Bind Me

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|you, my boy, are a warlock|

Elias’ POV.

I leaned on the wall as I admired the castle grounds. We have definitely been hidden away. Even if someone came to look for us, they would get lost around here if they didn’t know their way. The castle is surrounded by mountains and a forest that seems to go on for days.

When we arrived yesterday, I was a little nervous. I grew up around wolves; they are all I’ve ever known. Now I’m being surrounded by vampires, and being the only witch is quite daunting. At least Levi and Lila have each other; they are the same. Alarix is a vampire, so he fits right in.

I had to stay away from witches because I’m a male, so I’ve never had the whole species community. Warlocks are dangerous beings. All they do is practice dark magic; they are much stronger than a witch, so witches are afraid of my kind. I feel alone in the world. My mum kept me hidden away from her coven. She said she was concerned for my life, but I don’t think that’s what it was at all... she’s scared of me, sometimes.

I’m hoping King Darius can get me in touch with a witch. My mum is an amazing witch, but I don’t think she tells me everything. I don’t think she wants me to excel with my magic because of how dangerous I could be. But I need to learn to control it, and if that means figuring out exactly what I can do, then that’s what I need to do.

I don’t want to lose control and hurt someone... I don’t want to hurt Levi. I know Alarix helped on the way here. I’m grateful for what he did.

“Are you even listening, babe?” Levi growled.

I turned around, sighing. “Yeah, totally,” I answered.

He raised his brow at me, an amused smile playing on his lips. I dropped my head down and took a deep breath. “Ok.. No, I wasn’t listening.” I mumbled.

I pushed off the wall and sauntered over to where he was sat. “Sorry, what did you say?” I asked.

“There’s a witch that lives north of here.” He replied.

I sat down next to him at the table with my eyes wide. “Really? How do you know?” I questioned.

“King Darius has made contact with her... He trusts her.” He smiled at me. “She’s expecting you.” He added.

I dragged in a shaky breath and leaned back in the chair. “Is it safe? I mean, you know how deep their fear goes for me,” I muttered.

He stood up before coming over to me, kneeling in front of me. “I will come. Lila and Alarix could come too. You’re safe with two wolves and a vampire.” He reassured. “She’s alone here. She doesn’t have a coven or anything.” He assured.

I nodded. “I need to find a way to stop this before it’s too late... before I do some real damage that I can’t take back.” I whimpered.

“We’ll figure it out together.” He promised, lifting my hand and placing a chaste kiss on my knuckles.

He gripped my hand and pulled me up. “Come on... I’ve linked Lila. They’re going to meet us in the foyer in ten minutes.” He commented.

I nodded and followed after him as he led me back into our room. The king really went all out for us. This room is spacious and stunning. A huge four-poster bed that we have already tested out because Levi is insatiable. A little living room area with a two-seater sofa and flat-screen television. It reminds me of a penthouse suite in a hotel.

The ensuite is gorgeous. A walk-in shower with jets littered all over the walls. A corner bathtub with jets too... It’s probably a jacuzzi. I can’t wait to relax in there later on.

Levi disappeared into the walk-in closet before returning, holding a parka coat. “Here. You’re going to need this.” He stated, passing me the coat.

I frowned at him. “I know you don’t feel the cold, but surely going out in just jeans and a flimsy jumper isn’t a good idea?” I snorted.

“I’ll use you if I get cold.” He smirked.

I chuckled, shaking my head. “Down, boy,” I smirked.

He winked as he pulled the door open. I walked out of the room, my eyes darting around everything as I waited for Levi to close and lock the door. “The walls are so plain... No pictures are hanging anywhere.” I drawled.

“Audrey said King Darius is remodelling the whole castle for Lila and Alarix.” He explained.

“Seems a little pointless,” I mused. I spun around, covering my mouth with my hand. “Oh god, I’m sorry.” I blurted.

He shook his head, giving me a warm smile. “Don’t be. I understand. I’ve spoken to Dad about finding someone to be alpha.” He remarked.

I sucked in a breath before letting it out slowly. “It needs to happen... I’m not going to be here to take over. The pack needs stability.” He sighed with a shrug.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him into me. “I love you,” I whispered.

Everything we had planned for our life has gone down the drain. We eventually wanted a pup of our own once Levi had taken over from his dad. We were going to put our own stamp on the Dark Wolf Pack, but of course, destiny has a wicked sense of humour.

He pressed his lips firmly against mine and sighed. He pulled away and entwined our hands together. “Come on... They should be downstairs now.” He insisted as he pulled me along.

Lila smiled brightly at me as we reached the grand staircase. We walked over to them as King Darius appeared from around a corner.

“Are you going to see her?” He asked, looking at me.

I nodded. “We are,” I confirmed.

He grinned at me and nodded. “I hope you get all the answers you need.” He declared before bobbing his head once at us and walking away.

“Do you reckon he knows something we don’t?” I raised my brow as I watched him disappear behind a door.

Levi hummed as he grabbed my hand. “You never know with him.” Alarix chuckled.

A guard opened the front door, letting us out. “How far away is she?” I asked, glancing at Levi.

“About a fifteen-minute walk, I think. King Darius said you would know when we were close.” Levi answered as we walked through the garden towards the forest.

Levi looked like he was in his element, trudging through the snow. He had a massive grin spread across his face as he took in his surroundings. It was beautiful. The snow was fresh and crunched as we strolled along.

“I’m letting Leo out.” Levi bubbled as he spun around to face us. “Lila, come run with me?” He offered.

Lila’s face lit up as she pecked Alarix on his cheek and ran around a tree. “Rix, come and get my clothes.” She yelled.

Alarix chuckled and followed her as I followed Levi to gather his clothes. I rounded a tree and came face to face with Leo.

“You didn’t wait long, did you?” I chuckled, ruffling the top of his head.

Leo swiped his tongue along the side of my face before bouncing off. I picked up his clothes and watched as he darted through the snow. Lola leapt out from the trees, landing on top of Leo. I watched in awe as they rolled around in the snow.

“They’re incredible.” Alarix grinned, watching them.

“They are.” I agreed.

They both stopped and stalked towards us. Lola came towards me, and Leo slowly went towards Alarix. I noticed Alarix went rigid and sucked in a breath. I bit back a chuckle as Lola pushed her snout against my stomach to get my attention.

“Hey, girl.” I cooed, stroking my hand through her fur.

Leo was sniffing around Alarix as he was frozen. His eyes were wide as he gawked at Leo. Leo sat on his hind legs, tilting his head at Alarix. “He wants you to hold your hand out,” I explained.

Alarix held his hand out. Leo moved towards him and pressed his snout to his palm. He pressed his forehead against Alarix’s palm before backing away and glancing at Lola. Lola growled before jumping up at me, knocking me backwards into the snow. Leo did the same with Alarix.

I glanced at Alarix laughing. He was laughing and had a goofy smile on his face. It was nice to see, especially because he always seems so serious and on edge.

I stood up, holding my hand out to help Alarix. I pulled him up as we both dusted the snow from us. “They planned that, didn’t they?” He chuckled.

I nodded and snickered. “They did,” I answered.

We continued walking as Lola and Leo ran side by side, occasionally tackling each other until I halted and looked around. “We’re here,” I muttered.

I could feel her magic. It was strong. I moved forward, dropping Levi’s clothes by Alarix. “I’ll go to her. You stay out here with them.” I murmured.

Alarix nodded as Lola and Leo came back into view. Lola went over to Alarix and sat by his side while Leo stopped in front of me.

"Just through the trees. There’s her house." Levi announced.

I nodded, resting my hand on Leo’s head. “I’m going in. You stay out here.” I replied. I leaned down and placed a small kiss on top of his snout. He let out a low warning growl. I shook my head and held my hand in front of me.

“Stay here,” I ordered. “I’ll link you if I need you. I love you.” I added before walking towards the trees. I heard Leo huff before he didn’t follow.

I stopped in front of a little cottage and glanced around. There was nobody around. I slowly edged towards the door as it opened slowly. I frowned as I got closer.

“You can come in,” a voice called out.

I stepped inside, blinking, trying to adjust to the darkness. Light flooded the room, and a woman smiled at me as she sat at a round table in the middle of the room.

“Ah, Elias Kemp... I’m honoured to meet you.” She greeted. “I’m Magdaline. I know your mother.” She nodded.

“How?” I asked.

“Have a seat,” she smiled as she motioned her hand away from her and the chair scraped across the floor.

I sat down, staring at her. “How do you know my mother?” I questioned.

“We were in the same coven,” she replied. “She was my coven leader. I was shocked to find out she birthed a warlock.” She claimed.

“I’m not a warlock.” I griped.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed about. You, my boy, are a warlock.” She rolled her eyes. “I can help you...”

“You can?” I blurted.

She rose from her seat and nodded. “Of course. You wouldn’t be here otherwise.” She chuckled. “Come,” she waved her hand over her shoulder as she moved to the other side of the room.

I stood up and followed cautiously. “There is someone I want you to meet.” She mentioned.

She opened a door and ushered me inside. I stepped inside, and my eyes went wide. “This is Novak, my son.”

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