Bind Me

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|we have our own bed|

Alarix’s POV.

I looked out of the window as we drove through the mountains. We arrived in Chamonix a little over half an hour ago, and we still haven’t reached the castle. Lila and Levi fell asleep hours ago. I still can’t sleep... I’m exhausted, but I’m hungry. I need to feed, and having Lila this close to me isn’t doing me any favours.

The mountains and trees were all covered in snow. It was a stunning sight. I had to wake them up; they wouldn’t want to miss this. I know I wouldn’t. I gently shook Lila as I peppered small kisses on her neck. She was curled up on my lap with her head on my shoulder.

“Rix, stop... it tickles.” She scolded sleepily.

“Are you awake? You might want to take a look outside.” I whispered.

She sat upright in my lap and peered out of the window. “Wow.” She drawled.

“Levi, Elias, wake up!” She kicked her leg out at them.

One of them groaned before they both sat up slowly. “Fuck, why does my chin hurt?” Elias grumbled, rubbing his chin.

“No idea.” I shrugged before looking out of the window.

Lila and Levi chuckled. I glanced at Elias as he obviously remembered what happened. He nodded at me as a thank you, and I smiled back at him.

“Look outside.” Lila bubbled.

They both shared the window as it opened. Their eyes went wide, and joy spread across both of their faces. “It’s beautiful,” Elias muttered.

“Wow! I can see the castle.” Lila blurted, pointing out the window.

My eyes went wide as I gazed at it. It was all white stone, probably the size of two football stadiums. I can’t get over the fact we are going to be living in a castle. Lila had a dazzling smile on her face. Her cheeks were tinted red from the cold, and her plump lips were parted slightly as she stared at the castle.

I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and pulled up the camera app. I held the phone away from her and captured the view in front of me. She looked radiant and happy for once. There was no worry flitting around in her eyes. I wanted to capture this moment so I could always look back on it.

“Are you quite finished taking photos?” She smirked, cocking her head to the side.

I shook my head and took another picture of her. She giggled and shook her head. I snapped a few more before she pulled her phone out and did the same until we were all taking photos of us all. It would definitely be the ones to keep... Her pack could have them.

For what’s coming, smiles and laughter are going to be a rarity... At least our daughter will know what we both looked like.

I sighed and looking out into the distance. “Are you ok?” Lila asked, hiding her face in my neck.

I nodded and threaded my fingers through her hair. “I am... I’m just tired.” I replied.

“Well, you haven’t slept.” She chuckled, pulling away. I shook my head and smiled. The limo came to a stop, and the door opened.

“Bonjour, welcome home.” A woman bowed as we stepped out.

I scanned my eyes around. There was a good few hundred vampires all lined in front of us. Each one was wearing a different kind of uniform... Soldiers, maids, gardeners. They had all come to greet us.

“My people.” King Darius greeted with a wide smile as he took in the crowd. “It is my utmost pleasure to introduce you to our prophets. Lila Morris, Alarix King, Levi Morris and Elias Kemp.” He declared proudly.

Everyone clapped and had bright smiles on their faces. I was stunned. It was like we were celebrities, minus the red carpet. Everyone’s eyes were on us, darting between us all. Most fixed their gaze on me, their eyes shining red as they bowed their heads.

“Are their rooms ready?” King Darius asked the woman who first greeted us.

“Yes, Sire.” She replied with a bow of her head.

“Lovely. Thank you, Annette. They will be dining in their rooms tonight; they have had a long journey.” He explained.

She nodded before walking off to a group of maids. King Darius turned to us and smiled. “I’m so happy you’re here.” He smiled.

“If this is a trap... If you’ve turned tables like Natalia, I won’t hesitate to rip your throat out. No harm comes to any one of us. Got it?” I snapped.

“I get where you’re coming from, Alarix, but I have never given you any reason to doubt me.” He sighed.

“You took us to that pack so that in my books is enough reason,” I answered with a snarl.

“That wasn’t supposed to happen. I had no involvement in that. You’re all safe here. You can come and go as you please around this area. This castle is hidden.” He explained.

I nodded and bowed my head slightly. “Oh, please, don’t bow to me. Many see you as their king now.” He chuckled. He turned around as two young maids came towards us.

“This is Audrey. She will show you to your room,” he mentioned to Elias and Levi.

“I’ll see you soon, sis.” Levi pecked Lila on her cheek before setting his hand on my shoulder and squeezing. I nodded at him as he followed the maid.

“And this is Adeline. She will show you.” He assured. “I will be around if you need me, but you should have everything you need.” He added before strolling away. The majority of the vampires swarmed around him as he made his way inside the castle.

“This way, please, your Majesties.” She bowed.

“Please, it’s Lila.” Lila smiled.

Adeline nodded and gave her a shy smile before walking towards the castle. She kept glancing back, making sure we were coming.

“What do you think, baby?” I asked, grabbing her hand.

“It’s massive, but I can’t wait to run through the mountains and forests.” She simpered.

I chuckled, nodding. “I think I’ll like it here.” She added.

“Where you go, I go.” I expressed.

She squeezed my hand as we walked through the giant doorway. I gasped and looked around. It wasn’t what I was expecting at all. I expected it to be old, victorian maybe, but it was nothing like that. It was modern.

The walls were tall, matching the stone outside. The flooring was marble stone with a large rug laid in the middle of the floor. Numerous doors were leading to so many rooms. Right in front of us was a stunning staircase with two more staircases on either side. It was open and spacious.

“This is stunning,” Lila exclaimed.

“Come, this way,” Adeline interjected, ushering us towards the stairs. “Master Levi and Master Elias are on the second floor to the right.” She explained, pointing towards her right as we went left.

She led us up the first staircase before we continued up the other. “You have the king’s quarters.” She explained.

“Wait! What?” Lila choked.

“Yes, your majesty.” She chuckled before biting her bottom lip to stop herself.

“King Darius has had the whole place refurbished. If it’s not to your liking, we can change it.” She mentioned.

Lila glanced at me with wide eyes. I shook my head, shrugging. We kept quiet the rest of the way until she stopped by two huge double doors.

“Beyond this door is all yours.” She smiled. “I hope you will be happy here.” She bowed before turning.

“Wait!” Lila blurted.

Adeline turned and bowed. “Did I do something wrong?” She worried.

Lila shook her head quickly. “No... Um, your English is amazing. Do you speak French too?” Lila questioned.

“Oui.” Adeline smiled.

“Could you teach me?” Lila inquired.

“You want me to teach you French?” She asked, looking bewildered.

“Me too, please.” I chimed in.

“Oh, I’d be honoured.” She smiled brightly at us.

“Thank you so much.” Lila gushed. “That’s all I wanted to ask,” Lila commented. Adeline nodded, turned and walked down the hallway.

I pushed open the double doors, and my mouth literally hit the floor. I stepped inside, closing the door behind Lila. We stepped into what I can describe as a house. We had a living area, a kitchen, some stairs that led to what looked like a balcony, but it was the bedroom. The walls were fully windows and tinted. There was a balcony door leading to an outside area, overlooking what I’m assuming is the garden.

“This is too much,” I drawled.

“Yeah...” Lila whispered as she wandered around the vast room. She went over to the staircase and slowly went up the stairs. She looked around before standing against the railing and staring at me.

“Guess what we have...” She smirked, unzipping her jacket.

My breath caught in my throat as she started pulling off her clothes. “What?” I squeaked.

She giggled and turned around, lifting her teeshirt off before unbuttoning her bra and letting it fall off the balcony.

“We have our own bed.”

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