Bind Me

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|your talisman|

Levi’s POV

He’s been in there for what feels like hours. I can feel his anxiety through our bond, and it’s driving me crazy. I haven’t been able to shift back. Leo is on edge; he won’t give me control. He’s pacing back and forth, melting the snow under his paws.

I have mind linked him loads. I’ve let my wolf’s emotions flow through our bond, so he could sense how uneasy Leo is. I don’t understand why he’s not linking back. It doesn’t take much to say... I’m ok. Then at least Leo would calm down.

“If he needed help, he’d ask... you know this, Leo.” Lila tries talking him down, but he’s not listening.

Just give me back control.′ I sighed. He growled in return and proceeded with his back and forth. Guess I’ll be tucked away in here for a while.

His eyes were locked on the cottage door watching for any movement. Whoever leaves the cottage wants to hope they’re with Elias. If they aren’t, they’re going to be wolf toys.

The door creaked open slowly. Leo’s ears pricked up, and he stood still watching and waiting. Elias and two others came into view. Leo charged forward, barrelling straight into Elias, knocking him down. He covered his body, pressing his paws into his shoulders and buried his head into Elias’ neck.

“Hey, hey... I’m ok.” Elias soothed, stroking his hands through his fur.

I felt the familiar pull of being in control again. I stood up and went over to Lila and Alarix. I gathered my clothes in my jaw and trudged behind a tree.

I shifted, pulling my clothes back on. I sighed, leaning against the tree. I took a deep breath, trying to calm my racing heart. Leo had calmed down now, so I no longer had his emotions railing through me.

“Are you ok?” Elias asked as he leaned against the tree next to me.

I spun around and caged him between my body and the tree. I forced my face into his neck and inhaled deeply. His fingers threaded through my hair as he feathered little kisses on my neck.

“I’m sorry I should have linked you back.” He whispered.

I took deep breaths, drinking in his scent until I was I felt satiated enough. “Yes, you should have,” I shivered as he dragged his teeth along my shoulder.

I pulled back, resting my forehead against his. “I’m sorry, Leo.” He muttered, gazing into my eyes.

I felt Leo push forward. I could see my eyes were black in the reflection in Elias’ eyes. “I didn’t think... I’m confused about everything.” He whimpered.

I forced Leo back. There is a time and place for Leo to assert his dominance; now is definitely not the time or the place. As much as I want to sink myself into him, he’s worried about something, and my horny self and wolf can wait.

“What happened?” I questioned, searching his eyes.

“Magdaline, the witch, she was in my mother’s coven.” He whispered.

I held his hands between us, pressing my body into his. He took a deep breath before letting it out with a sigh. “I don’t think she moved to the pack because of me being destined for you. Well, that was probably part of the reason, but I think she did it to keep me hidden and away from her.” He explained.

I brushed my fingers over his knuckles, letting him know I was here as he continued, “my mum was the coven leader.” He muttered.

“How is that possible? She spent most of her time either looking for Alarix or with my mum at the pack.” I asked.

He shook his head and sighed. “I don’t think she was looking for him, Levi. She was going back to her coven... She exiled Magdaline because she was pregnant with a male...” He cringed. “She told her to leave, and if she ever came across her son, she would kill him because no male witch should ever be born. Her hate runs deep.” He choked back a sob.

I wrapped my arms around him, crushing him against the tree. He was heaving as he cried. “What if she wanted to kill me but couldn’t because of the prophecy?” He bawled. “What if she tried to kill me, but she was stopped?” He fretted.

I rocked him into the tree, comforting him. I was stunned. I don’t think his mum would have... She seemed to really love him, but then again... Where was she when we left? Where was she when the full prophecy was foretold? She hasn’t really been there for Elias since he was fourteen. He spent all his time with us at our house.

“What if she thought our bonding was the thing that brought witches and warlocks together in harmony?” I whispered. I had to try and give him some hope... it was his mum after all.

He dragged in haggard breaths as he clung onto me. “Breathe, Elias.” I coached.

“Levi... I can’t... breathe.” He panted. I could hear his heart beating rapidly.

I held his face in my hands and crashed my lips into his. He sucked in a breath as his heart rate calmed almost instantly. Thank you, mate bond!

He relaxed against me as his lips moulded against mine. He bunched my shirt up, pushing his hands against my abs and dragging his fingers down until he reached the waistband of my jeans.

I grabbed his hands and pulled back. “Not here, E.” I groaned.

“I know,” he sighed. He leaned his head against the tree and sniffled. “Her coven slaughtered an entire family because of a baby boy, Levi.” He whispered. “I was thirteen when she did it.”

Fuck me, why couldn’t he have started with that? No wonder he’s distraught.

I gasped and shook my head. “Baby, you’re here. You’re safe, and I love you.” I declared.

“Warlocks aren’t what we thought.” He mentioned, looking at me. I raised my brow as he pressed his lips to my quickly before grabbing my hand.

“Magdaline has two sons... They’re both Warlocks, although one of them is only two. They have a little community about half an hour from here... full of male witches.” He divulged. “I want to meet them.” He whispered.

“Then you will.” I insisted. “Whatever you need, baby.”

He led me back to others as I pondered over what he told me. I want her out of the pack... I want her out of Elias’s life completely. There is no way she is ever getting anywhere near him.

She wouldn’t have been able to live with herself if she had hurt Elias... It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t like male witches, and she could despise Elias with everything she has, but he’s still her flesh and blood. There is no way she would survive ending her child’s life, and for that, I’m grateful otherwise, he wouldn’t be by my side right now.

She’s going to be a problem. Elias isn’t in hiding like the others. If her hate goes as deep as Magdaline thinks, she won’t be able to help herself; she’ll come after him. She will join the others. I need to ring Mum or Dad and warn them.

“Ah. The wolf is your mate,” the woman smiled. She stepped in front of us and held her hand out. “I’m Magdaline.” She greeted.

I placed my hand in hers, “Levi.” I replied. Her eyes went wide, and she grinned at Elias.

“Ah! Elias, you don’t need an object for your talisman.” She commented. “This lovely wolf, here, is your talisman.” She explained. “Remember what I told you... Let the magic in.”

I stared at Elias, then back at Magdaline, bewildered. “I sense you have some questions.” She chuckled.

I nodded my head slowly. “How... How am I his talisman?” I asked.

“A talisman doesn’t control your magic as some think, nor does it have to be an object... You, yourself, control it, Elias.” She explained. “Elias is stronger because of you and your wolf, who is lovely, by the way.” She beamed.

“Thank you,” I muttered with a small smile.

“Novak will be accompanying you back to the castle. At Queen Lila’s request. He’s going to help Elias with his powers.” She stated.

I heard Lila scoff before I glanced over at the guy. He nodded at me and smiled. I returned the gesture and looked back at Magdaline.

She placed her hands on both of our shoulders. She closed her eyes before opening them again. “You’re going to be just fine, boys.” She grinned.

Elias and I exchanged perplexed looks as she went over to Lila and Alarix. She did the same, held her hands on their shoulders, closed her eyes then reopened.

“I look forward to meeting Alora.” She smiled brightly before turning and walking back to her cottage as nothing had happened.

We all glanced at each other, confused.

What just happened?

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