, she’s got a mate. Are you sure?” I answered.

“Are they talking about me?” She gasped. “Are you talking about me?” She blurted, glancing at them.

“Papa, je jure sur ma vie... C’est ma compagne.” The son, Arthur, shouted.

“Someone tell me what the fuck is going on?” Lila growled.

“Dad, I swear on my life... She’s my mate.” I translated.

Does he think Lila is his mate? How is that even possible? Lila is mated...

“I’m sorry about my son.” The Alpha sighed.

“Why is he saying Lila is his mate?” I questioned. “She’s mated to Alarix.” I drawled. I kept the translator active just in case Arthur decided to carry on ranting.

“C’est ma putain de pote. Pas ce vampire.” Arthur growled, lunging forward.

“She’s my fucking mate. Not that vam-”

I clutched Alarix’s shirt, yanking him backwards. “Don’t,” I warned.

He couldn’t go attacking the alpha’s son no matter how much he deserves it. Starting a war with another pack is a bad move, especially when we already have a life or death war brewing.

“Your son can’t sense that I’m his mate,” Lila rolled her eyes. “I’m already marked. Even if Alarix wasn’t my mate, this mark cancels out anyone ever laying a claim on me.” Lila growled.

“Alpha Hugo, que se passe-t-il ? Pourquoi votre fils dit-il ces choses?” King Darius asked.

“Alpha Hugo, what’s going on? Why is your son saying these things?” I relayed.

I really need to learn French. It could make situations like these easier if I knew what the fuck they were saying. In fact, we should all learn French. It will make our stay here a little smoother.

“Je ne sais pas, votre majesté. Je vais découvrir quand même.” The alpha responded.

“I don’t know, your majesty. I will find out, though.” I moved forward, stepping in between the others. I held my phone out, so they could all read the translation.

“Papa, je devais le faire. Vous ne comprenez pas.” Arthur muttered. (Dad, I had to do it. You don’t understand.)

“What don’t we understand?” Lila asked.

“You understand me?” He choked.

Lila nodded and went to step forward. Alarix held his arm in front of her, shaking his head. Lila took a deep breath and nodded before standing back beside him.

“Rogue... Um... Rogue tell me.” He murmured.

“We have to get out of here.” I blurted, shoving my phone in my pocket.

We’ll have to wait until we are on the castle grounds to be able to run. If the rogues have gotten to this pack, there’s no telling who else is in on this. We aren’t safe anywhere.

“You translate?” He asked, pointing at me.

I nodded and pulled my phone back out. King Darius and the alpha were standing staring at us. “Ready.” I prompted, holding my phone near him as he started talking really fast.

“Le loup et le vampire voyous m’ont dit de séparer Lila et son compagnon. Ils savent que vous êtes ici. Ils ont menacé ma famille. Je devais le faire, pour les garder en sécurité. Je suis désolé.”

(Rogue wolf and vampire told me to break up Lila and her mate. They know you are here. They threatened my family. I had to do it, to keep them safe. I’m sorry.”

King Darius snapped his fingers together. We were ushered towards the limo by the vampire that was riding in the passenger seat. “Straight to my castle. If anything happens to them... I’ll have your head.” King Darius called out as we all barrelled into the limo.

“Attachez vos ceintures de sécurité. Je mets le pied à terre.” The driver shouted.

“Now is not the time for speaking French. We don’t understand.” Lila stressed.

“Fasten your seatbelts. I am putting my foot down.” The other vampire shouted.

The limo screeched out of the pack lands and sped along the roads. I growled, clenching my fists together. I don’t understand why we are so much of a threat? It doesn’t matter that we are different species... We won’t harm anyone. We didn’t ask for this. I wouldn’t change anything, I wouldn’t change having Elias as my mate, but it’s not like we decided this on our own.

“This is fucking insane.” Alarix snapped. “I wanna rip his head off.” He growled.

“Easy, Rix. He was doing it to keep his family safe.” Lila soothed, wrapping her arms around him.

“How dare these things. They literally ran us out of the country... We were far enough away from them; they didn’t have to fucking follow us.” Elias snarled.

“It doesn’t matter where we go or what we do. As long as we stay mated and together, they’ll keep coming.” Lila sighed, dropping her head back against the seat. “They won’t stop until we’re dead or separated. If we aren’t together... there’s no threat of species being bonded.” She whimpered.

Alarix interlinked their fingers together, rubbing his thumbs against her knuckles. I glanced at Elias to move closer to him. I needed to feel him against me, I needed to calm down, I needed Leo to calm down.

“Elias... Your magic.” I warned, moving away slightly.

“Everyone’s going to be in danger because of us.” He choked as his body shook. “So many species are going to die, and for what? So we could be together.” He hissed.

“No, it’s not because of us.” I blurted. “Elias, we’ve been through this. Control it, let it in.” I prompted.

He wasn’t listening. His magic was too advanced; there was no pulling it back. If he blows in this confined space, I’m scared to even think about what would happen. His eyes were glowing yellow, and yellow sparks were flying all over his body.

“Fucking hell... What’s wrong with him?” Alarix shouted.

“Alarix, knock him out,” I yelled, pointing at Elias.

“Why me?” He questioned, shaking his head.

“Because he’s my mate, and I can’t. Just hit him hard enough to put him to sleep or something.” I fussed.

Alarix lunged forward with his fist drawn behind his head. As soon as his fist connected with Elias’ jaw, Elias fell onto the seat, and his magic slowly dwindled. I breathed out in relief, resting my head against the window.

“How often is that happening?” Lila whispered.

“A lot. It’s getting more frequent.” I muttered.

I feel useless against him when he gets like this. He is so powerful; it’s impressive but fucking scary. His mum has tried helping him control his magic, but she says he needs more time than he’s got. It took her years to have full control over her magic... we don’t have years.

“Witches have a talisman... What if Elias could have one too?” Lila questioned.

“King Darius seems to know a lot of different species. Maybe he could get us in touch with a witch. Preferably one that isn’t trying to kill us,” I sighed.

“What’s a talisman?” Alarix asked, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

“His mum says it’s something your magic binds itself to. It can also stabilise your powers. Elias needs to be in more control than what he is; otherwise, it wouldn’t work.” I explained. “He’s been trying for years. If it wasn’t for the prophecy, I think he would have mastered it years ago. He’s afraid... Like us.” I sighed.

I curled up next to Elias, wrapping my arm around him. “His mum says he’s going to be stronger than other witches because he’s mated to me... It seems more like a burden at the minute being mated to me.” I whimpered, snuggling against Elias the best I could.

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